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  1. You will be thrilled. If you are keeping George, just remember, you can use your Lenni to baste your quilts. The happiest day of my life was throwing away the pins.
  2. Jill - 2019 is the new design. Small bobbin. I do love my Lenni. LuLu - Thanks for the picture. I am so thrilled to see it running with the new owner.
  3. Now having the Bliss system, it would be hard to go back. It really is a game changer. Smooth movements. I always stop needle down. I have not noticed a sensitivity issue. I actually quilted a small king size quilt with no problem by turning it 90 degrees. Queen size quilts are easy. I have quilted long twins and the rollup did not cause me any issues. You lose a little space towards the end but it was not something I remember as horrible. I bought another Lenni because the first one served me well. The new Lenni gets the job done. I wanted a longer table. I quilt a lot of baby size quilts and the new length allows me to load three at a time. The new Lenni design gives more quilting space. So with a new Lenni you are gaining quilt space. When thinking about the table length, you only need a few inches on one end of the table. You just need space on the other side to move from the front to the backside. I actually read the forum all the time. I just don't sign on. I got your notice Tuesday night but that pesky day job of mine takes a bit of my time. Oh - a great new feature of the new Lenni is the lighting underneath the arm. If anyone asks, I always recommend the Lenni. It is not too much, not too little, but just right.
  4. It is still for sale. My husband bought me a new Lenni with Quilt Path and a longer table. I thought I could keep both machines but I just don't have quite enough room. It has a stitch regulator. I really enjoyed using this machine. Not to big, not too small.
  5. Please PM me your phone number if you want pictures. I have the machine in a space that is 11 feet by 7.5 feet. This gives me plenty of room to work from the front and back and get around on one side. You only need clearance on one end of the 10 foot length. I have mine on a wood floor with felt on the bottom of the legs. I can slide it close to the wall if I need the room for something else. The machine is 10 feet long by about 45 inches wide. There is enough room under the machine to hold my entire fabric stash in plastic bins. It is so nice to be able to load the quilt when I want and walk away when I want. I used to quilt about an hour each morning before going to work. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Machine is still for sale. I will consider most offers. Prefer local buyer. Thanks. Mary
  7. I will reduce the price by $300 if you don't want the extras listed. I will box it up and put in the attic at the end of the month if not sold. It is a good buy. Mary
  8. Original Owner of 2008 Lenni with 10 foot table. Asking $3800. Seller will disassemble. No shipping. Original box for machine head. Includes Bobbin Winder and Original Owner Manual. $300 in extras included - Hartley Expander Base, Vertical Cone Holder, 12 Pantos. No Warranty. Prefer prospective buyer visit to test drive before purchase. Located in Harrisburg NC outside of Charlotte NC. Message me if interested. Personal use in smoke free home. Mary.
  9. What does the Jester board look like? Do you have a link? Mary
  10. This post made me chuckle. One of the items I am giving away with my books is a Martelli Minute Miter. I am too stupid for this tool. Mary
  11. Cassandra and Brenda, If you want a pigtail and a thread net, I will gladly send you one of each free if that will help. I ordered extra pigtails when I ordered some other stuff from APQS. With that handling fee I made sure I got everything I could possibly want. The guy at Superior gave me a free pack of threadnets at a quilt show. Just send me a u2u with your address. Don't let this stuff frustrate you to the point of selling your machine.
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