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  1. I also sent you a U2U message earlier. Please let me know if you did not receive it.
  2. I would be interested in purchasing your Appliques set for $40.00. How would you like the payment?
  3. Having a husbund who also quilts has it's advantages!
  4. Opps... You are correct, they are cones of thread, not spools . I still buy both at times.
  5. We just received and installed our new oak thread cabinets. They are great! The cabinets are deep enough to accommodate 156 spools of thread (even with Glide’s thread because their cones bases are made a little different than all the others and requires a little more neck space). They custom made our cabinets a little deeper to accommodate our needs. Because we use a lot of Glide we had both of ours made to accommodate the side of any size of longarm thread cones. They make a variety of quilting/sewing items such as ruler and matt holders. To see more of their wood working items visit
  6. Thanks for the information Bonnie. I also like the 9mm so that would defentley make a difference for me and would be a selling point.
  7. Great conversations! I have thinking about purchasing either one of the 630 series with an embroidery machine or the 730E. Has anyone had any experience with the 730 series yet?
  8. I would also be interested in some of your dies if you seperate them out. Thanks,
  9. We also buy mega glide pre-wound bobbins and also wind our own. When we wind our own we always use our Towa gauge. It is wonderful tool.
  10. We were glad to help As always, all your entries look so beautiful! Good luck.
  11. Debi Orr


    Currently, we do more p2p than customs.
  12. Thanks for all the nice comments. We received a special order today to make one of these for a customer. Since my shoulder injury I am still limited on what quilting I am able to do but, my husband has been picking up right were I left off and assisting my or now our customers :-). Can you believe he has only been quilting since November 2011.... He never seizes to amaze me.
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