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    lakequilter got a reaction from Marti10245 in Circle Lord System   
    I am selling my circle lord system, which has had very light use. I am just a freehand girl. Over $1600 of inventory priced at $800. Buyer pays shipping from Northeast WA State.
    Circle Lord Basic
    Up Front System
    Large Featherz
    Micro Featherz
    Mini Aztec
    Curved Cross Hatch
    Large 18" Cross Hatch
    Added - I also have the Celtic and Spiral boards, along with squircles and some other smaller attachments.
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    lakequilter reacted to Gamache in I need HELP - stain on quilt   
    Does anyone know how to get permanent marker spots out of a quilt? I made a stencil on a mesh screen - traced the design onto it with a permanent marker. Then I used a water soluble blue marker to transfer the design to the quilt top. About the 4th or 5th time I used the stencil, the permanent marker started coming off with the blue marker. I now have tiny black polka dots on my quilt top. I never anticipated that the two markers would react with each other. The hard way to learn........ Any one have advice on how to remove the black marks.
    Thank you for any help/advice,

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    lakequilter reacted to Dyan in Dr Who Quilt   
    I just finished this Tardis quilt for my grandson Branden's 16th birthday present.  My kids and grandkids are Dr Who fanatics!  So, when I saw a picture of this on Pinterest, I just knew I had to make it for him. He lives in Iowa and we will be taking it to him in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see the reaction on his face when he sees it!!

    IMG_4403 by DyanCT, on Flickr
    Here is a picture of the back and I tried to get a close up of the panto.  My camera doesn't take very good close-up pictures.  I drew the pantograph myself.  It is the tardis and then bursts of stars around it.

    IMG_4394 by DyanCT, on Flickr
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    lakequilter reacted to Sheri Butler in Another one OFF! Mary Beth's baby quilt. DONE!   
    So Fine, top and bottom. Warm & White batting. Freehand & Rulerwork. She LOVES it!..and "so do I."  LOL! Enjoy.

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    lakequilter reacted to On Pins and Needles in Pictures of Quilts Now   
    OK, my picture worked, now I have some quilts to share. My aunt always embroiders dishtowels for my mom, my sister and I. I talked them out of some of their unused ones a few years ago with the promise they would be made into quilts and returned to them. Finally they're done and will be Christmas gifts.
    I don't know how well they'll show up, the redwork one is nursery rhymes, the other one is roosters.

    photo by riciclare, on Flickr

    roosters by riciclare, on Flickr

    DSCF1618 by riciclare, on Flickr
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    lakequilter reacted to cdilday in Why I Needed George's Help...King Bedspread finished!   
    George and I are still in the "honeymoon phase", but I think he's truly won my heart! This week I finished a king bedspread 120" x 112" and cannot keep from hugging him. Just wanted to share what he helped me accomplish!

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    lakequilter got a reaction from Prairie Quilter in Chocolate Romance Quilt - pics added   
    Here is a quilt I just finished. Originally I was going to enter it into a competition with a Chocolate theme, but did not get it done of time (of course). It is all original, including the embroidery designs. My thought was to fashion it after a vintage valentine, and the romance fit in because this year my DH an my 30th wedding anniversary. This is the first time I have quilted most of these designs, so I learned alot and it was good practice. Thanks for looking,