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  1. barbm

    Loading quilt - which side of canvas?

    I had to think about it for a sec, since I don't use the Quilt Top roller, but I think you're correct!
  2. barbm

    Loading quilt - which side of canvas?

    Does this help?
  3. Peg, you'll get more immediate help if you post this on the Quilt Path Users Group page on Facebook. If you're not already a member, find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request and I'll get you added. The first question I would ask in troubleshooting your problem is, "Is your carriage turned on?" If the red light at the back of the carriage isn't glowing, the QP electronics inside the carriage don't have power. If that's not the problem, then you have to track down just where the USB connection isn't good. There's a "USB Cannot Connect" troubleshooting document on the FB page that would help you immensely, along with all sorts of other great info. If you do Facebook at all, you need that group!!
  4. It may be that your prewound bobbin is slightly thicker than it should be. When it is in your hand, it is not compressed, but when you insert the bobbin case into the hook assembly, it is held tight. If it is a cardboard-sided prewound, try removing one or both of the cardboard sides. Or move to a different prewound in that batch. Also, check that your bobbin case backlash spring is well seated into the bobbin case - if it isn't laying flat around the edges, it may be the culprit.
  5. barbm

    Repacking gearbox while on the rails

    If you pipe the grease in while the head is on the rails, how are you going to apply the silicone sealer? That's an important step in repacking the gearbox - it keeps grease from oozing out around the plate. You might want to call APQS Service and see if they have any suggestions for doing routine maintenance on a machine with IQ. Or contact your IQ dealer for suggestions. Yours cannot be the first IQ-equipped APQS machine that needs this service.
  6. Those are the same kind of needles I used, but I was using a thinner thread, which may have made a difference. Also, keep your sandwich "not too tight" between the rollers. Using spray silicone or Sewer's Aid on the thread may help. If your needle is getting clogged with adhesive, you can keep a spare in a small bottle of rubbing alcohol and swap them - the alcoholwill dissolve the gunk. Moving a little faster may help - your machine has more "horsepower" if the needle is moving faster. If these suggestions don't help, you may want to talk to APQS Service and see if they can help you out. Or post on the We Love APQS Facebook page - there are lots of experienced quilters there.
  7. What size needle are you using? I recently quilted a collage quilt that was so stiff I couldn't roll or fold the top. It quilted up very nicely, using MR4.0 needles and So Fine #50. No skipped stitches, no needle breaks, no problems at all, except for the one leaf I didn't see, which we quilted while the customer watched.
  8. If yours is a new Millie, check that the white plug from the motor assembly is firmly plugged into the control box. Lights might be on at the control box but the motor may not be connected. If that's not it, don't hesitate to call APQS Service at (800) 426-7233
  9. barbm

    Quilt path won't plot safe area

    Are you on the QP Facebook Page? And re: your issue: first thing to check are your clamps - are they fully engaged? That would mean straight up and then a bit over the top to lock - both of them. Is the stepping motor mounted on your table plugged in? There are two cords that run from your power "bundle" to that motor - one has a molex (white) connection, the other has a phone cord-type connection. Unplug both of those and replug them to make sure they are fully seated. Then do the same thing with all the plugs that are plugged into the back part of your carriage - unplug and replug. All this should be done with your carriage, head and QP powered down, then start everything up, in that order - carriage on (switch lights up), head powered on, then tablet powered on. Set your clamps and engage QP. If none of that works, call APQS Service in the morning and describe each step that you've taken. Better yet, get on the QP FB page and get help ASAP. To do that, send a friend request to one of the admins - myself, Heidi Patterson or Angela Hugli Clark - and we'll get you added. Your APQS Rep should be able to add you, as well.
  10. Leanne, first of all, there's a video on YouTube about Importing Patterns on the APQS Quilt Path channel. But to answer your question, GPF is QP's native format and just needs to be copied into the Patterns folder on your tablet. The other formats need to be imported using the Import PlugIn in Design & Create/Pattern.
  11. barbm

    Quilt Path Manual

    Christine, have you watched the APQS Quilt Path videos on YouTube? Lots of great info there. And we need to get you on the Quilt Path User Group page on Facebook. If you will find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), and send me a Friend Request, I'll get you added. That being said, that page is only available to actual APQS Quilt Path owners - owners of other Grace Co. products (Quilt Motion, Quilter's Creative Touch, Nolting's Quiltmagine, etc.) will have to work with their machine manufacturers for further support.
  12. Put furniture sliders under your table legs. Two people should be able to move it easily!
  13. barbm

    Lenni thread diagram

    Do you not have a manual, Dan? Either on CD or thumbdrive? The thread path is in there.
  14. barbm


    Normal, I think. Haven't heard of Specialist...
  15. barbm

    New to Quilt Path!

    Send a friend request to me and I'll get you added! Look for Barbara Mayfield (Barbara Jeanne Potter) - try to ignore the photos of my cute grandboys!