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  1. Sorry, all the machines that were for sale are sold!
  2. barbm

    Updated manual

    I don't believe there's a comparison of the old/new models anywhere, yet. Your local APQS Rep might know, if he/she has been following the information from APQS. And since these are brand-new models, some small changes may still be made from the prototypes that were shown in Houston last month. If you call me at (425) 243-3502, I can give you a thumbnail description of the changes I know about. And I'll have the new models in my Showroom in the Seattle area before Christmas!
  3. aritchie, check that your belt clamps are fully engaged (straight up and a bit over to lock) and that your channel locks aren't engaged. Also check that you don't have anything impeding the movement of the head during the initial startup. You should also check the connections between your table belt motor and the carriage. Are you on the Quilt Path User Group Facebook Page? If not, find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, and I'll arrange to get you added. Lots of immediate help there!
  4. You might want to list your asking price!
  5. barbm

    Updated manual

    And reply sent!
  6. barbm

    Updated manual

    The manual for the MY19 machines isn't yet available, but it should be by the time your new baby arrives. If you'll email me at, I can email you a copy of the manual for one of the older systems - setup and controls won't be all that different, from what I'm told.
  7. Lenni is back on the market - his new owner decided to "move on up" to Lucey on a Deluxe table - way to go, Paula! Millie + QP is also still available. Let me know if you're interested in either of these two machine systems!
  8. Ashley, the woman who purchased Lucey didn't want the Quilt Path at this time, so I have a used QP for $8k. What size is your Millie table?
  9. I have a 2018 Lucey on a 10' Bliss Deluxe table (with Power Fabric Advance) available for sale here in the greater Seattle area. Right now she's configured (and priced) with Quilt Path included, but they can be separated, if necessary. Lucey + QP is $20,000 and carries the APQS Lifetime Warranty.
  10. barbm

    George. Free

    Are you actually offering this machine for free? I'd be happy to send the info out to my customer base.
  11. barbm

    Quilt Path Manual

    If you'll find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter) and send me a Friend Request, I can get you added to the group. It is indeed active! In fact, there's usually someone watching the group 24/7, either an APQS Rep or a Quilt Path owner, who can answer nearly all your questions. It's a great place to share and learn!
  12. barbm

    Hydraulic lift

    It's in the setup instructions that you got with your original machine. If you can't find it, email me at and I'll dig it out for you. Or email - they can get it to you, as well!
  13. They introduced a remake of the entire line at Houston Market yesterday. No photos up on their website yet, but I'm sure they will be soon. They've added throat space for Lenni and George, added LED lights along the top of the throat for added visibility to all the models, and modified the table design to give more quilting space to all the stand-up models. We're all very excited about the new models!
  14. Laura, if you're serious about wanting one of my machines, we can make that happen, since my three Deluxe tables are interchangeable. Let me know.
  15. We are replacing our ENTIRE showroom of machines! These prices won’t last for very long… Contact us at (425) 243-3502 or to hold one of these deals. All machines located at our APQS Northwest Showroom in Issaquah, WA (greater Seattle area). We are willing to transport in the local area - other shipping is buyer's responsibility. All original shipping crates available. If you want a machine but not the associated Quilt Path, they can be separated - call for pricing. 2018 Millennium with Quilt Path, 12’ Deluxe Bliss Table, Power Fabric Advance, Quilt Glide, Hydraulic Lift, Lifetime Warranty – includes Hartley Extended Base, and zipper leaders. Retail value = $33,820, now priced at $27,000 [ SOLD] 2018 Freedom, 12’ Deluxe Bliss Table, Power Fabric Advance, Quilt Glide, Hydraulic Lift, Lifetime Warranty – includes Hartley Extended Base and zipper leaders. [SOLD] 2018 Lucey, 10’ Deluxe Bliss Table, Power Fabric Advance, Lifetime Warranty – includes Hartley Extended Base. 2015 Lenni, 10’ Standard Bliss Table, One-Year Certified Used Machine Warranty – includes Hartley Extended Base. Retail Value = $12,900, now priced at $7,500 [SOLD] 2017 George - One-Year Certified Used Machine Warranty. Includes Interchangeable Foot Kit.