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  1. I was not gripping hard. Probably was trying to go too fast. I did four quilts with the same design and got the feel for it. I think I just need to relevel my table.
  2. I am trying to do a large swirl panto design and when I try to keep it smooth going in the circular path, my machine starts jumping in spots. I don't know if it is somehow out balance or what. I have cleaned the rails and the wheels and oiled it. I think it only does it on the circles, not on other designs. An my thread keeps breaking on the row I am on now. I have a Millenium 2011. Any ideas? I'm not sure where to begin troubleshooting.
  3. I did a quilt yesterday and I noticed that twice there was a longer loop of thread on the stitch at the back. Only twice. The rest of the stitches looked fine. I have quilted hundreds of quilts and have never had this issue. Any ideas where to begin to troubleshoot?
  4. I have had this issue happen three times in the last two quilts I have done. I will be quilting along and all of a sudden the machine stops. The first time I thought I must have hit a button on accident to make it stop. I have done that before. But the second and third time it happened I know I was not near the buttons. Would you know what is causing this?
  5. I have gotten done with the quilting before realizing the backing was upside down! Good thing it was a quilt I made for a friend who is also a quilter. We decided that when she peaked under her quilt and looked at the backing it was the right direction to see from that angle. I try to stop and think a little more now.
  6. I have a customer quilt made from denim patches. What needle would you recommend I use for this? Are there needles just for denim? Any other pointers for this project?
  7. I love using flannel on the backs and almost always do. I never wash it first. I've never had a problem. But I like the shrunken, quilty look so it probably just depends on what you like. I also piece a lot of backs for the quilt ministry because I use up everything. I haven't had any issues with hammocks or puckering.
  8. My Chiropractor came up with my business name. I was entertaining several ideas and I was talking with her about a year ago and she said "Threads of Faith". That was it. I just knew it. I have run a quilt ministry for 15 years and I am now starting a for profit business (and still running the quilt ministry) but I wanted it to still speak to the journey I've been on to get to this point. You just need to give it time and you'll know when it is right.
  9. There is a Quilt Coop in Iowa that is on a farm. And Cosmic Cow in Lincoln...and they opened a second quilt shop...The Udder Store. I think that is hilarious and I LOVE the Cosmic Cow!!! They have such unique fabrics.
  10. I have a new Millennium and was changing the needle for the first time. I didn't check it manually before I tried to sew and it didn't work. I took the needle out and lined it up again and made sure it was in correctly and when I manually bring the needle down it goes down fine but when I start to come back up it looks like something catches it and moves it over and won't allow it to come up all the way. I must have bent something but I don't know where to begin.
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