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  1. Can the table be cut down? That's an incredible price. I know Quilt Path sells for $10,000.
  2. Hi Linda, You can try tightening the top tension and if that doesn't work, put the top back to where it was and loosen the bobbin tension. Also, make sure the thread path is correct and laying between the tension discs. I hope this helps.
  3. Hi Cagey, I agree with Gator. I use glide thread. It quilts beautifully, I love the sheen of it and i never have to adjust my tension. I love it.
  4. You did an outstanding job on that one Dell. Love it!
  5. Your quilting really sets off the blocks. It's beautiful !
  6. Congratulations, Heidi That is a stunning quilt.
  7. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments. My next step is to figure out how to make the feathers curl into a corner or another feather.
  8. Hi Betsy, You are doing a great job with your CL boards. I love mine! Use them all the time.
  9. My Millie has the same tattoo that Annie has on her Millie. I've had them for several years now. As far as tattoos on the body, I say never! After hearing my father's cancer doctor explain that as soon as you get a tattoo the body tries to get rid of the ink, as it's a foreign substance that has been put inside the body. That's why tattoos fade over time. They have found upon doing autopsies when they open up the lymph nodes, glands, they are completely black with the ink the body has stored there. I hate to put a downer on anyone wanting to get a tattoo but it's worth thinking about. Besides the Lymph system, there's no telling what other damage the body is sustaining, (cancer etc) from all the ink. I say stick with graphics on your machines! lol
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