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  1. Hi Kaz! Deja-vu - that was -exactly- what was happening with mine (especially the directionality - that let us narrow it down to the specific set of bolts that were "off") and it took me using someone else's machine to figure it out. I'd give APQS a call. They were able to FaceTime with me about another issue and they may be able to help you here!
  2. With mine, it turned out there was an issue with a pair of the offset bolts holding the wheel to the carriage - it was -far- tighter than it should ever have been, and I had to really really push to make it move. Because the machine was new to me, I didn't realize this was out of the ordinary at all. My dealer at the time (Carol at the Quilt Batt in southern ontario) was FANTASTIC and really helped me diagnose what was wrong! Edit: Do you have photos showing the pantograph and how it's stitching out, and maybe a video?
  3. Haven't fixed my issue yet - but my job is kind of intense and I don't always get a lot of time to work on these things. I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to put into use some of the advice given here and on my "thread" - (Linked so you can see the advice offered there, in case it helps you!)
  4. I don't have a light directly over my machine, but I have 3 Phillips Hue lights around it (a table lamp, a flexible floor lamp, and a flexible table lamp). They're the ones that you can use all colours with, and I can adjust and play with the light until I get the visibility I need. All 3 can be the same colour, or they can be different colours as well. That combined with the light on the machine itself works wonderfully, but it also isn't terribly bright (I think they max out at 60 or 75 watt equivalent.)
  5. Hey Mary; I've got a similar issue but going Left to Right - what I did, rather than use a jeweler's loupe, is use my phone's camera, which has an even stronger zoom and a big screen as well. (iPhone 7 Plus)
  6. Hi Sharon! It's an iPhone 7 Plus - which has an extra camera for zoom, and I used a bracing system to keep it as steady as possible. I'll see if there's a dealer close by, thank you!
  7. Hi Sharon! Thanks so much for your help! I checked, and at first it was not quite touching (I could get a piece of mylar, but not a piece of paper between the hook and needle.) I looked at the needle, and I had it set to 6:00 exactly. I turned it more towards 6:15-6:30, and it's now touching. When I push my thumbnail between the two, I can feel the needle shift and deflect, but I don't think it's quite to the point of deflecting. If the needle isn't deflecting, would that indicate a timing issue, or something else entirely? https://www.flickr.com/gp/eilonwynn/7c6111 https:
  8. Hi All! I'm still struggling a bit with my machine, and trying to figure out what's going wrong. I'm not sure if it's the timing (and as I've never timed it before, am scared to death of that process!) or something else. The symptom is this - whenever I stitch in place, or stitch Right to Left (from the front of the machine), the thread will shred and ultimately break. When moving the same way, the thread also seems to want to pop out of the pigtail assembly that's right by the needle. If I move the machine left to right, though, there is no issue. I've had the machine just about 6
  9. The way that I approached that was to mark the thickest points on my pantograph overlay prior to doing that row, and then "rerouted" the pantograph around them.
  10. I use an ELFA setup - I don't know how well you'll be able to get one in NWT, but the baskets are just about the perfect dimensions to hold a LOT of pantos. http://www.containerstore.com/s/elfa/components/elfa-drawers-accessories/123
  11. Just a head's up that I had fuse problems myself a few months ago, and the fuses looked -perfect- to me. It was only after I'd gone out and bought replacements that I could see the difference - the wire on the replacement fuses were a bright silver, not an ever-so-slightly-darker gray. Given the relative cost, I'd get both sets of fuses, and test replacing them!
  12. I use ELFA drawers from the Container store, in the fine mesh. The largest size are big enough to hold a lot of pantographs (without being so big that I have to dig deep, or that they crush the ones on the bottom), the smaller sizes hold notions, block patterns, rulers, etc, (or a single layer of pantos) and I can sort and customize as needed. They go on sale a few times a year. http://www.containerstore.com/s/elfa/components/elfa-drawers-accessories/123
  13. Angie and Nigel were absolutely correct - it was the motor fuse! In case anyone else runs into the same thing, the fuse really did look "ok" to my uneducated eyes, but when I compared the replacement with the old one, the old one was clearly darker. There was a Radio Shack near me that had one still in stock, but I also called Fry's, and they said they had them, too, for anyone near one of those. Now I can use the rest of my day off to finish up that wedding quilt!
  14. They called me back (Holy speedy, batman!) - they think it's a fuse. The rear handles match the front ones in behaviour. The machine is Canadian (I bought it from The Quilt Batt, when I still lived near there), but I've moved to Texas since - I'm going to try to find a radio shack and see if I can pick up the fuses, then test. Thank you both so much!
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