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    Love to quilt ,cook , family & friends . Enjoy when something new comes out in a quilting craft , like the ten min. table runners . etc . So if any of you have some neat little things that can be made for gifts in quilting please let me know . Hugs to all Pat

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  1. Sorry but it may be sold ... but will get back with you if it is not ... Thank you Pat
  2. FOR SALE: 2010 APQS Millie with Quilt Path Computerized Quilting System. Health issues forcing me to part with my dear Millie. It's an awesome machine--works great! 14-foot table Bliss Track System Power Fabric Advance LED Light and Black Light LOTS of accessories and supplies, including: Dozens of Paper Pantograph Patterns Lots of Digital Quilt Path Designs Several Groovy Boards Rulers ALL longarm accessories including thread, bobbins, needles, Turbo bobbin winder, etc. ENTIRE PACKAGE: $15,000 Located in Southern Missouri
  3. having trouble importing a design . Could anyone help .... P akers
  4. For some reason I am having trouble importing a design... Could anyone help please , if not is there a place here on the site that would show or tell how ? Thank you so much p. Akers
  5. It has been a while since and cannot remember how to load a new pattern from the flash drive onto QP... Could any one step me thru is please ... Thank You Pat
  6. Welcome Linda, I still feel like a newbie, Have had my machine ( Millie ) two years now and learn something new everyday . The forum is the place to come , these ladies are really great to share the good and the bad with us all . Have a great time with your new baby ... Pat
  7. OMG.. that is so pretty .... you did a great job on that . I have been at this for a while and still cannot quilt that nice .My work is neat and clean ,but not fancy like this .
  8. Zora, Thank you so much for the reply . I am not sure were the material came from . But now I know what to look for , think I will put sample piece on the end of my quilt machine and do some testing . Thank you again so much ..Pat
  9. Hello Everyone, Need some info on using tone on tone for backing . I have never quilted with that ...thinking I heard that the stiches would not do well using that kind of material . Have any of you ladies used tone on tone before ? Thank you for any help on this ....Pat
  10. The last quilt is finished and out the door for this Christmas , thanks to a great machine and the staff ( that has so much patience ,integrity that is showed with this company . I wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas. Please remember the reason for the season ... May God Bless All Of You Pat Akers
  11. Hello, like you I have been trying to make up my mind about upgrading from the L to M . I have a 2010 Millennium . Since there is not much feed back about this yet and I feel like I have a great machine am staying with the L for now . Good luck . PS. If there are those out there that have th M bobbin please let us know how your getting along with it . Thanks Pat
  12. Hello Julie, so glad your a proud owner of a APQS ..their the best . I got mine in Oct . 2010 and just love it ..you will find this forum to be your best friend for learning . Good luck and glad to meet you .... Pat
  13. Ditto also to all of the above...... This is such a great company and good people to work with ..... I love my machine ..they all Rock at APQS :cool::cool:
  14. Thank you so much for showing all of us ...I went to the you tube site and was able to get it !!!! lol I made a quick 10inch block and then took it to a friend and shared with her ...We had so much fun getting all the blocks cut and sewed up .. plus there just is so many different ways to put one of these together ... Thank you so much again ....Hugs pat
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