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  1. We have a client who wants us to use Superior Threads Mono Poly on her quilt. A phone call to them revealed their suggested needle size for MonoPoly is 3.0 I did not see this size on APQS sales site. Is there somewhere you would suggest getting these needles so I am sure they will be compatible with our Millenium? Cheryl Robinson Silver Needle Stitching, LLC
  2. We have a client who wants us to use Superior Threads MonoPoly on her quilt. I spoke to Superior Threads and they suggest a 3.0 Groz-Beckert needle. I checked APQS sales site and the smallest available is 3.5 Where would I purchase 3.0 to be sure I get the right needles for our Millenium? Also if anyone has any hints on using this thread we would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Also wondering why we can no longer get the Tension Tester for top thread. Loved the one we had but it is now broken .
  3. I have started using thread nets all the time. I purchased the tension testers for the top and bobbin thread from Superior Threads and bought a pkg of a dozen nets from them. I am in the process of creating a chart for the tension on all the combinations of types of thread, fabrics and batting I work with. It has saved me a lot of time and worry. I keep a separate bobbin case for each type od bobbin thread I use. I have set each one for a tension of 220 and now all I have to do is adjust my top tension. I feel they were worth the cost just to relieve some of my worry about tension issues.
  4. I call mine Matilda for the song Waltzing Matilda even though I don't live in Australia. I love working with her - it's like a dance whether I am using her alone or with the Intelliquilter.
  5. I am looking for an acrylic base for my Millie. We removed the thread cutter and now the original doesn't fit. I don't remember where to look for a new one. I would be willing to sell or trade the one I have, but have no clue what a new one would cost for me or what my old one is worth. Any input would be appreciated.
  6. We took our thread cutter off because it was acting up. Enjoy having extra space. Now I would like to exchange my plexiglass table for one that works on machines without thread cutters. How much is it worth if I sell it?
  7. I have some local longarmers that I refer clients to when they desire quilting that is above my skill set or physical abilities. I would rather send them somewhere else than do a bad job. You did the right thing.
  8. So beautiful. Sometimes using IQ can be labor intensive, too. I love the background quilting. I have to recommend someone else for things like that. Because I have fibromyalgia I am totally dependent on IQ. My body just won't hold up for much freehand work. Although I have been feeling stronger. I may try practicing this winter.
  9. My needle was slamming down and staying down in the middle of quilting. Called APQS and they got back to me the same day and Amy overnighted a part. It didn't fix the problem and they again and Brenda overnighted me a different part. The instructions to install the parts had great pictures and instructions. We installed both parts with no problems. So far ... So good. Hope our problem is solved but watching things stitch out on IQ like a hawk!
  10. I also paid the big bucks for the one APQS recommends. It is so comforting to know my investment in Millie and IQ are protected as we frequently have low voltage or have the electricity go off for a few seconds even if there isn't a storm. There is something special about the type of electrical wave type needed by our machines don't remember all the details but i researched it thoroughly before purchasing the unit.
  11. I don't remember Intelliquilter being there at previous Des Moines shows.
  12. Best thing we ever did was adding IQ to Millie. Zoltan is always adding new updates FREE.
  13. I hope someone else has had this problem. I worked with Amy last week and thought the problem was solved but now its happened again. All on its own my Millie will suddenly and forcefully drive the needle into the needle down position and stays there until I can stop the machine and press the yellow needle up position. the thread also gets messed up around the bobbin by the time I get everything shut off. I do have Intelliquilter on my Millie. This morning it happened as I was planning a quilt on the IQ. But in the past it has even happened when I am just basting. When it happens in the
  14. Forgot to mention I have Monopoly prewounds for the bobbin.
  15. Thanks for the comment about not seeing the bobbin thread, Vicki. I will be working with Bottom Line Dark Brown in the bobbin. I was concerned it would show on the top. I also was concerned with using in top and bottom. Will be giving both os these options a try on a sample when we get back from vacation.
  16. I need to do some SID work on a wall hanging and would like to use Superior Threads monofilament. Has anyone experience with using it as top and bobbin thread? Any hints or input you can give me about doing this would be appreciated.
  17. Have any of you removed your thread cutter? Mine was causing problems so we tried to disable it and ended up just taking it off. What did you do about the 2 wires that come out of the frame? They are too stiff to tape down and I don't know if we can shove them back in the hole or not. Did you just leave them hanging there?
  18. I was having trouble with thread cutter so we took it off. I don't really use it anyway. What do I do about 2 wires sticking out? They are too stiff to tape down or shove back in?
  19. Good thing I love my Millie Matilda cuz there is no way an upgrade is in my future. But they really sound great.
  20. Just wanted to thank APQS and Amy for the great Maintenance Class at Carroll. It was well worth the $ and the trip. A particular thanks for the simple solution to the vibration noise. I am once again quilting in peace. Also thank you for creating such a quiet machine. I listened to a YouTube video to see a technique and the teacher had a different brand. I could not believe the difference!
  21. Just took the maintenance class from Amy. She said she was already booking 2 mo out for spa treatments.
  22. Wow, the maintenance training we just took was really great! Amy was a great teacher and I knew the answer to you question right away. I highly recommend taking the training classes even tough the tech help is FANTASTIC!!!
  23. I have Bernina 640 and am very happy with their walking foot. I just added the embroidery module to it. Never thought I would but am having fun with it. It is not a dual feed so I have to attach the foot but for the cost of the machines with dual feed I could replace my walking foot a lot of times. If you don't feel the need for a wider zigzag so you can use wider twin needles the 440 would suit your current needs.
  24. I had good results from acupuncture treatments. Reduced the frequency by 75%.