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    Ida got a reaction from Gail O in hopping foot and shank   
    Hi all!  I am DONE!  I DID contact the APQS service department, and boy am I glad I did!  I emailed them at the end of the day yesterday and Angie emailed me back first thing this morning with a PDF booklet on how to do this.  It involves only taking apart the top of the machine, not the hook assembly, etc.  I am so proud of myself, though, because I was able to take the machine apart and put it back together with the help of the instructions and without another person here to help.  I've been wanting to move the needle bar and double check the timing, so having the hook assembly removed forced me to work on the timing, and part of removing and putting in the new hopping foot bar was moving the needle bar gears out of the way.  THANK YOU, ANGIE BOES at APQS Service!!!
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    Ida got a reaction from Mary Beth in tension and needle position   
    Thank you all!  Yesterday, I had the same problem, but I had the needle turned slightly towards 5:30.  I will try the straight (haven't had serious enough problems with this before, but I thought maybe I was doing it wrong) and the 6:30 needle positions to see which works better.  Nigel, that's a great idea for video recording what is going on with the thread path.  And, Mary Beth, I LOVE your signature lines" Powered by 2009 Freedom...Future winner of the Millie Sweepstakes"!!!  
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    Ida reacted to RunningThreads in tension and needle position   
    Ideally the needle should be straight if the timing is spot on. But many of us have found tweaking the needle a touch helps after we have retimed with less than perfect results.  As mentioned above check the thread path, is the tread firmly in the tension disks, check for lint under the bobbin case tension finger.  Your picture looks like you don't have enough top tension.  Every place your thread touches it will add drag (tension) so if you skip a bunch of guides your tension could be light.  Can you set up your phone camera to watch the tread path as you are quilting?  I suspect as you come out of the corners you get slack in the path above the tension assembly and then is goes taught again, this can play havoc with your tension.  See if there is a way to get the thread to come of the cone smoothly like we do when putting a piece of batting in the guide above the cone at the rear.
    Just my thoughts
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    Ida got a reaction from RosemaryJ08 in Check out my stitches-- Please :)   
    Wow!  I think it looks awesome!
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    Ida got a reaction from clover_enge in Texas Hold'em question   
    Zeke, would you post a picture of these 2 friction locks and how they work for you, please?  
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    Ida reacted to tannak in Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!   
    I think I've solved my problem. I had burrs on my thread guide so I switched the front and back thread guides and just guide thread through top hole in back thread guide ( it doesn't have a burr). Hadn't mentioned that I was using Isacord thread and I finally realized that I need to put it on a horizontal spool holder. I haven't used Isacord for years and just forgot about it. Thanks for all your suggestions and support!
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    Ida reacted to shirleyl in Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!   
    I agree with Nigel, turning them over is a quick fix, then once it starts again, replace them. You can sand them out, but it won't take long to get another, once the surface area is damaged.
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    Ida reacted to tannak in Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!   
    I found a burr on two of the thread guides! You people are so smart! Now where do I find emery cloth?
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    Ida reacted to Quilting Heidi in Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!   
    Try thread lube and see if that helps.  If you don't have that use some mineral oil, really it won't stain the quilt but it will make the thread sew better.  If you're having the same problem with other threads then check to make sure you don't have something interfering with the thread path.  Check your pigtails for burrs.  Eat chocolate and try wine 
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    Ida reacted to Corey in Thread Keeps Breaking....I'm ready to throw in the towel!   
    Could it be the sandwich is tight or you have burrs as Vicki mentioned. Burrs could also happen on the plate and pig tales or thread guides between tension discs & stitching areas. I found out about this when Merry Jo came, we used fine emery cloth to sand them smooth, they come in strings also.
    I keep handy supply of pig tails & duplicates of parts of Millenium that wear out.
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    Ida reacted to ncutt in Removing Top roller bar Need a pic   
    I removed the top roller bar, but I am not sure if it's given me more space with the CQ
    attached. I will have to measure. It is really nice with my batting laying nice and flat and not bunching up. Just seems easier.