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  1. Does any one have videos on how to make pantographs wirh this software or links so I canlearn more about it
  2. Ihave a older Millie, what I'm wondering is can you just up grade the head and not the table.
  3. I'm thinking the problem is in the gray wire coming out of the machine. Hooked the old encoder to top carriage and it works great, hooked the new one to top carriage and it works great. If I wiggle the gray wire it will barely make noise and quit. Looked for broken wire could not find a break, took top off and everything looks ok. Does anyone have a picture of there upper machine where the mother boards are? thank you all pat
  4. I called, but missed there call back, will try monday.
  5. I have been having size to side with stitch regulator, heres what I have tried with no luck at all. new encoder wheel, then replaced the wire,then replaced the whole black box,nothing worked. please help. I've checked wires every thing.
  6. What is the learning curve for a Bliss? Been thinking about upgrading.
  7. What is the learning curve for a Bliss? Been thinking about upgrading.
  8. I have searched sight for a back encoder box, and cannot not find one, mine is out.
  9. Has any one used the push button thingy with the cross hatch? If so how do you like it.
  10. I have a bobbin cam for sale, two cameras. I am trying to go threw stuff and get rid af things I do not use alot.You would have to get industrial strenght velco ( since I used what was sent with it) and small ties. It works great but I find myself not using it, so need to get ur gone. 225.00 shipping in USA included.Also not sure I kept instructions.
  11. I ordered a pantovision for a millie and when they came out to put it on, could not get it to work. So I waited for about two months and they still did not have one,so I cancelled my order, but that was Feb of 2012. they might have one now.
  12. Great advice PPP that is a must, and dont be hard on yourself...It will get better and better. This is my advise. When you get comfortable with using you machine with the SR start practising in manual mode.. you will be glad you did. My first two machines did not have SR so I learned that way first and I am very glad . I have had to finish two quilts in manual mode. 1. You learn your speed and the machines speed to make great stitches. 2. Your machine feels and sounds different. 3. But most importantly you know you can finish a quilt if your SR goes out. So PPPPPPPPPPP and get to kno
  13. Pushing a baby quilt threw a dsm is hard I would never attempt a big one. Just hold on it will pick up.
  14. Thank you Amy, Dawn and Bob, machine is up and running again, Apqs has the best service and help department.
  15. did not see tucks, but I did see beautiful quilting.
  16. has this sold if not how much and do you ship
  17. i wonder if it could be in the handle?
  18. encoder wheel is gripping, all looks good I went ahead and wrapped the wires that where close to the carriage, with electric tape, but still does it, the lights and chripper stay on the machine just stoppes or takes big stitches like its skipping, of course I have to have a quilt on it, maybe Amy can help me out a lil more tomorrow, please keep posting things, cause it always helps.
  19. I just went to check and it front to back, its like it just quits