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  1. Very nice. Congratulations to you and the piecer. Great job!!
  2. I will be there on Wednesday. I want to see the quilts and I am taking a couple classes.. I waited too long to get into some of the classes I would like to have taken. I am sure I will learn some new things..
  3. Wow, It is just beautiful. Another job well done. I love it..
  4. Cute,cute,cute!! Good luck to your husband. I hope all goes well.
  5. A lady has given me a quilt to do. The interior of the quilt is larger than the borders. She doesn't want it heavily quilted. She has cut the borders lengthwise on the fabric (no stretch). Is there an easy way to quilt this without a lot of stress? She wants custom. There are at least three inches of extra in the quilt-across the width. The bottom two rows of baskets aren't bad but the rest is very full. Thanks, Jan
  6. Practice, practice ,practice on whatever machine you have; Practice with paper and pad or eraser board. You will become a good quilter if you practice. I have friends who do beautiful quilts on smaller machines. Give it a good try and see how it works out. You may love it and someday you may still want to go larger, and just think; you will have so much knowledge you have already learned. Hang in there!!
  7. Great job!! It is a beautiful quilt. Nicely done..
  8. Very nice job quilting. Beautiful. You made it comeoto life..
  9. I wondered the same thing. I hope no one was injured in the bump...
  10. This is a quilt I didn't know what to do on it. It belongs to a lady I have not met (or talked to). My unreadable comment was--I thought they were making it easier for us to post pics. I don't do it often enough to remember how!! Couldn't be my age!!
  11. I read the last post.: what I could of it!! I haven't been drinking but maybe if I were that would help!!
  12. O:K so only one pic posted. I will try again. Ithought lanew way to paost was beigbndebeloped. I don't do it often enough to remember!! Old AGE!!
  13. I took a class on different way to do corners on attic windows. I failed. I came home tore it apart and basted the corners. After all the work here is the result.. http://inlinethumb15.webshots.com/50702/2576487690106139795S425x425Q85
  14. i love the way you quilted it. It is very classy looking. Great job!
  15. Cute, It looks like spring..now you need to do a fall one with colored leaves on the tree. Wouldn't that be pretty?
  16. I have a lot of BOHN (white) pen marks on the quilt. There is not nearly enough eraser on the pen to remove all of the markings. I wiped the marks with a cloth then applied a mixture of alcohol & water. This removes them but I am wondering if this will, in any way, damage the fabric. The small part that I did looks fine. Thanks, Jan
  17. I think I am going bonkers!! I have had this quilt on the macahine for three weeks. ALmost done. I decided to crosshatach the outside border. The border is black . Dummy me used black thread. I could not see what I was doing or where the last row was. Hopefully, I can post a pic and maybe the mistakes won't show up in the black. I won't do that again!! The lady did a nice job piecing but she used white thread and pressed open the seams. As I quilted the seams spread open some and her white thread shows.
  18. I oiled the last time I used it. We, also, put in new grease . I oiled again this a.m. It seems to be doing better.. I will check the up/down screw. Maybe it is like me--slow at getting started in the a.m. Thanks for your help.
  19. I haven't used my machine for a couple of weeks. I have a quilt on it I need to finish. When I turned it on today, it didn't want to put the needle down. I turned the wheel and it went down but just sat there and hummed without my help. It is very warm in my house so I expected it to take off as usual. Any suggestions why this happened? thanks, Jan
  20. As always, it is absolutelyl beautiful. Love it!!