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    mypeopponna reacted to ffq-lar in Rant-a-licious! They're thinking all the time!   
    It happened again. My wonderful customers manipulated my schedule without consulting me.
    Two customers swapped spots without asking me. One has two spots this month but no quilts ready. She hopes to have her custom ready and swapped her E2E lap-size spot with a friend scheduled in January. Unfortunately I put on the brakes on that deal because the swapped quilt is a monster-sized custom.
    Very nicely, I let Piecer#1 know that first of all, permission is needed first so even if she had already made the arrangements she should have kept that to herself until I said it was OK. Why? Because I don't have time for a third custom quilt this month.
    So she was given the choices of--her having her quilt done and not #2. Or of #2 being done and not hers --which means she would lose both her spots this month. Did I mention that none of these quilts has been dropped off yet? And Piecer#1's second quilt is only in the block stage?
    I told her I will be gone all next week for MQX so I will have 9 days when I get back to actually quilt--around the day job, of course. And her custom monster will take all 9 days....
    Oh. She never thought of that.
    Piecer #2 dropped her quilt off last night.
    So #1, due to a busy life, lost her spot for a custom quilt and a lap quilt. She's in #2's spot in January for the custom and in the queue for the lap quilt if I have a cancellation.
    But you should see the pretty quilt!
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    Eh...Whatever Quilting
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    mypeopponna reacted to RoseCity Quilter in How I organized my panto's for showing customers...   
    133!? I am soooooooooo jealous! Wanna share?
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    mypeopponna reacted to jtorsvik in Kreative Dager i Fredericia Danmark   
    APQS/Jannes Quiltestudio vil ha stand på Messe C i Fredericia fredag 26 - søndag 28 oktober. Kom innom standen og hils på!
    med quiltehilsen Janne
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    mypeopponna reacted to lindasewsit in How I organized my panto's for showing customers...   
    Ok... I have  a question... what is in your first folder that you were speaking of?  Is it pictures of quilts that have your pantos on them?