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  1. Is it an older wooden table? If not I could also be that the table top is not completely square, and or the cross tubes are over tightened causing some torquing of the frame.
  2. 3mphquiltin, I sent you a message with contact info
  3. This machine has sold. Thank you for looking. I am helping a customer sell his machine, his health issues have prevented him from ever using the machine. It still has its original practice piece loaded. The machine is located near Binghamton, NY, pick up only. 2014 Lucey on a 12 foot table with Bliss, includes a Turbo Winder. Asking $10,500. Please message me and I will give you contact information for the owner. Gretchen
  4. I have quilted many old hand pieced tops for customers. I like to use clamshells or Baptist Fan on most of them . Seems to keep with the old fashioned feel. I typically use cotton or wool batting and Superior So Fine. I love Linda's comment about hugs from your ancestors. Wouldn't they be amazed at our longarm machines? And so proud of us too for using one.
  5. Have you also checked the finger for burrs?
  6. I either listen to the radio as background noise, or audio books on my iPod with Bose ear buds. I have no problems hearing the phone or a knock on the door and love how fast the time flies while listening to a good book. Sometimes knowing that I get to continue with the story will get me in the studio faster.
  7. Bonnie, Call your local rep. They can give you all the options and pricing so you can decide what it best for you. p.s the new machines are awesome!
  8. From what I understand. Only use the clear sewing machine oil with our APQS machine. When it begins to turn yellow,, discard it. It has turned rancid.
  9. I carry all of the QD Battings and have used them all. Hands down favorite is the wool. Love that stuff and so do my customers. The blend is my least favorite. It is flat and stiff IMO. Love the company, they are very small business friendly.
  10. Sue, I have sent you an email with contact info to contact the seller directly. I hope you two can make this work!
  11. Hi Sue, I will check with the seller and get back to you.
  12. I have a customer who recently purchased a Freedom SR and it is now time to sell her HQ 16. She does not have a computer so if you are interested or have questions please contact me and I will share here phone number. 2005 HQ 16, original owner, used for only 20 quilts. Has Stitch Requlator, Touch Screen with electronic menu, Needle Up/Down, Laser stylus for pantos, Micro Handles, Clip on HandiLight, Ruler Base with two rulers. Updated wheels, LED lights, Stand alone bobbin winder. Portable table adjusts from 5-10', Extra set of rails and Carriage are also included. Plus many extras. Comple
  13. It's hard, but just say no. I don't have a Christmas rush because I am already booked through May 2013. New customers can be miffed but I will happily refer them to another quilter if they cannot wait.
  14. If you wait to do the final trim until after the binding is applied you will not have the problem of unstitching.
  15. Wool is my favorite but if the top is white, I use puff. Both give great stitch definition.
  16. Be sure to count the turns made on each eye so you raise them up evenly. And only raise as little as necessary. Raising the bars too high will allow the top to lift up and can effect the stitch formation.
  17. The pictures may be pretty but let me tell you, in person it is spectacular!
  18. Gretchen Adams thestitchwitchstudio.blogspot.com Thanks!
  19. Please call APQS and speak with Heidi. She will gladly go over all the requirements with you.
  20. You will need something to kill the mold, not to just hide the smell. An air purifier that emits ozone works great. Place your machine, open box and purifier on a surface and cover with a large cardboard box. Run the purifier on high for several hours and then check your progress. Took me a day or so but the moldor smell has never come back. Also be sure to remove and replace the pad under the machine bottom cover. Enjoy! They are such sweet machines.
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