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  1. Hi Sue. I did forget to tell you that you only get to watch when we are there on the 7th. I will be busy playing with your new goodie.... hehehe........NOT.. see you soon. Myrna
  2. Michelle, It's the excitement that causes our memory to fade!! Darlene is right you are meant to keep your Millie. Myrna
  3. One of the ways I use Sharons designs is with Dr. Paper from Golden Threads. Trace the design on the Dr Paper with a pencil ,then I fold the paper to the size I need take the stack of papers the my DSM with the traced design on top and stitch with a # 90 needle through the stack of papers. Then peel off one at a time, place it where I want it . I will hold it in place with a pin, stitch the design, tear away the paper. Works great. Also make a photo copy and use with your laser at the front Her design book are great. Myrna
  4. WOW Carol, could you come and organize me? I would like to see photos of your studio:) Actually I would like to see photos of everyone studio!
  5. Thanks Ladies, Don't we have a great job! I live in Hurricane, Utah just outside of St. George. It's a beautiful part of the country if you like desert and mountains. I am 30 minutes from Zion National Park. We Have had quite a bit of rain this winter so everything is green right now. Myrna Ficken APQS Representative Sales/ Service/ CLasses aquilterschoice.com http://community.webshots.com/user/myrna316
  6. Sara, I have done a lot of sampler quilt and have photos in my webshot albums 4, 7, and 9 for sure aswell as other albums if you want to look around. Let us see photos of the finished quilt. Whatever you do have fun with it. Myrna Ficken APQS Representative Sales/ Service/ Classes aquilterschoice.com http://community.webshots.com/user/myrna316
  7. Laura, Go to your local glass shop and have them cut a piece of plexiglas that is 11X26'. The plexiglas will rest on the quilt top roller and the quilt leveling roller while you are quilting. Your paper design will be placed on top of that. I use a couple of bit pieces of blue painters tape on the edges of the pattern. You can reshift the pattern as needed from block to block. Myrna
  8. I use both vertical cone holder and the horizontal spool holder as Carol does. I thread the machine as normal only starting from the cone holder or spool holder as well as the thread type I am running. They are such a time saver for me as I don't have to go to the back to change thread. I can have 5 threads on at a time as Carol said. It's great when you are changing back and forth. You can see photos of both on my website at www.aquilterschoice.com
  9. Heidi, I don't understand how your quilt would be pulled or puckered. I love having my zippers. I attached them to my canvas with my Millie. I still pin a quilt on the same way I did without them, nothing has changed. I find the center and pin from there as always. It's just like pinning to the canvas. If I need to take the quilt off for what ever reason it's done in a zip. When I finish a quilt I unzip it and lay it out to make sure Ibhaven't missed anything or nothing needs to be touched up. It saves me a lot of time not having to repin. I can't figure out where you are getting this pro
  10. Kathy, Sue is correct it would take 6 weeks, maybe a little longer after the order. LOL, you have more patiences that I, once the decision was make to order I would not be able to wait ! Even if I had to sit on the boxes and pet them for a couple of months. Just tell Dh the carpet is new it will spring back! PS I do take a few photos Myrna
  11. Hi Kathy, Thank you. I usually do use the same color on top and in the bobbin. If the tension isn't perfect I would rather not seen any "pokies" on the back. I would like all my customers not to use a solid or a fabric that reads solid on the backing ( in my perfect workd) I do change thread colors a lot in my quilting and again I try to match. I don't really have a set in stone way of working a quilt. I always pin baste very heavily as I am working back and forth. I can end up changing colors back and forth a lot. Which is on reason I love the entra cone holder on top. When you get your
  12. The Flywheel cover attaches to your machine covering the flywheel on the right sde of your machine. Just clean the area to remove any oil or lint and stick it on. It can be removed if need be and replaced. It does stop any threads that may break from getting wrapped in your flywheel. As Kathy said it is a pain to get out. Check it out on my webstie. aquilterschocie.com Myrna
  13. Jean The Micro-Drive is awesome while sitting and doing tiny quilting. For that type of work turn the stitch regulator off and turn the speed down to a pace good for you. While in regular mode you will have much more control for tight quilting. The large base gives great support and allows you to rest your fingers on the quilt for greater control. The Micro-Drive can be used in other quilting. You will find what works best for you. If you are not using it just flip the handles up. The spool holder is used for small spools and your decroative threads. The double cone holder allowes you
  14. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Myrna Ficken
  15. I have been working with the Hartley Fence quite a bit lately ( I love it ). Here photos of three quilts if you have a minute to take a look. http://community.webshots.com/photo/30027162/171195452JsqSMh http://community.webshots.com/photo/44868890/170775821ESTIlC http://community.webshots.com/photo/114996639/168554083ttlnfW.
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