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  1. Do you have the new version yet, version 4. It’s very easy in the new version. If you have version 3, you have to open the design in pattern cad to manipulate it. And then save it.
  2. 2012 APQS Millennium Longarm Quilting Machine with Quilt Path Computerized System and freehand tools – Selling for just $18,000 – Would cost you $34,075 if new) Machine is like new, fewer than 100 quilts stitched on this machine. Some of the extras have never been used. Machine has never needed service and works great. Reason for selling: Owner is a professional Quilt Pattern Designer and thought she’d like to quilt some of her designs, but her designing business takes up the bulk of her time, so she has quilted only a few. If you buy this treasure of a machine, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to get started and then some, whether you want to try freehand quilting or computerized quilting. And I’ll give you a free training class ($250 value) in my home studio in Gloucester, VA, to familiarize you with the machine (I own a similar one) and to help you operate a business from your home. Machine resides with the owner in Waldorf, MD. I am an APQS representative and am helping the owner sell her machine. Contact: Georgene Huggett, Gloucester, VA, Email: Georgene@GeorgeneQuilts.com (757) 848-6540 Owner will disassemble and package the machine ready for your pickup. No shipping. The owner originally bought the machine without the computer, but decided to add it 5 months later, which is why you’re getting the benefit of both hand guided tools and the computer. You have a choice. All blue prices in parentheses indicate price if you were to buy new ($ if new). MACHINE ($19,700 for machine only) -- ($34,075 with machine extras and computer) 2012 APQS Millennium (top of the line) which includes – Stitch Regulator Thread Cutter Single Stitch Button Laser Light Turbo Bobbin Winder Black Light Horizontal and Vertical Channel Lock (only the Millennium has both horizontal and vertical Platform Hopping Foot (others available for purchase) Owner ordered many extras with the machine -- Bliss Rails on 12-foot table ($1,000 extra) Most people’s choice, 26” throat space, 12’ table will do King sized quilt and the Bliss rails help the machine move very smoothly. Power Fabric Advance ($1,350 extra) No handles or gears to maneuver, just push a foot pedal. Quilt Glide ($1,250 extra) You can do small stippling with ease using the stitch regulator “L” size Smart Bobbin (the one I would recommend) Gives you the best tension. Footprint of machine would be 5’3” x 12’ COMPUTER -- Quilt Path Computerized System by Grace Company ($9,500 if new) – Comes with free upgrades for as long as you own the system. EXTRAS INCLUDED ($1,275 if new) Hartley Base Expander (ruler base) ($170) Hartley Perfect Circle ($305) Vertical Cone Holder ($90) Hartley Worktable and Clamp Supports ($145) 11 Paper Pantographs and 30 additional patterns added to the 250+ that come with Quilt Path (approximately $200+) Quick Zip set of zippers for machine and quilt top ($75) (exactly what I use) Towa Bobbin Gage ($50) You can set your bobbin tension and know it’s perfect Corsage Pins and Magnetic Holders ($40) Use for attaching quilt back to zippers or canvas Bobbins and Thread, Needles ($200 to $300, maybe more) Machine Manual and Assembly Instructions – Everything that came with the machine Free Customer Care and Support and access to online education. Free day of Training. FOR PICTURES, PLEASE SEND ME YOUR EMAIL. I WAS UNABLE TO LOAD THEM HERE.
  3. Cynthia, I just spoke with Barbara, the owner, and she loves using cotton thread. She says she's had no problems with it. She uses it both in the bobbin and top.
  4. It has an L bobbin and I do believe the owner has used King Tut cotton thread. I will verify this and how it responded and get back to you.
  5. I am advertising this machine for a friend and quilt customer. The machine has been used very little. GEORGE HAS TO GO George is lonely and feeling left out. My 2012 APQS sit down quilting machine is looking for someone who can give him more time than I’m physically able to right now. He’s a fine guy who has recently been reinvigorated by machine specialist Al Hunt. But now George needs someone to take him for a ride more often than I’ve been able to do. He’s been used very little, but not neglected as far as care. APQS lists his retail value (including a folding, adjustable table) at $3825. (Price if purchased new would be $6,900.) Below is an actual picture of my George. In order for him to find a great home, I’m willing to rehome him for $2,500 and pay half the shipping costs within the Continental U.S. Also included: Deluxe Sidewinder Bobbin Winder, metal bobbins, needles, several large cones of Superior Thread. Call Barbara at 757-218-8766 or email bacosten@gmail.com To learn more about his features, visit https://www.apqs.com/machines/george/
  6. Helping a friend. A friend is downsizing and thinking to sell her APQS quilting machine. She asked for my help in getting the word out. It’s a great buy on a machine that has been used very little. She does not use it for business, mostly for her personal quilts. If you know of anyone who might be interested, they can email me, respond to this ad, or send a personal message to me. Email: Georgene@GeorgeneQuilts.com 2015 APQS Computerized Millennium FOR SALE MACHINE • 2015 Millennium (new generation White), top of the line. • Comes with o Quilt Glide o Turbo Bobbin Winder o Bobbin Thread Cutter o Electronic Channel Locks (both vertical and horizontal) o Interchangeable Hopping Foot Capability (feet purchased separately) COMPUTER • APQS Quilt Path computerized system, with Microsoft Surface Pro tablet and stylus. • Quilt Path Software • Many computer designs. TABLE • Deluxe 14’ Table (maybe a 2005 model) • Automatic Power Fabric Advance. The touch of a foot pedal advances your quilt. • Table does not have the Bliss rails. Bliss is recommended if you do a lot of free motion quilting, but is fine for computer guided. • Bliss rails can be added to the existing table for $3,000. • ASKING PRICE: $17,000 Would cost $32,998 new. A savings of $15,998 COMMENTS • Machine is like new, used very little -- for personal quilts, not used for business. • Could deliver within reasonable distance. • Located in Chesapeake, VA • When purchased, the machine and computer were professionally setup by a certified APQS rep. COSTS IF NEW $18,900 Machine with deluxe table $ 9,500 Quilt Path (computer) $ 1,250 Quilt Glide $ 1,350 Power Fabric Advance $ 130 Base Expander $31,130 Plus Shipping ($450) and 6% sales tax ($3,130) for a total of $32,998 WARRANTY 1. The machine itself would not come with a lifetime warranty. 2. However, all future Quilt Path upgrades would be free to the second owner. 3. If future service is needed, we have a local (York County, VA) certified technician who would come to your house (within local area) and service it for you. 4. He could also setup and install the machine (within local area) for $500, which is standard for APQS machine installations. EXTRAS Overhead Lighting System (homemade - see picture) Hartley Base Expander (for ruler use) 15 Cones of Thread (So Fine and assorted others) 13 Pre-wound Bobbins 5 Empty Bobbins 1 Bobbin Case 9 Needles 1 Set of Red Snapper Clips (for mounting quilts) Many Computer Designs All for $17,000
  7. there is a document at this link that may help.
  8. I think,it would be most helpful,to see a picture of the design on your screen
  9. Did you Optimize and CHECK FOR BREAKS?
  10. Yes, if you saved the design. Then you would proceed to start again under SELECT AND SEW. Open the saved design, QUILT AS ROWS, tap dialogue box at bottom left, which will expose the rows of the panto. using the plus/minus keys, navigate to the row you need, place (with flag) your row, then pull bobbin and quilt.
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