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  1. Orders out girls.. Thank you. Hope you like it Scott went all out on the bloopers too
  2. Creating Spaces in ready and in stock . Ordes can be place online. TIA
  3. Hi Sandra, I won't be at MQX give me a call to order. 301-725-2057 or cell 435-229-2703
  4. This is Sheri, on Myrna's puter....The 3rd on the right is Renae Gamel NOT MYRNA! You Dorks!!! Middle is Lee Ann Meduna Myrna was watching us be stupid LHBF for a few minutes.
  5. Linzi, You are too funny. Get away from the fire and get on the feathers safe.
  6. Hi Claudia, Thank you. Yes the flowers have started to bloom. They are so pretty, Trees should start really soon. See you in May. Hope all is well..
  7. We did have so much fun today and yesterday. Feathers were flying, you all ROCK:cool: I am so proud of you all.
  8. Congratulations Betsy. Welcome
  9. :P:D:o:D:P:D:P:D;):P:D:P:cool::cool: that's all I have to say.
  10. Sorry girl, I don't have them yet but hope to have them in next couple of weeks. Dan did put a trailer on my website if you all want to take a sneek peak.
  11. Poor Myrna is right.. they crack me up and maybe a little blush here and there:o but what the heck I can laugh at myself..
  12. I am heading to Sheri's tomorrow. I am excited to see old and new friends. Fun is sure to be had.. I do have a spot or 2 available for the taking..
  13. Hi Kim, Congratulation on getting your machine and getting started. If I can help you or answer any question give me a call or email
  14. The table has been sold, Sorry and YEAH I'll let you know if something happens with the sale though
  15. 36" I had it made kitchen counter height. Maybe a little taller. You could also put castors on them as an idea.
  16. I'll miss is SOOOOO much. it is an awesome table...
  17. I will need to sell my cutting table as I don't have space for it anymore. It is custom made 6x8' canvas covered with 4 cabinets under, I believe the are 30" wide with 3 pull out drawers that will hold 80 lbs each. I have them full for thread as you can see in photo. It is in St. George Utah. Call me for more details if you are interested. I will also be selling some other quilty stuff, threads, pattern, books, ?? Not getting out of the business just moved and will have a smaller studio in Maryland. Ready to do demos, classes or just have visitors http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/2915334830034244157lLrLwS
  18. Hi girls, Thanks so much for your kind post . I had so much fun with you all. It is always MY pleasure to have each of you in my classes. Hope to see you all again. I do have a couple of openings still at Sheris for next week if anyone else can make it give me a call or email. I am holoding my breath for good weather;) See you all soon
  19. Hi Bobbie. call me and get a flywheel cover. Thread sucked in in no fun. Been there and done that a couple of times. 435-229-2703
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