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  1. I have to share this first attempt at a pantograph...well on a real quilt at least..also I need to keep doing this so I dont forget how to post a pic! This was fun to do and my own quilt so no stress....
  2. I know you are all going to be sick and tired of me soon, but just as I think I'm getting the hang of all this another problem arises...so here's another question if it's ok. I've been practicing pantographs this week, had a great success with the first one so I thought I was bulletproof...well, not so much. I had a terrible time with the second one at the end of the rows...I kept getting the fabric all bunched up. I felt like I wanted to pin it down to keep it in place but knew I would hit the pin. I tried stitching down the side to hold it, that was worse. I ended up using some spray b
  3. I don't have this problem too much any more. Mine is so used to the everyone calling on his cell phone, he pretty much ignores the home phone when it rings. Some days this is a good thing, at least they can then leave a message. So, do you think he got the spelling of your name right? Just kidding Dennis!
  4. I think the best bet in a serger is an industrial one. They're very straightforward...they serge and they do it efficiently. They are made to last a lifetime so it's perfectly fine to buy used and you'll spend much less than the top of the line whoosh machine. Space limitations have forced me to a home serger and I think it's all the safety features that make it so hard to use. I know there is a cutting blade there, I don't need a machine engineered to keep me away from it when it keeps me away from the needle too...sheesh, sometimes that thing needs to be threaded. The downside is they o
  5. Thanks Heidi...oh so much to learn. I added the close ups here and I tried now to delete the other posts. I only got one of them to go away but I've learned a lot today.
  6. OK, I think I know how to do this now so I have a quilt to share. My quilty friend Linda did the hand embroidery and the piecing and trusted me to quilt it. I even managed to get a few feathers in there...you'll have to look really hard to see them though!
  7. Thanks all for the nice comments. This is an old quilt, actually done before I got my Millie....it was just the first picture that came up when I sat down here to do my practice picture posting. The points have little dingle balls on them...poms poms I guess you'd call them.
  8. OMG it worked...thanks to doodlebug for her tutorial.
  9. Trying to learn how to post a pic...have patience with me please:)
  10. I have personal experience with this one. About 4 years ago I made a king size quilt with 232 6" dresden plates appliqued on it. I used YLI silk for the applique because the dresden plates were scrappy, all different colors and it was easier to hide the stitches with the fine silk thread. Well, it has been slowly coming apart ever since I put it on the bed and I am in the process right now of re sewing at least 75% of the appliques that have come unstitched....it's not a happy project. All the centers are the same color so I used a cotton thread for them, they are all still perfectly intac
  11. Thanks Kristina, that's the kind of information I was looking for. I think we'll probably end up taking the more familiar route through Reno but I still have a few weeks. to make the decision. I kind of like the idea of more civililzation and the quilt shops that could happen along the way....
  12. Hey Kristina: My husband and I are planning a trip, driving from WA state to Las Vegas in June...can't fly because we'll be delivering a motorcycle he sold to a friend down there. He's assigned me the route planning as I am a nervous passenger and a bit claustrophobic when on a 4 lane freeway. I like the looks of highway 93 down the east side of Nevada, doesn't look like there would be much traffic but there are also NO TOWNS and that scares me even more....even AAA recommends a route from Twin Falls , ID over to Salt Lake City and then back into Nevada. Any advice or reassurance from anyon
  13. I love to do binding! I love the feel of a FINIHSED quilt on my lap as I hand stitch...finally all those pieces have become a blanket...I marvel at it every time. I would do all your bindings if I could!
  14. Sylvia, that is beautiful. I love the pea pod and feather combo!
  15. A few years ago I was working as a sample maker in the design room for a coat manufacturer. The designer told a story about when she was a sample makes, she got her finger caught under the presser foot of an industrial button holer. Those things stitch a zillion stitches per minute, then a knife drops down and cuts the button hole open...and it all happens in about 10 seconds. Well, it sewed part of a button hole in her finger and then jammed so she never had to deal with the knife but she did have a needle all the way through her finger, stuck under the foot and a long wait for the mechan
  16. I don't post here often because I spend most of my time trying to bond with that monster machine but I have to say you all have been the best friends ever of this wanna be long arm quilter. This is absolutely the best group of people I have come across, so supportive, so caring, and the fact that I "know" someone from North Pole Alaska! How special is that!!??
  17. That is just beautiful. What I'd like to know is how do you just "come up with" these designs! If I can get on your list, I'm thinking I'll sell my machine (2009 Millie if anyone is interested...low miles!) and send all my quilts down for you to do your magic on. Oh, I'm just kidding, I'm starting to love my machine with the new M&M wheels, but you such beautiful work....you are my inspiration! Keep those pictures coming.