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  1. Yes, Lyn, it was a delicate accomplishment! It could have blinded Freedom for life! It was after all, the optical I was working on!
  2. Barb, I got a message that your e-address didn't work. I tried again and I think I sent it.
  3. Got an email today and followed the instructions. I disemboweled the arm and tweaked a cam-like thing and them put it all back together. It is working but I won't know if it is racing until I used it for a spell. I felt rather smart after following those instructions all by myself. And....when I was done I have all the right # of pieces! I'll update you guys tomorrow!
  4. If my machine is racing about every 10 minutes do I need to just turn it off until I can talk to Amy or will it hurt it to keep quilting? I don't want break the whole thing! Linda, I don't think it is the #8 screw!
  5. I think I need to get to know my #8 screw on a personal basis. My machine has been running away from me while in stitch reg. mode. The encoder "looks" just fine. I had no idea one needle could jump up and down so fast! So far haven't blown any fuse except my own. Where is that pesty screw and will it stop this train wreck?
  6. Ugg! To get ready for surgery is bad enough but to have to do it twice!!!!! I am not a good patient! Blessings to you!
  7. Happy Birthday to you! It is odd to find another Sylvia but one with the same birthday is outstanding! Hope you get everything you wished for!!!!!
  8. Love the quilt! Why not pin it really well, take it off the long arm and finish it on your domestic? Any binding will work with this beauty.
  9. Heidi, you have probably changed her life forever! She looks so happy and content! Beautiful child.
  10. I have a small "burn out" a couple of weeks back and sent some customers to other quilters. I closed the door back there and didn't open it again until yesterday. Now, I feel so free and relaxed. Starting to get calls again so I'll be back to it soon enough! Like is good!
  11. Hey, girl! I know exactly what you mean about teaching school! I have now been retired for 11 years and I still dream about "that class" or "those new testing requirements" or "that pitiful child who needs so much!" It just never stops! And nothing I just said has one thing to do with actually classroom teaching or management! I think before school starts all parents of school kids need to take a week of classes explaining what we expect and how to actually help their child at home. You will get a special blessing in heaven for touching so many lives with positive ideals and mental challenges. I was blessed to teach but was glad when my time was done. Then you can use your same skills to work in your Sunday School or Church. Blessings.
  12. Oh wait, wait! I looked a second time and found it in .5 seconds. Did you say we couldn't study first?
  13. You just shudda said your snails were highly trained!
  14. That is still a zillion miles from my house! Sigh!!!!
  15. Beth, did you charge for fixing her mistakes? I had a customer who would drop off her quilt and then ask for an estimate for how long it would take. I'd give her a ball-park day and tell her how many quilts were ahead of her and such. Then she would start to call every-other day asking if I was done. When I told her I wasn't working on her's yet, she'd tell me to hop to it and go get busy and get her's done! Sigh! What can I say? I got to where I wouldn't answer her calls - but then I am afraid she will show up at my house!!!! Eek!
  16. I actually do use mine. I sorta agree with Jim that it is a bit iffy sometimes. But I got a small metal plate and I make sure my long lines are straight as I roll the quilt. Works pretty well. I also use it with blocking.
  17. My blocks are 17.50 inches square! It gives you room to add some extra clipping from the front - like a pocket if you really like the client.
  18. Tella, I use 16 T-shirts. Once in awhile I will put two short ones together to get one block but most often not. Bonnie, I'd love to post lots of T-shirt pictures but I have no idea how to do that. I changed from a PC to a Mac and everything is floating around here somewhere but I can't necessarily find it again. Every day I have to re-learn how to do most things and finding the pictures and "posting" a pic is not an easy or fast task. If i run across them by accident I will keep in mind trying to post them!
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