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    stashed got a reaction from dbustle in 2009 12' Millennium w/ Bliss upgrade For Sale   
    2009 APQS Millennium 12’ table Long-arm with Bliss upgrade  has sold.  Thank you.

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    stashed reacted to Katydids in 2009 Millennium 12' with Bliss Upgrade and IntelliQuilter   
    Stashed, you could easily sell the IQ separately in very little time, just by posting it here on the for sale listing.   
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    stashed reacted to RunningThreads in Why does my post show up "dim"?   
    From my understanding it is because you have read that post and there is nothing new since the last time you were there. Yours was bold until I read it. Try reading someone else's ad and the leave the forum and come back and you will see what I mean.
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    stashed reacted to T Row Studio in Best thread color for a black and white paisley   
    Not black or white if you want it to show up. Take another bold color and lay the threads on top so you can see if they show up ..Red, bright green, gold .... I know it is hard to see the stitching on a busy fabric.
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    stashed reacted to Corey in Running into the leveler bar   
    I live in Bakersfield, how far are you from me? I ask IQ to demo before I actually commit to stitching, gives me time to adjust & readjust if necessary.
    My email is 661 589-2964
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    stashed reacted to Liam in How would you quilt this baby quilt/Wall hanging?   
    Thread color, I would try to match it to the fabric.  I would outline the embroidery about a quarter inch from the actual embroidery; I would do every other block with a different background (like a checker board), like small stippling in one and small pebbles in another.  In the sashing I would do swirls or something curly. 
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    stashed reacted to Bliss Quilter in How would you quilt this baby quilt/Wall hanging?   
    I would cross hatch. Very Beautiful.
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