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  1. Again, hope my picture isnt too big. I'm going to post a couple more photos, my 2 brand new quilt making students entered quilts and both got ribbons....they were SO excited
  2. I saw a beautiful quilt at the Puyallup fair that had a blue ribbon and Linda Rechs name on it. I took a picture, will post if its ok. Congratulations to linda and the piercer who's name I don't remember.
  3. Trying to bump all the spam posts, my iPad battery is going dead though...
  4. There's nothing I like more than a quilt with pumpkins so I love this one. Perfect quilting too!
  5. I love the colors in this quilt. Can't wait to see it quilted.
  6. That's beautiful...wish I had a circle lord.
  7. I love how the flowers stand out. The quilting is just perfect.
  8. Well, some progress finally. All I have left to do is finish the straight lines on 3 sides of the border and finish the bottom two corner blocks. I put a big star in the top two...doesn't show up in the photo but it does in real life. Then after I take it off the frame I have to do a little frogging off the crosshatching and try to steam out a tuck I got in the back. Then I'll re-do the crosshatching on the dsm. I will be so happy to finish this, it has been pretty stressful...
  9. I think the second application of water did the trick. I'm sorry for whining, I also had to do a LOT of frogging so had a lot of needle holes to close up and they were almost as stubborn as the purple marks...I was sure I had ruined this quilt. Everything is looking better today and I may have a finished project for Thursday. Thanks again to you all!
  10. Ok, I'll keep the faith. I've done one application of water, will try another one, then club soda after that if I need to. Today I went to a sidewalk sale at the lqs, didn't even spend any money...turns out it was yesterday...ha! I love it when I save money like that.
  11. Jinny and I thank all of you for the compliments...I did work hard on it but I give Jinny all the credit for how pretty it is. I didn't paper piece, at the time I made this (10 or 12 years ago maybe) I'd never heard of paper piecing. I used templates I made out of plastic and just went one block at a time, actually I think the border gave me more grief than any of the blocks...I still hate to do borders. I'll take all the credit for the petunias though...
  12. I have some club soda so will try that...I haven't ironed anything. I forgot to mention that if anyone is interested in either the computer or the millennium, I'll throw the purple pen in for free. Gift with purchase we used to call it at Macy's.
  13. This picture just passed by on my screensaver. The quilt was made a few years...it was the second quilt I made and the first one I hand quilted. I didn't know what else to do, I knew it was too big to do on my sewing machine. Just had to share the picture, I thinkit's so pretty with the petunias.
  14. Can anyone tell me how to remove this purple disappearing ink when it refuses to disappear. I never use these things but decided I could use a few marks on my latest project and now they won't go away. I know this has been discussed here before, I've searched every way I know how and get no results. I've had such a frustrating week. Trying to get some things listed on eBay, can I find a photo hosting site that works...no. I'm using three different ones now with three different results, none of them good. If I ever get it working I think I'll list both the computer and the millennium. If no