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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from redhotmama in Locking stitches and hopping to another spot..   
    I can not wait to see what the wizards of stitchery say about this!  I have often had the same question!!!!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from Pepsi Girl in Mariners compass   
    You can also quilt quilts! That is one fine job!!!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from dbams in Quilting for a shop   
    Be careful mixing friendship and business. Just my advice here but.....Don't ask what she charges or what the split would be. Tell her your price and let her go from there. That way you will feel like you are getting real pay for your work.
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from micajah in Help needed...what fabric is best for wholecloth quilts?   
    If you are getting little "bumps" on your fabric after washing it may have poly in it as well as cotton.  Poly reacts with friction and with heat.  The fibers snap and form little "bumps" or better known as pills.  I have used good old satin and it looked fabulous but, of course, I didn't win anything.  I put quilts into shows just to show ordinary folks what ordinary quilters do!!!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from CrazyAboutQuilting in Racing Machine!   
    Got an email today and followed the instructions.  I disemboweled the arm and tweaked a cam-like thing and them put it all back together.  It is working but I won't know if it is racing until I used it for a spell.  I felt rather smart after following those instructions all by myself.  And....when I was done I have all the right # of pieces!  I'll update you guys tomorrow!
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    JustSewSimple reacted to chickenscratch in I won a prize   
    Every month I do the Fab Shop Hop, finding the little bunnies and visiting the websites.   Every month I hope to win the grand prize, but I haven't won up until now.
    I just got an email saying I had won a prize pack of goodies from the first place sponsors..... worth $175.  I can't wait to see what is in the package. I'm hoping it is full of batiks, rulers, and patterns.
    I just had to share because it's cool that I won.
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    JustSewSimple reacted to ffq-lar in Oops! I forgot what to do!   
    If it's racing during SR mode, it's probably not the needle positioner that needs help but give it a try first and cross your fingers. Maybe you need a board replaced or your encoder is possessed.
    Amy has a video on the home page! Pull up the list of videos and click on the "fluorescent lights/needle positioner" one. Advance to about 2:30 to skip the first part. Remember to warm up the machine and then unplug it before you adjust. Good luck and I hope it's an easy fix. 
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    JustSewSimple reacted to chickenscratch in my new toy   
    My new sewing machine finally arrived.  I swear I've been going through withdrawal for a week.    It is a cadillac among machines.  Needle threader, thread cutter, knee lift, built in monogramming, 21 quilting stitches, 38 decorative stitches, free motion quilting and embroidery stitches,  and 15 buttonholes (I have no idea why). Also came with a huge quilting base, which will not fit on my table.  I guess i need a new table now.

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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from Pepsi Girl in Millie got tattoo's   
    My students used to tell me they were going to get a tat!  I told them it was like putting on underwear today and 15 years from now having on that same underwear!  I have had at least one student come back to tell me I was right as she was saving money to have her removed.  Now, Stitch is different!  She might could use a tat or two!
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    JustSewSimple reacted to delld in Lulu received her quilt   
    Lulu had her 3rd birthday party yesterday. The theme was little house on the Prairie!
    Here she is with her quilt!
    20141122_161318 by delld1964, on Flickr
    I think my daughter liked it best!  
    We call Lulu, Half Pint, all day! We all had a blast!
    Thanks for looking.
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from Leigh in Revealing the Price of Quilts   
    My family used to do that but I straight up told them (while smiling) that if they'd come clean my house, cut my grass, scrub by pool, plant some roses, cook several meals, and whatever else I could think of, I'd make them a quilt. I told them it took me 2 weeks to make a simple quilt so they could work for me for that same amount of time. They stopped asking.
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    JustSewSimple reacted to delld in It Snowed for 3 days in my studio!!!!   
    This is a huge quilt made by another friend of mine that passed away last year. She let me quilt on her longarm for a year before I got my Millie. I used Randy Brunette's panto Island Paradise from Digi-tech RBPANTO021. Magnifico threach on top color 2066 and cream Filtec on the back. Took 45 minutes per row with Quilt Path.  I thinks her daughter will love it and it will a special Christmas.
    20141116_195850 by delld1964, on Flickr
    Click on the picture and you will go to flickr and see more pics!!!
    Thanks for looking.
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    JustSewSimple reacted to nineva in ISO Edge to edge/pantos   
    Good morning,
    I long ago let all of my long arm supplies go. I could use some things to get back into the swing of it. I have no, none, nada pantos. If you have some that you are not using and want to sell or give them away, please let me know.  
    I am looking for a base expander for my Lucey. The one for the Freedom w/o thread cutter works for Lucey also.
    I still have the M&M wheels for the Freedom for sale at $200.00
    Wow, it feels so good to be back.  I have been piecing tops and getting ready for her arrival.  Not sure I like this new forum format as it is hard to find my friends.  And topics.  Oh well, new and improved, right?
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    JustSewSimple reacted to Debbie Voigt in The Journey Nears An End...   
    I had posted a little about this "Border Challenge" quilt earlier; it came off the frame yesterday. I entitled the piece "It's The Journey" because I learned so much along the way (it truly was a challenge; design elements and colors were randomly selected at my LQS each month), never really understanding the destination (or final "plan") ahead of time. It was a wonderful learning experience! The freedom to quilt each component of this quilt with the smoothness of Quilt Glide and and ease of movement provided by the Bliss drive helped me to acheive the dream quilting I was hoping for!  It will hang in my studio right above my Millenium.

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    JustSewSimple reacted to ffq-lar in Cute bed quilt--new circle motif   
    Here's a bed quilt for a teenager.
    Conversation with the piecer, her aunt--
      Me--the big light areas are perfect for some quilting that shows a bit. Do you have an idea of what you'd like stitched there? Umm--not really.
      Is your niece feminine? Umm-- not really.
      Would you like a feathered wreath there? Umm--not really.
      How about something geometric like a spiral or concentric circles? Umm--no.
      I can stitch crosshatched lines through there or put a modern flower shape and fill in the background? Umm--
      How about I think about it a bit and stitch something not-to-feminine but graceful that fills the space? Umm--OK I guess.
    (Hey lady, I'm floundering here! Just give me a clue or I'm gonna stitch whatever I want.) Thought it but didn't say it!  
    Long story not so short---here's the finished product. I call it "transitional" since the pattern is old, the fabrics are a mix of calicos and modern geometrics, and the stitching is mostly traditional. The white (really, white with silver dots) was stitched with a made-up sorta flower/not really a flower/ almost a Dresden plate looking kinda thingie. That's what I'll call it! Feathers in the red border, baptist fans in the blue border, CCs and thingie on the rest. Large LLBean flannel sheet for the backer (it was yummy to quilt on) and Mountain Mist batting--also a good choice for weight and definition.
    Flickr pics--arrow right for details.
    And if you got this far--look for the piecing error. Unfixable when I got to it. I had to decide whether to follow the quilting blueprint or the fabric plan. I stuck with the same quilting as the rest. Squinting will help you find it faster.
    As always, thanks for listening and looking!
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    JustSewSimple reacted to ffq-lar in Christmas Alphabet panel   
    I just finished something for myself!! Yay!
    It's a panel that's been hanging in my studio for several years and I finally found time to quilt it. It's Nancy Halvorsen's Christmas Alphabet. Just needs some binding and a place to hang.
    I outlined everything with BottomLine gold, used matching thread to stitch the fillers, and had a ball!
    Wool batting makes a huge difference.
    Here's the link---arrow right for detail shots and thanks for looking!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from lisae in Dancing Bear   
    Happy Birthday to you!  It is odd to find another Sylvia but one with the same birthday is outstanding!  Hope you get everything you wished for!!!!!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from cegates in Dancing Bear   
    Happy Birthday to you!  It is odd to find another Sylvia but one with the same birthday is outstanding!  Hope you get everything you wished for!!!!!
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    JustSewSimple got a reaction from Quilting Heidi in Dancing Bear   
    Happy Birthday to you!  It is odd to find another Sylvia but one with the same birthday is outstanding!  Hope you get everything you wished for!!!!!
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    JustSewSimple reacted to T Row Studio in My monster Eureka quilt   
    Here is my quilt I just took off the Frame.
    It measures 125" x 125" wow thought it would never get done. This was a mystery quilt I did with my local Guild 
    so when I was picking colors I thought I have one more daughter getting married (someday) maybe I should do
    it in her favorite color Purple. She has a King bed so that is what I made. so I knew this one would have a good home.
    When I realized what the pattern was Idrafted up an extra border to add to this king quilt , so I guess it is an
    extra large king. I replaced my leaders a month ago, knowing I had this quilt to load on my 12" frame. the leaders
    were 130" wide and my backing was 129" so so close 
    got everything loaded but forgot to allow for the ruler table so the sides I only had just enough room to do them .
    I do not think I will do a quilt this large again for a long time. 
    Hope you enjoy seeing my daughters wedding quilt (someday)
    Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a quilt that is 125" square ......Hard..... a picture of the front and the back
    the back picture is cool because the light is showing through and making a design on the back...I thought it was cool.
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    JustSewSimple reacted to pumpkinpatchquilter in My Quilt in the Meander Publishing Booth - Houston   
    Well, I haven't attempted to get accepted into the Houston show yet, but I've got the next best thing!  My friend Mabel from another quilting group shared this photo of my quilt Modern Pinwheels hanging in the Meander Publishing booth (202 if you're there or going!) for Modern Quilts Unlimited!  Or you can find it in the latest issue!  
    I'm so thrilled with this photo though as she really got a good shot of all the quilting I did on this little quilt...all done on my non-stitch regulated 15 year old APQS Ultimate 1 I should add!  
    10460678_10205561645347612_7945266045592670862_n by Valerie/Pumpkin Patch Quilter, on Flickr
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    JustSewSimple reacted to chickenscratch in Spoolin Around finished with photos   
    I couldn't figure out a better pattern for this than my CL Cosmos long board. It was just swirly enough and flowery enough to make the quilt really pretty.  She loved it.

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    JustSewSimple reacted to Borderline Quilter in 1514 aka The Horse in Machine quilting Unlimited   
    Look what dropped through the door this week, fabulous magazine and a wonderful article even though I say so myself! So pleased to play a small part, well five and a bit pages....hehe...where you can read all about this quilt and the history behind it, there are lot's of other wonderful articles in there too. You can purchase this magazine on line and have it delivered to your door or your PC straight from the US at www.mqu.com or have a hard copy delivered from www.contentedcat.co.uk here in the UK  
    You can read more about this quilt here... https://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=1794005456302607452#editor/target=post;postID=265213357016893883;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=13;src=postname
    Thanks for looking...
    MQU 1514 aka The Horse by Borderline Quilter, on Flickr
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    JustSewSimple reacted to WW Quilter in Baby quilts   
    I had been having problems with my Flickr account, so I haven't posted many pictures. I thought I'd try posting a few of the quilts I finished over the past few months.
    These are two baby quilts I made for family. The chevron quilt was inspired by one Tamarack Shack had posted. Thank you, Kathy! I get so much inspiration and information from this forum. Thank you all for sharing.
    I retired in January, so have had more time to spend with Lenni. Even though I have had her for almost two years, I still really feel like a newbie. Anyway, thanks for looking!

    image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr

    image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr

    image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr

    image by huckleberryjo, on Flickr
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    JustSewSimple reacted to BethDurand in DWR for a "non-traditional" couple   
    Here's one I just finished.  I was trimming the threads on the back, and realized that something is missing in the pattern.  Oh. I didn't SID around that one melon.  Oops.  Good thing I was going over it before the customer picked it up.
    The couple wanted traditional quilting, so of course I started looking for ideas here.  Thank you all.  I love that the future of the quilt is written into the pre-nup.  If the relationship ends before 5 years pass, the quilt reverts to the piecer,  She's put a lot of work into this quilt, and I think that is a great idea!
    I've got more photos on my blog.
    Thanks for looking!
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