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  1. On Pins and Needles

    Millie Just Stops! How Exciting...

    I'm finally back to thank all of you for the help. I pondered all the suggestions and I remembered that a few months ago I had the same problem with my dsm. I narrowed it down to a bad ott light so I took that thing off, all has been good with that machine since. Well, before I could get that ott light in the trash dh attached it on his computer desk which is near the outlet my Millie is plugged into. I got rid of that ott light ( thus time it's gone with the garbage man) and everything is now working fine again. Now if I could just get back to work. I have a daylight basement house, I've been using the whole basement for my sewing. Well, dh's daughter and sil have come to live with us and I've donated half of that space to them....oh what a mess! Their rooms are done and very neat, mine on the other hand are a still full time job trying to consolidate all my crap into the smaller space. Thanks again to all of you!
  2. On Pins and Needles

    Millie Just Stops! How Exciting...

    Barb and Heidi: thanks for the tips. I checked what I think is the ground wire and it appears to be connected tightly. The machine is just plugged into the wall, I do unplug it at the end of every day. It's on a cement floor with vinyl, I'm usually in flip flops this time of year. The problem is new as of the most recent quilt. It starts up again right away as soon as I hit the button, happened about 6 times. I'm really mechanically challenged but I'll do some research and see if I can figure out how to take the handles off, I may come back looking for more help. Thanks again.
  3. On Pins and Needles

    Millie Just Stops! How Exciting...

    I've been gone for a long time, dh has been sick for about a year. Things are improving but we're dealing with parkinsons now, it's a whole new scary world we now live in. The last quilt I did my machine kept stopping, everything just shuts off. I got that one done but I'm afraid to put the next one on until I figure this out. I do have a ground wire, is it possible for it to go bad? Maybe it's come loose but I'm not even sure which wire is the ground. It looks like everything is connected. Thanks so much.
  4. On Pins and Needles

    I tamed the beast...before and after pics

    Linda B and Rita, don't worry, I won't do this again. Her next quilts, including the one with the fancier border will get a good inspection while she's here and we'll negotiate the fixes if there are any. I'm also going to give her some instructions on how to put borders on correctly and we'll go from there. I think she'll be a steady customer so I'm willing to give her a chance. I'm NOT doing this again though.
  5. On Pins and Needles

    I tamed the beast...before and after pics

    Thanks for all the kind words, I was surprised at the transformation myself! When I took this off the frame my plan was to give it back to her to fix, although I didn't really think she would or could so after a couple days of looking at it I started ripping. I took the bottom two borders completely off. Then I determined how much fullness I needed to eliminate, about 3" in width and 1.5" in length to get the corners up and even with that short part in the center. Then I started squaring up corners starting with the innermost border, there were 7 borders in all. I just did them one by one, and as I went I made the borders shorter by taking in seams here and there. There were a lot of seams to work with. Then I sewed the bottom two birders back on, simple as that..ha! I hate to admit this but it took me 8 hours, she's also an enthusiastic back stitcher so I fought that at every turn and that made the job slower. I'm not sure if I can charge her for it, now that it's done I don't care. My plan was to give her a lesson on correct border application and not take any more quilts from her that were improperly done, well see how that goes. I sent her a text to tell her I had it worked out, she was very grateful and said she had another one ready to bring me. This is one "her daughter designed and it has fancier borders". I'm very, very afraid...... And thanks again to all if you. I have to say I've not made peace with my machine yet and it's been 6 years, but the APQS community is second to none!
  6. On Pins and Needles

    New Quilt

    OMG, I love this! And the crosshatch is perfect. If you publish a pattern, I want one.
  7. Finally this is finished. I took it off the frame and frogged about 18" of the quilting. I was a tailor for 30 years so frogging is one of my strongest skills, ha! Then I started taking borders off bit by bit, straightening and reducing them. This is what I came up with. It's not perfect but passable, I think the customer will be happy. I spent more hours on this than I'll ever admit. Thanks again for all your help.
  8. On Pins and Needles

    Sewers aid, my new love!

    I never thought I had a need for sewers aid but I've had a couple challenging quilts this week and then when I was right at the end of my last nerve I developed a thread breaking problem. I tried all the usual fixes, nothing worked so I made a trip to the lqs and bought my first bottle of sewers aid. OMG, my life has changed. No thread breaking, machine seems to move smoother (yeah, that's probably my imagination), even my tension is better and I don't think that's my imagination. I've always had issues with the tension getting goofy (I think that's the technical term) going in one direction only. I've tried lots of things to fix it, the best I've achieved is that it's now intermittent. It's been pretty bad on the current quilt, this quilt has so many other issues to deal with I didn't really care but the sewers aid seems to have worked this out. Is that possible? Is there anything else I can use this magic elixir for, if so, I'm in, I love it. Is there an advantage to putting it on bobbin thread? My suggestion to newbies, get some sewers aid!
  9. On Pins and Needles

    Panic has set in

    Yeah Julia I've considered averything! She's in Mexico right now, I thought about calling her but didn't want to spoil her vacation. At this time I've taken it off the frame and haven't looked at it for a few days. When I get this next project done (which is another one of hers and also a challenge) I'm going to do go back to it. I've shrunk up all I can, could probably stitch it fairly decently but the bottom edge will never be even close to straight so I'm going with plan B. I'm going to frog about 18" and see if I can ease those sides up so it's even, if I can't I'm going to frog the whole thing, give it back to her to fix with instructions on how to put borders on correctly. I'm guessing I'll never see it again. I'd like to get paid for the time wasted, I don't think that will happen either but it's time to cut my losses. Thanks to all of you for the suggestions and for letting me vent. My family is getting kind of tired of listening to me complain about this quilt. You are all the best!
  10. On Pins and Needles

    Panic has set in

    Thanks for the help ladies. I've been pinning, steaming and starching on and off all day, I've made a lot of progress but still have a ways to go. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  11. On Pins and Needles

    Panic has set in

    I have a real mess with a customer quilt. It's a medallion set with 7 borders around the center square. New quilter, borders not put on correctly so I have waves X 7.. What a mess. I've been steaming and easing the fullness in on the sides as I go, it actually looked pretty good until I got to the bottom and now I have this mess. There's about 3" of fullness, not all that bad but it's all on one side. The left side lays pretty flat and from the center over to the right I have the extra 3" to deal with. Then there's the issue of that bottom edge with the big swoop in it. I was considering putting a tuck but just exaggerates the curve. And she wants me to bind the silly thing. Yikes! Is there any hope?
  12. On Pins and Needles

    Wynters new quilt

    So pretty!
  13. On Pins and Needles

    NQR--Love across borders

    What a lovely Christmas story!
  14. On Pins and Needles

    Yellow Brick Road pattern - FOUND MINE!

    I have to share.... A couple weeks ago I got out a quilt top, considered quilting it and giving to my sister for Christmas. I found a piece for backing, measured, yes it was enough, ok maybe I'll finish it but not until I finish a bunch of other stuff. Well, yesterday was the day, got the top out again but could not find the back. After a long search I gave up, started straightening up the mess I've created recently, opened up a drawer where I store scraps and guess what I found. Yep, the backing fabric, no reason at all it should be in there. Ok, my table was all cleared off now so I was going to cut it and piece it, guess what? Yes, it was already done. I have NO recollection of doing that or putting it in that drawer, none at all. Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind.... I won't even go into the details of the party that wasn't. I had gifts for all my friends, called to confirm the time, oops no party. I swear I got an e-mail.... Thanks for listening, sorry so long.
  15. On Pins and Needles

    NQR My granddaughters

    They are too cute!