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  1. So....noticed a noise when using motorized feed. This caused me to look at the motor. I see slight but noticeable movement of the motor. Not sure why the noise but it is associated. Also noticed some dark shavings, that I assume to be coming off of the rubber teeth. Any ideas? Do you see any movement on yours? TIA. 2004 Millie
  2. Thanks delld. I figured it out. Not sure why picture did not attach!
  3. My brain would not accept that the pattern was meant to be split. I took a deep breath and went for it. After finishing the first row, complete the top lightly drawn pattern, then forward to a pleasing lineup for the first lightly drawn pattern to complete that rowith remaining pattern. Forward and do the full design again and so on. Keep creating and thanks for being there when needed.
  4. I have Keryn Emersons panto Field of flowers and have not used in years. I do not recall how to forward. Anyone familiar with this one? See picture atached. Thanks for your help.
  5. see email I sent me. Thanks, Deb
  6. Thank you for your input. Happy quilting, Deb
  7. Hi kids, I'm a lurker. Love my daily fix on the forum. Rarely contribute. I'll work on that! I'm looking for design inspiration which I bet you can help me with. Shooting stars, starburst, fireworks: stencil or panto. I have not tried the coloring book trick yet - thought I would check if any of you have some ideas - places to search. I'm sure I saw something like this somewhere recently. PS: I just learned one of my customers won First Place and Best of Show in our local county fair. It was all SID about 20 hours worth! Yes I was glad when I finished it! Grateful - Deb McP
  8. Thanks . I appreciate your input. I'm more confident and ready to get going on this one. If I can get a good photo I'll post it. Have a great night. Deb
  9. Let me first say YOU GUYS ARE TERRIFIC. I've been watching/listening for a while. You have inspired and amazed me. Need your quideance. Just took in quilt that is oversized lap almost twin that has a Minkie like fabric for the back. Any one have any experience using this fabric for the back? What problems am I in for? Grateful for your input.