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    Caren, can you post a picture of the top?
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    I've seen a two-color Winding Ways where the quilter stitched CCs. It sounds simplistic, but it was very effective. She used matching thread and stitched continuously across, first one color and then the other. The back looked great, with a petal-y design. Most of the custom WWs I've seen accented the circles, with SID and an echo maybe a half-inch inside. That's a lot of stitching though.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to s.waits in Winding Ways ideas, PLEASE!   
    I've never quilted one of these, but if your fabric selection allows you to see the secondary circular pattern, I would do something to emphasize that. I'm sure it'll be beautiful no matter what you do.
    Good luck!
    PS. There's an impressive amount of eye candy over on Pinterest.com that might give you some inspiration.
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