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  1. Thank you for your help. I saved the link and will use it to get another photo transferred. The grandmother came and was very nice. There are several other pictures that will smear if water touches them. She seems to think if she irons them with a hot iron the water won't affect them. I dont know. I am leaving that up to her. Thanks for your help.
  2. I am sure you are happy you spent the extra time to custom. It looks great. Nice job.
  3. I am quilting a quilt for a grandmother whose grandson has some mental and physical challenges. This is for his highschool graduation. She has sent fabric swatches to lots of folks who know him and have had contact with throughout his growing up. There area beautiful comments on them. Anyway--to the point. There is(was) a picture of him about 8 yr. old and a lovely young lady--his caretaker, ( who was later killed in an auto accident). I drew a design around the picture. I quilted the design and outlined the (oval) picture. To get the blue marker out I took a small cloth and w
  4. Very nice. I have one of those to do soon. I am happy to see yours. I need all of the ideas I can get. I will save in my favorites. thanks, Jan
  5. Cheri, I am praying for you & your husband. I know you are both going through a very hard time. May God bless both of you with his healing ways.
  6. I have a large wall hanging to quilt (almost twin size). I am wondering if there a preferred batting for such a large wall hanging? thanks
  7. It is soooo beautiful. Wonderful job quilting. I love the designs you used.
  8. Very nice. I am proud of you for posting. You have done a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Great job!! What do you use to guide or make your lines so nice and even? You did a wonderful job. I love it. I will be in Paducah. If I see you there I will give a "yell" to you. I need to get my picture on here sometime. Thanks Thanks
  10. Could you tell us what batting you used? It is absolutey beautiful. Thanks
  11. You did a great job. It looks wonderful. Nice job. I bet you learned a lot doing this one. Just look how experienced you are now!!
  12. Thank you so much for telling me about the Bobbincam. I am very interested in it. My dh loves to mess with new gadgets. He will love attaching it.The price is something I can afford. I knew you all would help me out. Thanks so much.
  13. Lyn, Thanks, It is the Pantovision I have heard about. Thank you. If it is not for APQS, that is o:k. I will have money to spend on other things. I guess I should learn to work from the back of the machine. I much prefer to do custom but sometime I need to do a nice panto. Thanks so much.
  14. I am the worst at pantographs. I read on the Forum (somewhere) there is a new (gizmo) devise that makes it possible to do pantos from the front of the machine. I think the price $700 area. Does anyone have it or have you tried it. What do you think? I am going to Paducah, thought I would look it up. Thanks, Jan
  15. Congratulations!! Very nice. It looks like spring. Your quilting is very nice.
  16. Congratulatlions DeLoa. When someone new asks what teacher and what classes they should take. I tell them DeLoa is the best!!
  17. WOW!! What a beautiful quilt. You did a wonderful job. I love it.
  18. Linda, Thank you for your help. Sounds like some good advice. I didn't float but I did unpin the top from the canvas about three feet from the end so I could make sure it was feeding squarely and had a nice edge. You did a great job controlling the extra fullness in the pic. I hope I can do as well. Next time I won't be so scared!! I will try floating. Thank you
  19. Is there some special information I should know when loading and quilting a king size quilt? I just quilted one. It waved at me on the borders (3) and sagged in the center. I couldn't keep it close to being tight. The backing sagged so much I pulled it tight and pinned it to the canvas. The quilt was a Rail Fence pattern. I feathered the rails. I can't believe it but it turned out beautifully and nice and square. The customer loved it. I didn't tell her it was a nightmare for me!! She has another almost ready for me to quilt. Help!! Please. Thanks
  20. WoW!! Your quilting is beautiful--as is the quilt. Nicely done.
  21. I am quilting a t-shirt quilt. My machine runs beautifully then all of a sudden it just stops. At first I thought maybe I had hit one of the buttons on the handle. When it happened again I knew that I hadn't. I will be quilting along and it just stops. I push the button and it starts right up again. I am using the stitch regulator. The quilt isn't heavy. She has fused the backs of the t-shirts, poly batting and flannel backing. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? Thanks so much. Janice
  22. Cory, I love it. The roosters look so real I just want to pet them! You did a wonderful job. Great quilting.
  23. Thanks for your answers. I have one with a flange to do. I hadn't the slightest idea what to do with it. The piece is going to be a really challenge for me, even if it didn't have a flange. Thanks