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  1. We have a client who wants us to use Superior Threads Mono Poly on her quilt. A phone call to them revealed their suggested needle size for MonoPoly is 3.0 I did not see this size on APQS sales site. Is there somewhere you would suggest getting these needles so I am sure they will be compatible with our Millenium? Cheryl Robinson Silver Needle Stitching, LLC
  2. We have a client who wants us to use Superior Threads MonoPoly on her quilt. I spoke to Superior Threads and they suggest a 3.0 Groz-Beckert needle. I checked APQS sales site and the smallest available is 3.5 Where would I purchase 3.0 to be sure I get the right needles for our Millenium? Also if anyone has any hints on using this thread we would greatly appreciate any information you might have. Also wondering why we can no longer get the Tension Tester for top thread. Loved the one we had but it is now broken .
  3. Good thing I love my Millie Matilda cuz there is no way an upgrade is in my future. But they really sound great.
  4. I like the zipper system the best. As shown to us by Jessica when we purchased our IQ. For the sides I like the potato chip bag closing looking clips. Can't think of the name, but they grip a wider area and work really well.
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