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  1. Paula Ann, find one of the QP Admins on Facebook: Angela Hugli Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Heidi Patterson, or myself. Send one of us a Friend Request. Once we accept it, we'll be able to add you to the Group.
  2. D.J., got to Facebook and find the We Love APQS page - post your problem there and you'll get a lot of specific help, from techs AND from users, including some with IQ. It's a much more immediate response than the forums here. Or you can call APQS Service on the toll-free phone line and they can walk you through diagnosing your problem.
  3. Sounds like you need to adjust the height of your hopping foot - instructions on how to do so come with every new foot.
  4. You would be better off going to a Gammill-specific help site, although there are Gammill owners here. You might want to change your topic text to include "Gammill" in it.
  5. barbm

    motor smells

    That is indeed the number! And you may call them at any time, as the owner (no matter how many) of an APQS machine. They will support you indefinitely, you just won't get any free parts. And they have much more expertise on the older models than those of us out in the field who may see them once a year.
  6. barbm

    motor smells

    Call APQS Service on the Toll Free number - they can help you!
  7. Yay!! Glad you figured it out, Deb! And if you do Facebook, you should check out We Love APQS. one of our pages there. It might be faster to get help there.
  8. If your Millie is an older vintage, you likely need to turn your speed/stitches per inch up, in order to get it to stitch. Press and hold the "control button" on the right handle and press the green button - you'll see the indicator on the front of the head move from the far left towards the right. I usually stitch at 9-11 spi.
  9. I agree with earlier posts - since this was posted here on the Forums, you're going to get answers skewed to the Forums. I will admit that I don't spend much time here on the Forums anymore, just pop in a couple times a day to see if someone needs help. I used to be here constantly. Now, much more of my time is spent on Facebook - partly because that's where I can keep up with family and friends, partly because that's where I can also keep up with customers. But mainly because of the immediacy of the two APQS FB pages - We Love APQS and the QP User Group page. Any post on either of those pages pings immediately to my smartphone and I can usually answer questions there within a few minutes. A question here requires me to open the Forums page, notice the question and then hope that the person seeking help is ALSO actively on the forum. There is definitely a delay in seeking and getting help here, and customer service is my prime concern. Where search functions are concerned, both of those FB pages have a Search box - you just need to put the appropriate terms in the box to get the info you need. If someone needs help doing this, let me know - I am the "queen" of search terms! I'm not saying that the FB groups are better or worse than this Forum, just that FB works better for me and what I need to do. I also hope these Forums stay around for a long, long time! But if you're not getting the help you need here, come visit us on Facebook, too. You might be surprised...
  10. Rhea, you haven't listed where you are, how old your Freedom is or what price you're looking for.
  11. I don't believe there's a comparison of the old/new models anywhere, yet. Your local APQS Rep might know, if he/she has been following the information from APQS. And since these are brand-new models, some small changes may still be made from the prototypes that were shown in Houston last month. If you call me at (425) 243-3502, I can give you a thumbnail description of the changes I know about. And I'll have the new models in my Showroom in the Seattle area before Christmas!
  12. aritchie, check that your belt clamps are fully engaged (straight up and a bit over to lock) and that your channel locks aren't engaged. Also check that you don't have anything impeding the movement of the head during the initial startup. You should also check the connections between your table belt motor and the carriage. Are you on the Quilt Path User Group Facebook Page? If not, find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, and I'll arrange to get you added. Lots of immediate help there!