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  1. On a heirloom baby quilt done in machine embroidery I used my Viking Designer 1 to stitch a decorative vine the length of all the sashing on both sides of the sashing following the center of the seam lines.  I used stabilizer (1 layer) to prevent puckering, yet when I was done all the blocks had a puffiness to them that was not there before doing the decorative stitching.  The one factor I think may have been most responsible was that the fabric I used because I liked its sheen also had some stretch to it.  Has anyone ran into problems doing machine decorative sashings that created puffiness in their blocks?


  2. Have any of you seen the quilt by Laundry Basket Quilts called "Dancing Umbrella"?   They are appliqued umbrellas that appear to be tumbling.    I just finished its 30 blocks and am about to put it on my long-arm using IQ.   Have any of you quilted this or seen it quilted?  I am wondering what computerized stitch pattern might look good with it and in what scale.  Your input is always so refreshing!



  3. Hi, everyone ~ I see I started quite a discussion here--actually I have watched Helen's videos over and over, I took notes, read the book called "Use Your IQ"  that I purchased,  I reached out and posted my questions and got many answers and I touched base with my dealer twice.  Realigning sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, but IF I have been working on the quilt and have advanced it I CAN get to my next row by using "restart" if "realign" insists on taking me back to the last row.  What has driven me nuts is coming back to the quilt the next day-- it doesn't have any idea of what I want or how to recognize where I am.  Four times in this lap quilt I have had to pretend the quilt is brand new and start over after having shut down for the night--calling up the "saved" quilt hasn't helped--IQ still can't find where I need to be even when I realign...  SO although continuing on is do-able if I have been quilting, starting fresh in the morning isn't.  I've told it to save my work and I can find the saved pattern the next morning, but can't get on the right spot on it to start up again.  Any thoughts?  ;)

  4. Every time I advance my quilt in progress I do this: since the row I'm on finished stitching , I cut my threads, I select a point in the just finished row and put a pin in the spot (bottom of design at center of quilt area), advance the quilt, hit realign and it tells me to touch a spot on the screen, so I touch the spot I indicated with the pin I placed, then it wants me to put the needle over that spot and touch ok, so I do and then I hit "start" and IQ moves over to the beginning of the row I just completed and wants to begin stitching there.  ie:  I should be beginning row 4 and it wants me to stitch row 3 again.  I can't make it stop doing this--Is there a reason it doe this?

    Thank you SO MUCH!

  5. Thank you, everyone ~ Whew now that the holiday are over I can get back to trying out your suggestions.  Corey--we live in Corona, CA.  I will be in touch.  Don't know the distance to Bakersfield, but would love to come over some day and see what you've been able to do with the same machine as I have and same Bliss, same IQ.  Would that be an imposition?

    Thank you all!


  6. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!  I have tried reducing the row ht. to l0 inches just to stay within the throat space on my Mille, but still ran into the bar--didn;t know to watch out for undulations, however.  I must need to take into account the highest point of the undulation to the lowest point of its pattern:???  How far back from the leveler bar do you think I should be stopping my advancing when I advance the quilt?  That might be another factor that is entering into it. 

    Linda--thank you for your email--I'm wondering if the system has my old email address because although your reply showed up in my current email address, your message with phone # has not.  My current email address is:  seamsso@ca.rr.com.  Happy New Year, BTW.  

  7. I am just completing a machine embroidered baby quilt and used a vine type of stitching up and down the sashes both vertical and horizontally--I used stabilizer under the vine stitching hoping it would prevent a gathering look, and while it may have helped, the rows still caused the blocks they go around to look gathered.  Does anyone know if this can be prevented or not?  (see attached.) 

    Thanks for any thoughts.



  8. Thank you both ~ yes today's microwave ovens are ok to use because they have excellent seals.  The pacemaker is doing very well; it certainly is making me feel great.  I guess I will call APQS Monday ~ am looking at buying an IntelliQuilter system and don't want to invest in it if I should not be near the machine--I think the caution refers mainly to machines with strong magnets in them, and I don't know if the Mille has any or not...


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