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  1. A gal has started a group on Facebook which is Row by Row PLATE Swap. Just request to join and there are a lot of quilters willing to exchange plates. Good Luck Diana
  2. I inherited a beautiful crazy quilt from a Great Aunt. I sewed a very wide bias onto the edges and turned it to the back, hand sewed it down. Some of the blocks on the back were sewn with Great America Tobacco bags, very faded red white and blue. I would never put a backing on it and cover up part of the treasure of the quilt. Diana
  3. Yes there is another small neat quilt store in Golden. They are everywhere!
  4. Beth, You did a great job on the quilt. I am more of a piecer than a quilter and find all the information here helps me to think more about the project I am working on and keeping it straight. My guess is that the woman has Swedish ties and the quilt means a lot to her. Yes, some of the comments from above do sound nasty but maybe it made them feel better to vent. I personally enjoy all comments and there are lots of times it is difficult to say no to certain quilts. Diana
  5. Dave, The Durango Quilt Co. is located at 21516 Hwy 160 W. If you go towards Cortez it is on the left side, bright blue building about 1/2 to 1 mile past the busy intersection. The other quilt shop I don't remember the name but is off highway 550 to the right past town. Gayle is the owner and really great person. Also there is a quilt shop in Cortez which is W. of Durango and it is called Cortez Quilt Co. located at 40 W. Main St. There used to be a quilt shop in Delores CO and I don't know if it has reopened or not. My daughter lives in Durango West II so I hit all the shops when I g
  6. Well I know Montana is beautiful but you would be in for a wonderful treat moving to Colorado. There are many wonderful Quilt Shops in Denver and around the state and in our beautiful mountains. There is so much to do here in the Mtns. I love Sew-City in Castle Rock, Holly's Quilt Cabin in Centennial, Laughing Ladies in Berthoud is a must! There are 2 wonderful quilt shops in Durango, and I could go on and on! Quilt A Fair is held every Sept. at the Boulder County Fairgrounds is to die for, you don't want to miss it. There are hundreds of us quilters who go. Quilter's Stash in Windsor i
  7. I'm a little late looking at this topic. Would love to get the set of Darlene Epps pocket guide books for the $ 25.00 plus postage. Anyone out there have any they want to part with? Diana Mountainquilter
  8. I sew binding on front by machine and hand stitch to the back. Very relaxing to hand stitch to the back. I enjoy it. Diana
  9. Here in the mountains of Colorado, we still have about 1 1/2 ft. of snow in the forest. Worst winter for snow in a lot of years. Come on spring and warm weather.
  10. Wow that is beautiful! You deserved the ribbons and much more. Beautiful colors, just drop dead gorgeous!
  11. I used to subscribe to Fons & Porter. I was very irritated to find a small clothing catalog in the center. Certainly not what I was paying for. My favorite is Primitive Quilts and Projects. They have small projects, wool projects, quilts. Love, love the magazine and wouldn't miss a issue. One of my friends gets her magazine a day or two before I do and has to call me. Ha, ha, I got mine first and then I have to ask what is in it. It is very difficult to wait getting it, but so worth the wait. Love it, love it. Diana
  12. I believe Grammie Tammie is still in Westcliff CO which is way south. They said on the news this morning that Estes Park downtown is flooded. So sad as in 2 weeks the elk watchers would be overflowing the town. The elk just hang out in Estes Park and on the street corners. It was such a beautiful sight to watch the bull elk round up the females. For those who don't know Estes Park is a beautiful tourist town. In 2 weeks the Colorado Quilt Council puts on the Quilt a Fair at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. Huge, huge vendor show. Not sure what will happen there. The whole state of Colo
  13. Cathy, According to the news Estes Park is totally isolated, cut off from everything. The only way out was down Trail Ridge Road. Now they have cut it off for emergency traffic only. The town of Lyons below Estes Park is also cut off from the world. The helicopters were trying to reach the residents to evacuate them out of Lyons. The water is now flooding down to the farm land. Boulder is also affected by the floods. So much flooding of homes and such human tragedy. Diana
  14. The Colorado floods are terrible. So many people have lost everything, our state has lost many roads, 2 towns are totally isolated from flood waters. They need our prayers! Diana Mountainquilter
  15. Jury Duty? My husband and I had to serve together once. My husband isn't a patient person when it comes to sitting around in a courtroom, then another one came for both of us and he refused to go. I said well if you aren't going then neither am I. The Judge sent a ugly letter and said if we didn't explain why we would be charged a fine. Can't remember if we paid a fine, but if we had to you can bet I made the hubby pay it. We haven't received a jury notice since. I know it's the American way but some of the things are just frivolous. Good luck on your jury day. Diana
  16. One daughter gave me a DVD player and all the episodes of Person of Interest so I now have no excuse to not use the treadmill. I had told them i didn't use the treadmill cause it's BORING. They are trying to keep me healthy so I can finish all the quilt projects I'v started . Then they won't have to deal with them. It's just so much more fun to quilt!!!!!! Diana
  17. Sandy, My cousin had very aggressive uterine cancer 2 years ago. She had massive radiation which cracked her tail bone. The sad news is that we found out yesterday the cancer is back . She has gone through heck with the tail bone. I sure wish they could fine a cure. Prayers for both of you. Mountain Quilter Diana
  18. Sandra, Thinking of you with positive thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted and we all will keep saying prayers. I agree the waiting is terrible.\ Diana
  19. I have noticed on Fons & Porter that they do interrupt quite often also. I tend to get sea sick watching the daughter cause she's always jerking her body and seems so nervous and has to move around a lot. I like the old programs before it was mother and daughter team. Mountainquilter
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