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Power advance.

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I sent my 2004 millie off for a spa treatment.

After setting everything up again I’m having trouble with the power advance.  I can not seem to get it right after hours of trying.

The  whole motor assembly moves slightly and make a bumping sound with every rotation. ( both forward and back rotation)

I have pages (#87) of the manual and have followed it the best I can. I can not get a good fit…there is a gap which I am struggling to close.  
Has anyone had this problem…and solved it.  Do you have any hints to help me?

I can only provide photos at this time…my videos are to large.

Dmcp48@yahoo.com   (Deb)   Appreciate any help offered.


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Can you post a photo of how you have it assembled?    

Can you rotate the roller by hand?  You should not be able to roll that forwards/backwards if you have it assembled correctly.  

I have a 2018 Freddie.  The post on the roller has a flat part on the shaft.  That needs to match where the set screws are on the motor coupler.  The set screws need to be unscrewed enough to allow the roller shaft to be inserted all the way in the coupler.  Then tighten the set screws to hold that in place.  

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