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  1. Beautiful! I love your quilting! Flannel quilts are my favorite.
  2. My understanding is that the machines are provided, the classes are usually during at sea days and you get a lot of goodies to go with the classes as well as kits being offered for those classes. This makes life so much easier with all of the baggage restrictions when flying. The cruising is awesome, great food and entertainment not to mention all the scenery and tours. I haven't taken a Quilt Cruise but have cruised often and think that a quilt cruise would be fun!
  3. Hello all, I've not been on for awhile, life's been busy! I went to Quilt Odyssey yesterday with my brand new daughter-in-law, Ashley and as usual thoroughly enjoyed the quilts and the vendors! Claudia Pfiel's 2 Stunning quilts were there and both were winners and well highlighted. These two quilts are about king size and they hung them each so that you could see the stitching on the back as well as the gorgeous quilts! Congratulations Claudia as always your work is awesome and inspiring!
  4. I have one of US Bells, chimes, it sounds so wonderful!
  5. Hello & welcome! There is so much wonderful inspiration and help here and everyone is so generous! Have fun!
  6. There's a product for sale to fuse batting together, I have some but haven't tried it yet. I've added to batting on the frame a few times, it works and if it's quilted heavily enough it doesn't show at all.
  7. I agree with Lynn, since it's not your mistake and she is willing to un-sew it you should re-quilt it, at an added fee of course.
  8. Wow Heidi, she is beautiful as is Kailey, you are blessed. I pray that you get Maddie more often than not so that she knows love and normalcy!
  9. LOVE them all, they look like magic carpets! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
  10. Gorgeous quilting, really makes the quilt! So happy to hear that you love your Bliss!
  11. I love it, what great quilting for those spaces!
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