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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to dbams in Winding Ways ideas, PLEASE!   
    Caren, can you post a picture of the top?
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to ffq-lar in Winding Ways ideas, PLEASE!   
    I've seen a two-color Winding Ways where the quilter stitched CCs. It sounds simplistic, but it was very effective. She used matching thread and stitched continuously across, first one color and then the other. The back looked great, with a petal-y design. Most of the custom WWs I've seen accented the circles, with SID and an echo maybe a half-inch inside. That's a lot of stitching though.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to s.waits in Winding Ways ideas, PLEASE!   
    I've never quilted one of these, but if your fabric selection allows you to see the secondary circular pattern, I would do something to emphasize that. I'm sure it'll be beautiful no matter what you do.
    Good luck!
    PS. There's an impressive amount of eye candy over on that might give you some inspiration.
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    MastiffMomQlt got a reaction from cmkeindl1 in guide from fishing rod??   
    Well, this is awesome! It seems like I go through those little pig tails faster than I can believe. I did start to turn them upside down to wear a groove in the other side before putting new ones on but these ceramic guides are going on my list. Thanks for sharing your brilliance & resourcefulness, Ladies!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to DawnCavanaugh in Needle Bar run out   
    Nigel is correct about needle bar play. The bushings are typically the culprit. It's a little different on an Ultimate II than on a larger throated machine simply because the needle bar itself is shorter. At APQS, the bushings are specifically matched to each needle bar as a "pair" to be sure that they slip together properly. Since the bushings are made from sintered bronze (impregnated with lubricating oil) you don't want one that sticks a little on the needle bar. 
    Amy can visit with you on Monday, but we typically recommend that you replace the needle bar at the same time as the bushings for a tight fit.
    It is something that can be done in the field, but requires the machine to sit in a specific position overnight to be sure that the loctite that holds the bushings in place doesn't drip or run and to keep the needle bar centered (along with a set screw on older models).
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    MastiffMomQlt got a reaction from Parm in Studio Cutter?   
    I have the Sizzix Pro & I love it.10 + layers at a time, no problem. I find that by starching, pressing & carefully positioning fabric (always be mindful of grain-line!) I've never had an issue of shifting. I am a lover of scrap quilts so there is no such thing as fabric waste at all. I use every bit of it!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to meg in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    you might be a LA quilter when... sit at night to watch a movie with DH with a magna doodle in your lap.
    ...on vacation, you are seen photographing draperies, walls and floors.
    ...your son describes you to his teacher as 'the one threads on her clothes.'
    fun thread, annie!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to aleksich in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You might be a longarmer when
    Fishing guides don't belong on fishing poles
    Your kitchen plates are out in the studio instead for templates
    When long for the day your DH is staying late at work, so you can quilt
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to nanbrug in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You know your a long armer when:
    Your DH knows what SID, CC's, pantos, and beadboard is not relating to wood is
    You go directly to the quilts in LQS to see the designs and get motivated
    Your friends ask you to go on a day long shopping trip for Christmas and you tell them no I don't have time need to quilt, gift certificates will be fine for them this year.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to iquiltit in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    you know you're a long arm quilter when you see threads hanging out of a birdnest in your tree. When everyone gets ready to go out to dinner and all of you have red threads on yur clean clothes.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to LadyLake in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You might be a longarmer when . . .
    Your dogs have colored threads interspersed with their fur
    You carry your iPad around the house, in case there is a new post on the Forum
    You stop piecing tops and never get around to getting them quilted
    You find it difficult to find things to talk about with people who don't quilt
    You spend days in the house without ever leaving because you are on a quilting 'roll'
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Gail O in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You might be a longarmer when . . . .
    most of your tee shirts have little holes across your belly
    you still buy washable crayola and there are no kids in the house
    you've never been inside one of those fancy "bedding" stores
    a wide back is a very good thing

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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to meg_marsh in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You might be a long arm quilter when
    the hardware store has become your best friend and you know the sales associates by name...
    You design a room around the best storage - not the beauty
    You tell your friends you don't have time for lunch - they ask why & you say you have to finish a quilt & they have no idea what you are talking about or they want lunch and you suggest that dinner would be better - don't interrupt me during the day........... I have things to do .............
    DH wants attention and you sit there fidgeting thinking about the quilt on the frame that needs to be finished so the next one can get loaded and finished
    The pup comes up wanting attention and you tell him in your best, most kind voice that you only have a few more stitches before you can take him out for his walk.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to ffq-lar in just for fun - You Might Be a Long Arm Quilter When (please add on)   
    You might be a longarm quilter when...
    You walk into the LQS and go straight for the thread.
    Your freezer is full so you don't have to make dinner every night.
    Your gifts under the tree are from Superior Threads, Columbia River Quilting, and APQS. ( I got a letter from APQS and opened it since it was addressed to me. It was a receipt for Dennis for new leaders. Surprise!! )
    Those "other" people in your life don't have a clue what you do and congratulate you for having a nice "hobby". hahaha!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to LibbyG in The giving of thanks   
    We've been truly blessed with so many wonderful and caring forum members. The APQS family is absolutely the best. We have friends far and near and it's so exciting when we get to meet them in person. You girls, and guys, have made me a better quilter. Happy Birthday and Thanksgiving to all of you.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to meg in The giving of thanks   
    i'm thankful to linda, and everyone on this forum for all the help and encouragement i have received. really....thank you all. i love this forum, it's full of 'good people'.
    i'm blessed with a supportive hubby and 3 healthy, great kids, 2 of which will be eating turkey at my table on thursday.
    we will also have my sister and her hubs and a friend from NJ with us this year. i'm thankful that they are able to get here and share the holiday with us. i'm grateful for the opportunity to give them 5 or 6 days of R&R before they return to the business of rebuilding their lives.
    friday is my birthday, and i will have many loved ones to eat cake with me.
    i'm one lucky lady with many reasons to give thanks.
    i wish you all a wonderful thanksgiving, full of family, friends and love. XO

    (don't you wish we had a turkey emoji?)
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Quilting Heidi in The giving of thanks   
    Linda I'm so glad you started this trhead and I too am so thankful for this forum. We will be having a small and peaceful Thanksgiving and hopefully no family drama! LOL My daughter and new son-inlaw will be coming over and we'll spend the evening playing cards or games. No crazy shopping for me either. I need to do my shopping but I have no desire to do it with crowds and craziness, I'd rather spend a few extra bucks and not deal with the drama.
    I have a lot to be thankful for this year but most of all I'm thankful for my family and thankful I survived the year!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted in The giving of thanks   
    I'm thankful for this group also. Way back when I first started out, there weren't many folks around. Just usually me and Judy Laquidara. I learned so much from her and I continue to learn from you all.
    I'm thankful for my snug home, my wonderful family (including my fur kids), my relatively good health, and all the doors quilting has opened for me. Blessings to you all this holiday.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to ffq-lar in The giving of thanks   
    Everyone is scurrying to shop for food, clean the house, bake, work that job that buys the food, make plans, count noses, and get it all done before the holiday arrives.
    I want to take time today to say how thankful I am for so many things--and especially our forum. This wonderful, safe, sane, generous spot where we can meet, make friends, help each other, and learn.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Zora in Really stumped on how to quilt this one. Suggestions, please :) now w pic   
    Its hard to suggest without seeing the project. How big are the hexagons?
    You can cc the cream background, which will give a shashiko look to it. Clamshells in the basket itself. Flowers in the area formed by the handle. Swirls or "S" shapes in the handle to make it look braided. Leaf shapes in the leaf pieces, and depending on how big they are, veins to hold them down.
    A lot depends on the scale of the piece in general. You might be fine with just doing cc's over the whole thing. Since traditionally the hexagons would just be echoed with straight lines following the hexagon sides, a more traditional look would be just the cc's. If your client wants to blend the traditional piecing with a more modern twist on the quilting, there are many more things you can do.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Neher-in-law5 in Really stumped on how to quilt this one. Suggestions, please :) now w pic   
    I really don't have any good ideas for you, but my ornary first response to her request of no straight lines would be do to a wavy grid instead=no straight lines!
    I hope you can show us what you decide to do.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Quilting Heidi in Really stumped on how to quilt this one. Suggestions, please :) now w pic   
    If the hexagons in the background are big enough I'd like do a feather meander and then do cc's in the inside or flower like shapes with a swirl in the middle hexagon.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to LadyLake in Really stumped on how to quilt this one. Suggestions, please :) now w pic   
    Here's an example of curvey quilting on an applique. The flower petals are not hexagons, but it will give you an idea of what could be done, along with the center spiral that Heidi mentioned. As far as the basket itself goes, I was thinking freehand thatch going in different directions within each hexagon piece would be interesting.
    Well -- looks like I'm going to have to learn how to attach photos on the new forum system. I'll figure it out and post the photo later.

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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to ffq-lar in Really stumped on how to quilt this one. Suggestions, please :) now w pic   
    The center panel has a great vintage look to it. The feathers you mentioned would over-ride the hexies in a pleasing way.
    Another thought would be to stitch plain old CC's on the neutral hexies. That even, repetitive line--ending up with circles and petals--would be calm, not detract from the flowers, be easy to stitch, push the background back so the flowers pop, and result in a "wallpaper" look to the background. Not particularly dramatic, but the vintage look of this might call for vintage-type quilting.
    Or stitch several dramatic feather plumes on either side and fill in the rest of the neutral hexies with the CC's to further accent the feathers. The feathers would stand out and the CC's recede.
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    MastiffMomQlt reacted to Linda G. Craig in Friend Requests   
    I am afraid I totally messed up on some wonderful "friend requests" sent my way. I saw them in my "Notifications" folder at the top of the screen, read them. Thought to myself, "Great!" Then promptly deleted them before actually approving them. Sooooo, I must apologize. If you send me a "friend request" and still don't mind being friends with a , then please resend your request and I'll figure out how to approve them. Sheeesh! And here I thought I had figured this forum out pretty well! LOL!
    Thanks so much!