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  1. Oh Heidi they are BEAUTIFUL! I am sooooo happy for yoy.
  2. Wow Dell that's fantastic! I got on today to send you a message and this is the first post I saw! I wanted to tell you I have bought a place in Fruitland Park Florida. I am in the process of selling my home in Indiana and hope to be down there in October ... at least for 5 months. Hope we can get together. I have missed everyone!
  3. Once Barb gets the binding put on I will have her take pics of me with the quilt. I will also try to get some when I take it to Indy. Teresa, if I could have quilted a fourth as good as you do I would never have sold the Millie. I knew you were obsessing over it but I never doubted for a second that it would be wonderful.....it was just meant to be. Check your messages.
  4. My sweet mail lady brought a package to my door today. Elmer had known Lana since she was a small child so when I realized the box was from Teresa I invited her in to see the quilt. It is beautiful......so much prettier in person than in pictures. Lana and I both cried...her father died from cancer too. All I can say Teresa is.....thank you.
  5. Teresa, my internet has been out all day and I didn't get to see this until a couple of hours ago. It has taken me this long to compose myself enough to write. It is everything I had hoped for and more. There are several quilts hanging throughout Indiana University Hospital but none that can compare to this. It may be hard to believe but Elmer enjoyed going to the infusion center for his chemo. No matter what the situation was he could find something positive about it. He was a people person and all the nurses loved him and always argued over who would take care of him. He made them laugh and one in particular would spend every free minute she had sitting and talking with him. She missed her father and would ask Elmer for advice. Elmer and I noticed there were no quilts hanging in the infusion center....now there will be. As hard as it will be to let it go...I comissioned this quilt so that it could be hung there in Elmers memory and after spending a little time with me I will take it to them. The quotes on the quilt list all the things cancer CAN NOT take from a person and Elmer was proof that those quotes are true. He would be so very proud. I will make a label and list you as the quilt maker and me as the donor. You should also be proud that your work of art will hang at IU hospital to inspire other cancer patients. Thank you.
  6. I'm sorry Heidi. The system is so overwhelmed with cases that children suffer because of it. It seems that case workers are spread so thin that only the children that are suffering from extreme abuse get any attention...........as we see by the deaths in the paper.... some obviously fall completely through the cracks. I tend to think our society has become somewhat hardened by the amount of violence we hear about being inflicted on children then when we see neglect....unless it is near starvation....we are not nearly alarmed enough. I am not sure judges and social workers even realize the devastating affects that neglect have on a child's life. From what I have seen it can be more emotionally harmful than physical abuse. In the long term.....we need more, better trained and better paid social workers. It makes no sense that the people that are entrusted to look out for the welfare of children to be paid so little compared to other degreed professionals. We need to make sure that only the best, most qualified people are in those positions and then pay them well enough to stay. In the short term we need to bombard every level of government with letters to work towards the appropriate safeguards....Madison and every other child in the world deserves it.
  7. Bonnie, I worked in the school system for over 20 years and your idea is excellent!
  8. Oh Heidi my heart breaks for Madison. Hang in there and please let us know as soon as possible. Many of us have been on here long enough that we feel like we know Madison and what all of you have been through. Praying that God we see fit to intervene.
  9. Has anyone noticed Chickenscratch (Teresa) around lately? I sent her a message asking how the cancer quilt was coming and have not heard back from her. I am in no hurry at all for the quilt but I am concerned about her.
  10. Dell it is simply gorgeous! Your talent amazes me..................(((((HUGS)))))
  11. Teresa, you worry too much! Can you just add another grey strip to the one that's on there?
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