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  1. I had this problem too. I put tape around the screw gap and problem solved. I also readjusted the batting at the top of the cone so that too much thread would not be pulled. It would get caught in the screw gap when too much thread was getting through and I slowed down. As long as I was going full speed, it did not happen. When I slowed down the thread would get slack and get caught in the screw.
  2. I received mine. I am working on my quilt today. Thanks for putting this together! I am going to print the document to fabric and put it on the back. Mary
  3. I have my backing fabric ready. I need to get these in the mail so I will stop second guessing my choices. I will be sending a DC square for everyone. Mary
  4. Just curious. Would you suggest the eagle eye vertical or horizontal? Mary
  5. I have mine on a coffee table in front of my love seat. I use it sitting down. I put a chair on the end of the coffee table to catch it coming out. It still amazes me how easy it is to turn the handle with so many layers. Mary
  6. This is just off the frame. This is my version of the American Patchwork and Quilting August Cover Quilt. So-Fine Thread. Meander Circle Lord Board. The quilt took close to 100 hours to cut out and sew. My nephew will be getting this. Mary
  7. What does the Jester board look like? Do you have a link? Mary
  8. Looks great. I am thinking about getting it. Is it the dense one or the more open version? Mary
  9. I agree with Marilyn and Sue. I have to slow down and make sure I am riding a side and I slow way down at intersections or turns. I used to get a little weird point at every turn on the square 'swirls' board but slowing down and feeling the side helped greatly. I thought about what Linda suggests many times and I will try that on the next quilt to see if that helps even more. Mary
  10. Is there any update on the carriages for the Lenni? Mary
  11. Your work is beautiful and I look forward to your posts. Try not to let the people running these events get to you. Their job is to get donations any way they can. You have to believe most people have good intentions. Someone wanted to pay $20. Maybe they saw the jewel that it was and just don't have the money? Once I donated three I Spy quilts to my niece's school for their fund raiser. They were worth $50 each in materials alone. I heard they went for $20 each. I was upset until I found out the lady who bought them all was a grandmother raising her grandchildren. My sister reports that every time she sees the buyer, years later, she tells her how much she loves those quilts. Don't let this one event keep you from all opportunities to share your gift. Please keep donating and sharing your art. You will get some kicks once in a while but long term you will get rewarded.
  12. Thanks for posting. It turned out great. I have two sets from the second swap. It did not dawn on me to make a matching quilt. Thanks for the idea. I did make one quilt from the first swap using my standard pattern. After I washed them I was able to get 3.5 inch squares. Did you prewash them? How wide is your sashing? Mary
  13. On the row with the Font and size, at the right, are a couple of clip boards to allow paste. Mouse over to see what each does. I was able to paste just fine. Mary