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  1. This is an old post but I wanted to explain my process making rag quilts using my longarm. I quilt the entire yardage just like a quilt. The top, inner flannel and back. Then I cut my pieces that the blocks will be. Then I run them thru my die cutter. So the blocks are already quilted BEFORE I sew my die cut blocks together.
  2. My big machine has a big bobbin, I've never had any tension issues.
  3. I talked to Micheal today and everything is solved! He talked me through how to adjust the holder to be able to drop the stylus down, stayed with me while I followed each step and BAM! We're back in business now ) I'm a fan of Circle Lord for sure!!
  4. Hey Tonilyn, I think I better get this Spiral learning curve down pat before I try anything else lol! I do have a set of the Baptist Fan boards from R&S but the boards are not nice and slick like the CL ones. How you compared the 2? Pros and cons? Other than price hahaha!
  5. What machine do I have in my dreams or in my reality?? Lol!
  6. Bonnie and Nigel, thank you so much for your help! This R&S stylus is supposed to fit the CL but there is a little wobble. And it jumps out of the grooves too. I'll try hammering the white thing down so I can use my real CL stylus. If I can't get it to move down then I'll have to buy a wood board to go under the CL boards to raise them up. I'll watch for Micheals response too and of course I will keep yall posted! Thank you sew much, Amie
  7. I'm having a couple issues that I humbly ask...beg for your help! I got the Spirals and the BF boards today. Would have preferred IQ but I have to eat lol. Sooo...I got the boards. Okay. The "fills" on the Spirals. You have to backtrack "a bit" according to the directions. How much? I don't like the way the double thread looks. Do I backtrack 2 stitches or 2 inches? The stylus is about 1/4" too short. So I'm using the stylus from R&S that is supposed to fit the CL. And it does except it's so tall that it gets hung up on my Red Snappers! I'm about to cuss! And I keep forgetting to raise the stylus and about ripped the whole holder off my machine hahahaha! Can someone throw me either a life jacket or a heavy anchor? Thank you!!
  8. Yes, you can find a longarm with SR for under 4k. I bought mine from a lady HERE on this forum for 4k, that was 3 years ago and it still going strong. I have a 26" throat, SR, 14' frame, Circle Lord and a gazillion accessories. Amie
  9. Okay I ordering me some Metro,thanks for the info. Amie
  10. No I'm Amie and I'm not wanting to sell anything. Maybe there's someone else who is? Not me, although my husband think s I should lol! Amie in Nashville
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