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  1. IMHO, when they changed the forums, several years back, it got MUCH harder to post photos and follow threads - we lost a lot of followers at that point. I know there are those who will NEVER be on Facebook, but FB doesn't have the restrictions that this forum has - and those of us trying to help customers on the various APQS pages get instant notifications when someone needs help, instead of needing to check in here several times a day (although I try to do that anyway!). I love Facebook for the ability to follow my family, both close and extended, and the ability to help my customers quickly, easily, with links to files and photos. If you don't do Facebook, then it's up to you - and the rest of you that don't do FB - to make this the forum that you want!
  2. You've been added to the group, Debra. Browse through the discussions but take a look at the Files Section, as well - lots of info there!
  3. You're welcome, Debra! If you're Facebook savvy, you might want to join the We Love APQS page there - lots of knowledgeable folks there, with instant notifications, if someone has a question or a problem.
  4. Check that your power fabric advance is still engaged with your Pickup roller. If the set screw isn't tight against the flat part at the end of the Pickup roller, it won't turn the roller.
  5. Janet, If your tablet has been out of Airplane Mode at any time in the past, it may have downloaded and installed a Windows Update, which tends to stomp all over our QP drivers. You will likely need to reinstall those drivers. Instructions are available in the QP User Group Facebook page - if you aren't already a member there, we need to get you on there. Find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, I'll accept it and get you added. One last question, is your carriage turned on? There's a switch on the back of the carriage that lights up when it is turned on.
  6. Tina, read the reply to the original post - find me on Facebook and I'll get you added.
  7. Something like that, I imagine - we've seen a lot of facebook friends suffer through the same thing! But Mark Caraher is looking into it and will get the bad posts gone!!
  8. I've seen those posts, as well, but I am positive that the folks at APQS are not behind them. I don't know who in the company is responsible for the FB page, but I'm sure they will have the garbage cleared out soon. And you don't need to unfollow APQS, just "hide" the ads you dislike.
  9. Thanks, Jim, for the education! You might want to send that info in to APQS Service, so that they can share correct info with our customers.
  10. It's not shavings off of the wheels (probably) - likely what you're seeing is oxidation from the aluminum carriage, peeling off the wheels and landing below. Your wheels need a thorough cleaning, with LOTS of elbow grease. You can see a buildup of the same oxidation along the edge of the carriage - clean it, as well. Use a piece of batting, moistened with water, scrub well. You should also be wiping down your Bliss rails.
  11. The table and QP in this listing are already sold and living in Oregon (I helped move it!). But there is a 12 foot Bliss table available in Boise, Idaho, and it's a steal! Not sure whether it's listed on this chat, but you can find info on the We Love APQS Facebook page - or you can contact me directly at and I can put you in contact with the seller.
  12. Diane, can you message me through Facebook, please? Then I can tag you and get you guided to the QP group.
  13. They must have changed the connectors since I last disconnected one of these. You can disconnect the ribbon cable, but it might be better to email to with your problem. They have service techs monitoring those emails, even on the weekend.
  14. You should still deal with APQS Corporate about this, but in the meantime, you can disengage the cutter mechanism for the weekend: turn your entire system off, pop the cover off the back of the thread cutter assembly housing. Once you have the cover off, you should see two molex connectors - white plastic connectors. Disconnect both - that should free up the thread cutter puller arm - that's the arm that swipes under the needleplate, grabs the bobbin thread and carries it between the two cutter blades. Move the puller arm away from the needleplate area. You should be good to quilt until you have a chance to talk to APQS next week!