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  1. Update! My surgeries went well today and I'm home resting and being a good patient, which is hard for me ;( I will be back in the showroom ASAP if not quilting doing something. In the meantime Barbara will be in covering for me as much as she can. It might be a good idea to call my cell phone before coming in just for a week or so. Thank you all so much for your understand and patience. Myrna
  2. I recommend BizChair all the time it is a great price. I bought mine there years ago. Teresa you would use it aot. As far as changing threads I ALWAYS use my Hartley Cone holder. I don't use the one on the back unless I am doing a panto, which is seldome. Or if i am changing a lot, I can have a cone back there that I can tie off and use when I need it.
  3. Pam , it will get fixed. I'm sure you won't loose your customers over it. Just let them know you are having an issue . Most are pretty understanding that life happens.
  4. I have usually use 80/20 batting but on the Black and White one that I posted today I used silk. Loved the way it felt. I typically load salvage on the side but it all depends on the quilt.
  5. Tami The salvage was on the side. The applique was top to bottom. The photo was taken with the quilt hanging sideways on the Freedom to keep it off the floor. And yes if the backing has a direction the quilt needs to go in the same direction. It was really fun to quilt . I look forward to when you can come take your class. Are you writing down questions.
  6. Hi Hattiesburg, Sorry Sharon I missed your name before I didn't take it badly at all. Give it a try I actally like quilting with Minky backing. It will stretch so be aware of that and you are good to go. I ALWAYS match my bobbin to the top. I does not matter to me what the backing is. I let my client know ahead of time. I have done several of her quilts with Minky on the back and they all turned out great. I will causion that the minky can "shadow" through if you will. Example, I quilted one with red minky backing, it was an Applique quilt and right away I could see the "shadow " of th
  7. Black and White Applique quilt. Backing Minky with applique. Quilted with Silk batting and Glide thread.
  8. ZeKe A road trip os always fun!! Come on over. If you are coming in the next 3 week call me to be sure I can / will in with my knee/hip thing..
  9. It has been a month since the Grand Opening of APQS West. Thank you all for your well wishes. If you are in the area plesase stop in to check out the Showroom. I have all of our awesome machines to try out and Quilt Path. I have a rental program and carry longarm supplies pantos, Glide thread, DVD's rulers, Sew Batik wide backings and more. Adding items as time goes on. Of course I will be teaching classes as well. Grabe your bestie and schedule your classes or time on a machine. Please be patient over the next three weeks or so as I have to have my knee and hip scoped on the 20th and
  10. I have someone looking for a used Lenni or Lucey on a 10' table in the $8000.00 range. Contact me if you have one. Thanks
  11. Check out my website as well. aquilterschoice.com
  12. 2006 Millennium, 26” x 10.5” throat space, 12’ Bliss table system, just back from factory for a spa treatment. Great condition, L size smart bobbin, Two station needle positioner, Single stitch function, Power Advance, Laser light, Electronic Automatic channel locks, Turbo bobbin winder, base expander $10,500 Contact Myrna, 435-229-2703 myrnaf@q.com Located in St. George Utah. I have all the boxes for shipping.
  13. APQS Showroom, Education Center, Service, Longarm Quilting and supplies APQS West / A Quilter's Choice 144 W. Brigham RD. Suite 20 St. George, Utah 84790 435-414-2026 Showroom 435-229-2703 Mobile Tuesday - Sat 10- 5 After hour appointment available by appointment We ARE OPEN for business and will announce the grand opening at a later date. Please stop by or call for classes. If you would like to receive an email for the Grand Opening and or class announcements please send your email address
  14. Lyn. I hope to come to your part of the world again!.
  15. Registration has opened for AQS Des Moines . Be sure to register for your spot in my classes. It will be here so quickly.
  16. I am excited to announce that Marilyn Badger and I got the keys to APQS West, A Quilter's Choice. Machine and Education Center. Grand opening in a few weeks, It will be announce it soon. Classes, machine sales and demos on going, quilting for hire. Updates to follow. Follow on my facebook page A Quilter's Choice ( like my page) Questions call 435-229-2703
  17. I agree, I would not get rid of a lift unless you never plan on quilting again. i use mine all the time.
  18. In the white sashings you could put one side of a feather and the other side in the next one.
  19. All Hartley Fence Cookie Cutter are on sale at 20% off of in stock items. This includes the 6" and the 12" The discount will be deducted in processing the order. (Be sure to write in the number of the set you want) . If you have a question give me a call. These are fun to use for many thinng. I use them to draw around and then stitch more often that not. http://aquilterschoice.danemcoweb.com/shop/product/hartley-6-stencil-sets/
  20. Personally i love my Hartley Base Expander, very easy on and off.
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