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  1. Wishing your DH lots of luck and will put him in my prayers, too.
  2. This is so much fun. Just ignore me. You must admit I am persistent!! I will get it eventually!! I will tell you about this dalhia, but I would like for you to see it.
  3. O:k I got it there. Now I need to make it bigger?
  4. O:k, So you didn't really want to see that picture anyway!
  5. I am just practicing to see if I can get a picture posted. I am new to all of this. I hope it works.
  6. You are so fortunate. I would love a qz but I need to learn to use the machine better before I get one. Have fun. Oh! I would be so excited! I can't wait to see what you make with your new toy. Janice
  7. Thanks Linda, I got it done. I need to look up Greenville Oh and see how far away you are from me. Medina-Akron area
  8. How do I edit my profile? My email is wrong.
  9. Hey, You're only 62. You are still a babe!! 62 sounds real good to me. I hope you had a good birthday. If you were here, I treat you to lunch. Hope it was happy.
  10. It was a pattern printed on a big piece of paper. I made templates and tried to match the dots when piecing. It wasn't in a folder. I think the teacher said he made up the pattern. Anyway, I think I still have it and I can copy and mail it if someone wants it. It has no instructions but not hard to do; just match the dots!!
  11. Is the base still available. I called you this a.m. but recorder said you were out. I left a message. Janice
  12. You girls are too nice. I hope I can almost live up to your expectations. Meanwhile, I have to frog. Goofed alreadyl
  13. Thanks girls, Would it help to add an extra batting in the whole dalhia flower; Sort of like trapunto? I did a small duck trapunto once!! I am off to the quilt store to buy backing. I do not want to piece it. Dh wants a new zipper put in his old sweatshirt. Doesn't he know summer is comming? You should see that rag! But, he does buy my fabric and he can fix most anything. I'll do it. I will try to email a picture when I get back. I am not so sure you should see before and after!
  14. Thank you. I am doing a little half-circle and loop around each petal and around the outside circle that encompasses the dalhia. I know (with my lack of experienced) I couldn't SID around the petals. If all fails, the dog can sleep on it. I took a class to make the dalhia and then didn't know what to do with it. It is very contempary looking and all I have is old stuff. I decided just to practice something I didn't know anything about! I hope I don't screw it up too badly!!
  15. I have a dalhia "50" sq. quilt to quilt. It is pieced, has border that is pieced in triangles. I have it all marked: feathers in dalhia petals,rays from center out a few inches . A (design) in the border. The center is a little wrinkled. Not pieced well. (I did it). The rest of the quilt is good. I would include a picture, but don't know how to do that. This quilt is a real challenge but should be fun!! I am quilting it all in gold thread. Outer is black, inner rainbow. If I need more color I will put it in later. Where do I start to quilt? Tia
  16. This is a crazy story. Has anyone (besides me) put the needle in backwards? I was quilting away thinking I have never had a problem with the needle-ever. A few minutes later the needle parts are flying through the air and the remaining needle is jammed down the throat of the machine. I pull it out, dig out the pieces in the quilt and below. I put in a new needle and it jams immediately. I throw it away and start again. Before I start up the machine I look at the picture in the manual. Oops!! The needle is in backwards. I know I quilted a whole quilt and part of this one with the needle in backwards. How is this possible? Just luck I think. I had no tension problems but when the needle hit an area with several layers, that is when it all happened. Before this ,I didn't think the machine would work properly with the needle in wrong.
  17. Mary Beth Thanks so much for your help. That looks very much like the one I have to do. I like doing custom so I will have no problem with this or a similar design. Thanks
  18. I look at your website everyday but have only posted a couple of times. You all answer a lot of questions for me. You're great. l love the site. I have a bowtie quilt to quilt. It is small. How do I do it? The center of the bowtie is elevated, kind of puffy, with no stitching thru it, like little pockets. . Do I stitch in that part or just the rest of the quilt. Can you tell I am a newby? I have only seen a bowtie quilt in pictures. Thanks for your help.:
  19. While we are showing our intelligence; I made a signature but can't figure out how to use it. I see all of the lovelly signature you girls use and mine just sits on the computer!! Help!
  20. meg, You will love your Freedom. Mine is a little over 3 years old. You made a great choice. I do not wax, never have; just alcohol. You will have sooooo much fun.
  21. Hi, I have had my Freedom a little over two years. I, too, experienced a similar conversation with some of my quilting friends. One in particular said, "I do all of my quilting by hand. I would never do it by machine or have it done by machine." I told her there is nothing more beautiful than a nicely done hand quilted piece, but I will not live long enough to finish the items I have ready to quilt much less make anything new. Less than a year later she is bragging about her new mid-arm. I just consider the source and no longer have meaningful converastions with her. I just listen. She is having a hard time learning to use it. I just smile. So hang in there and just keep smiling. Your work will soon speak for itself!!
  22. Congratulations!! You will love it. I have a Freedom. It is sooooo nice. Have fun. I know you will. It was a great choice.
  23. Janice

    Fabric Storage

    Oops!! ran out of backing. I am doing a small qullt. I have run out of backng on the machine. Is there any way to add backing while quilt is still on the machine? I am the one who cut the backing!! It won't be much of a problem to remove from the machine, but I had to ask. I am 1 1/2 inches short. This is a quilt I am doing for injured soldier. I do about four a month. I should know better!! Thanks.. Sorry, This is not a reply, but I don't know how to post. Maybe I should just go back to bed and start again!!