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  1. Thanks Shana for posting the info and making the call. The website info I used was: It took me to the same page you have shown in your post. I filled in the info and added a comment in the box provided telling Neil that I would pass the info to every group I know. I, too, have had positive interaction with Christy and Neil in the past. I'm not sure why they didn;t contact various well know forums to offer the information about how to re-apply to the network. I'm glad all of you who have wanted to get back to learning from Sharon through her videos have been successful. As I just received my notice that Neil got the info, I haven't tried to get into the classes. I'm assuming there will be no problem. Thanks for the help......
  2. All of you who have tried to access the site have received the same result as I and others on another forum and in my guild have. I will try to see what results I get from Cristy? or Gene. Whether or not Sharon wants to be bothered with the business end of her name she needs to address this issue. She may not be the website owner but she is benefiting from the sale of materials and membership. I. too, have learned a lot from the videos and appreciate the experience. I don't appreciate loosing 10 months worth of my membership fee.
  3. Thanks to all who have responded so far to my inquiry regarding SSN Of course I believe that this problem will eventually work out but, as someone else commented, it would be nice to get an update email just to let us know the site repair/rebuild is taking longer than expected. FYI, only one person on another forum was actually angry. Most were other members just asking the same question I posted here. A couple said they'd received an email from Neil, the admin and Sharon's son, in January saying that the site would be up in a couple of days. Seems odd that just a few members would get an email and most everyone else is waiting. Glad you all are so willing to be patient and believe the best will happen. I'm actually a "glass half full" kind of person myself. If I hear anything new I'll post to you all..
  4. SHaron Schamber Network Hope one of you might be able to help with this. A large number of quilters have been making comments on several forums I belong to as to the status of the SSN. Those of us who are members received a notice from the admin in Oct or Nov that the server crashed and it would have to be rebuilt. All videos were still in his files but everything else was lost. Fast forward to mid Feb. No one has been able to get an answer to emails sent to the admin, Sharon Schamber or her daughter, Cristy at Purple Daisies as to the progress or lack there of on the website. There are many videos on YouTube but these are the free ones from the site. Premium members paid for exclusive videos that could be downloaded to our computers. One person managed to get in contact with Gene Schamber and adamantly request a refund which was given to her via PayPal minus the PayPal fee. She was also told that the site belonged to Sharon's son, Neil, and Sharon really didn't have anything to do with it! If anyone has any info please email me at Thanks, Marlette
  5. Sandra, I haven't followed thsi thread but just had to tell you how absolutely gorgeous your piece is!! I loves the lacey type different! Now I'll have to go back and red what this is all about.
  6. I'll forward thsi idea to my guild too. Also my church sewing ladies. Thanks for passing the info on.
  7. Heidi, I didn't see the 1st page of this story but from what I've read it's a heartbreaker and you are an angel to this little girl. Hang in and keep in touch with her mom. Offer to help out in keeping her as often as you can. You will become the stability she needs now and in the future. My sister was 41when she had my niece. My BIL was 50. They each had kids from their 1st marriages who were in their 20's! My sister wanted me to take the baby 'cause she said she was too old to be raising a child. She was also not thrilled to be having a girl as her other child was a boy, a great kid really. Anyway, taking her was out of the question much as I wanted too...we had 4 boys. ANyway, BIL was an alcoholic who eventually went to AA and got straightened out. My sister went the other way and self medicated her bipolar disorder with alcohol. My husband and I became her "other parents" and to this day she says if it wasn't for us she'd be dead! She left home at 16 and enrolled in university, graduated with a triple major and made Dean's list 14 quarters despite battling depression. Bipolar runs in our family, I'm the only one medicated. She's 29 now and doing well working on her masters. She calls me at least once a week. You will make a difference in this little one's life.
  8. I agree with the ease of resetting the quilt when using zippers. I haven't used the velcro because of the reasons you all have stated. I started using zips because I got tired of sticking myself and my arthritic hands would ache after pinning 90+ pins in each leader. I always sew or chainstitch my zippers on the top and backing. It's much quicker than pinning and no bleeding involved! If I sew them on I use lightweight Superior water soluble basting thread in the bobbin. Just a quick spritz of water and the top thread picks right off! This isn't my original idea..forgot where I heard it but it works great.
  9. I recently received a notice from a good quilter friend who said the FBI has a warning out to FB people that hijacker's are stealing their info and using it to contact the real FB accounts friends and asking for money!! My friend was a victim of this crime and, even though she has closed here FB account, the hijacker is still able to access it!! I checked snopes for any news on this and found there has nothing been reported as false. You all might want to check this out. I signed up a week ago so I could view a fellow quilter's photos but closed the account 2 days later after being deluged with "friends"!! I'm with life is already full enough without another thing that will take up my quilting time.
  10. Thanks to all you gals for the info on the Quiltazoid! I've been trying to get back to Ohio mode after leaving MT on the 28th and driving for 5 days. Actually my DH drove and I read quilting maga and back issues of Unlimited Possiblities and the sister mag ( senior moment..can't recall the name of it!) Took her highness, Touch of Copper, our 6 mo old yellow Lab, to the vet hospital to be spade today. Poor baby couldn't figure out why there was no food in her bowl. She keep coming to me and sitting at attention with a look of " Isn't this right? Aren't I good?" I'm hoping she'll be a bit less active but I'm not sure this procedure works like that like neutering does for males. Now, I'll go check out the Quiltazoid website.!!
  11. Joyce, i am so saddened to hear of your tragic loss. Only a parent who has lost a child can really understand the full impact of burying their child. We've lost 2 sons and I do understand. I, like the others, are lifting you and all of his family up to the Lord in prayer. How very sad that 2 moms and a dad are suffering this loss as well as his wife and children. Only God knows why things happen like this. I am close by in Bath so please feel free call me if you need an understanding shoulder to lean on. I've sent you a U2U with my number.
  12. Has anyone used the quiltazoid tool? If so, how easy was it to use and do/did you like it? Thanks, Marlette
  13. Sherry, I'm pretty new at LAing and have just finished doing a barnraising LC.The pattern is from Marti Michell's Log Cabin book. Can't post a picture since the quilt is in OH and I'm in MT. Basically it is 13" blocks with the dark half being alternating midnight blue batik and med dark batik and the light half being cream batik and light colored batiks. Since I pressed all my seams open I couldn't do SID so I did a serpentine line through the middle of each log on the dark parts. When I got to the light part I did a free hand vine with leaves and flowers. I did different separate tree leaves like oak, maple, ash, aspen and locust in the center. It turned out very nice, if I do say so myself. I'll post a photo when I get home and get the binding on.
  14. Beautiful quilt and love your quilting! That's a new, to me, pattern. It looks rather difficult. With the shapes I can see why a person might want to hand piece it. Marlette