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  1. 2015 Lenni for Sale, 10 foot table, Bliss upgrade, includes Bobbin Winder, Ruler Base and Scoop Foot. Well maintained. $9,500 CAD. Purchaser responsible for take down, pick up or shipping. This machine is in Alberta, Canada. Call or text (780) 999-9915. I am advertising this for a customer who wishes to upgrade to a larger machine. Joanne Flamand
  2. 2012 Lenni for Sale, 12" Blissed Standard Table, with ruler base. $8000 CAD, is in the Edmonton, Alberta area. It can be shipped, which is the buyer's cost. Contact me at: joannestudioz@gmail.com for information, to set up a test drive using Covid precautions, or for a video demo of the machine. It is gently used for a pert-time business, which the owner did mostly custom quilting. Joanne Flamand SPOOLS: The Workshop (780) 913-3982
  3. Thanks Nigel, I would love to move this machine for the customer. She is open to offers! Thanks, Joanne
  4. 2003 Ultimate 1 is a basic, non-stitch regulated machine. 26 inch throat, 14' table, and a batting bar, This machine was used for a business, needs the wheels replaced, I would recommend M & M wheels. $2500, packaging and shipping is extra. The owner is open to offers. Please contact me at 780 913-3982. This machine can be seen at SPOOLS: The Workshop in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, and will pick up/ship from there. Joanne Flamand
  5. Jim, The owner said it does have a single stitch function. Joanne
  6. Jim, I am not sure, I will check with the owner. Joanne
  7. I am so sorry. I hope they will get foot and hand prints and pictures. Some hospitals have beautiful gowns to dress the baby in, and I hope they get lots of time to hold and cherish. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Joanne
  8. 2003 Ultimate I Long Arm Quilting Machine. $4000 CAD The Ultimate 1 is a non-stitch regulated machine made by APQS and has a 26" throat. This machine has had one owner. It has been well maintained and is in good condition. This machine comes with: 12 foot table Laser Light for pantographs 50 spools of thread, mostly cotton, many extra bobbins 40 Pantographs Several books on Long Arm quilting 2 packages of needles Machine Oil Machine Manual, Instructional DVDs This machine is in Vernon, British Columbia. Take down and shipping is the responsibility of the new owner. Please call 780 913-3982 for more information, or email to joannestudioz@gmail.com Local support for delivery and set up may be available.
  9. Oh wow, where do you start, I am telling you this from my memory -- and mostly about the Millenium. The buttons have moved from the handles to a screen display on the head of the machines, stitch regulator is always on, there is a bobbin sensor to set to detect when your bobbin is close to being done, (like dinner). There is one button on each handle, one is to go, the the other . . .somebody should jump in here and tell the rest of the tale. They are all great upgrades, can't wait to upgrade my machine in a few months. Joanne Flamand aka wannabelongarm Artistic Quilt Design
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