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  1. I've missed you MB. Glad to know you're ok. Don't overdue or you'll end up taking 3 steps back!!;)
  2. All I can say is WOW!!!! Congratulations. Your ribbos are well deserved. LOVE your work!! Stay up there on cloud nine as many more accolades will come.
  3. Ditto everyone else, this is a beautiful quilt with outstanding quilting. Love how you brought the flowers into the sashing. Wow Simply gorgeous!!!
  4. That's awesome:):) Congratulations. Have a wonderful trip!
  5. Thanks LinneaMarie. I'm very technologically challenged:D:D:D How do you doodle on the photos like Shannon did?
  6. How do you do that sample thing with the pics? I still haven't fiqured out how to post my pic or pics of my quilts!!!
  7. Thanks for the U2U and info Lynn. Can't wait to give it a try.
  8. This has been a blast checking in on Matt today. He's doing a great job!!!! Hope he can get some sleep tonight:D:D:D I'm going to bed. I'm sure I'll have to check in tomorrow. :)
  9. I also have the QuiltGlide and am still a little confused. When you turn the knob, do you turn it all the way to the right or is there some increments to it. I can't tell. Do I turn it just a little or what? I'm not into micro stuff yet so I guess it doesn't really matter but would love to know more about it. Mine didn't come with instructions either. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. You did a beautiful job on this quilt. It is stunning. Congratulations.
  11. Congratulations Mat!!! Tomorrow will be here before you know it. Try to get some sleep tonight, you're going to be busy tomorrow.;)
  12. I've never heard of pink rain before. The pictures are beautiful. I'm sure it was even more spectacular in person. I'm not likely to ever see it so thanks for sharing. I agree with LinneaMarie, nothing God creates can be captured by any medium. It's a blessing to be able to see His creations!
  13. Debbi and Shana, thanks for sharing these incredible photo's. I had never heard of geocacheing(?) Sounds fun. Also, I love the picture of the waves hitting the rocks. Debbi, you should enlarge that one and have it framed. It is spectacular! I love wildlife and it appears you both were able to see some fabulous sights. Thanks for letting us have a lovely vacation vicariously. :cool:
  14. Hi Debbi, Thanks for sharingl. Your photos are amazing. What a beautiful view. I agree, the one that shows the curvature of the Earth is spectacular. Have fun. I do want to see some pics from Alaska Shana. I'm hoping to take a quilting cruise there next year. I've always wanted to see Alaska. Debbi, have a safe trip home.
  15. Thanks Heidi and Kristina. I'm going to look into the quiltazoid! It may have to be on my Chriistmas wish list!
  16. That sounds great Patty Jo. I would love that. I think I may try to come in Jan or Feb. I would love to meet you and would love to see Fabric Depot. I've got my purple shirt ready for the trip:D:D:D
  17. Liam, please tell your daughter congratulations for us. She looks so confident and focused while riding. That is awesome to win that many ribbons at one show! Your her father and have every right to share her good news! Love the pics.
  18. Simply gorgeous Heidi. Does the quiltazoid work from the front of the machine like the topper? I'm thinking of buying one of them and haven't decided which one yet. I guess I need to check it out on their respective web sites.
  19. Shannon, I'm so glad Barb and Mike were able to save your doodles:) Isn't this the best forum? We have such quilting and technical talent and people willing to help. Wow. It's fabulous. Kudo's to Barb and Mike.
  20. Patty Jo, I had the pleasure of meeting Renae at "gadget day" in Nebraska. She is a delight! All the midwest quilters that were there were so fun and yes we laughed til our sides hurt:D:D:D I have a daughter who lives in Seattle. I may just have to visit her and take a side trip to Fabric Depot, or should I call it, Fabric Heaven??? Sure looks like it:D Glad ya'll had a good time. I'm sure I could find a purple shirt to:D
  21. Well, done Evelyn. Love your quilt. I'm still trying to learn basic stuff like CC, SID etc. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do feathers much less trapunto. Wow, I'm impressed. Congrats
  22. I sent you an e-mail as instructed. Can't wait to get it. I know I'll watch it over and over.;)
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