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  1. Here are a couple of responses from our QP users, Michelle: "I am not an expert but think that if the Surface Pro 3 came with QP it should run just fine. I thought I had a Pro 2, however when I looked it says it is a Pro 1, has 4 GB RAM, came with Windows 8, and I upgraded to Windows 10 during the free upgrade period. I do not have other software on the tablet and use it only for QP. I think that more RAM, along with a newer processor, will allow the software to run faster." "Not sure why the Surface wasn’t upgradable, but a faster system is worth it. I jumped from a Pro 2 to a Pro 4 and could definitely see the increase when using the program. So going from Pro 3 to a current Pro would also change the experience."
  2. You can ask here, not sure whether there are any techies that monitor this particular part of the forum. I've posted your questions on the QP forum and tagged three of our resident techies - will let you know what answers I get!
  3. Michelle, I have been using Quilt Path since it first debuted in 2012, on Surface 2, 3, 4 and 5 tablets. There is NO reason that a Surface 3 tablet cannot be upgraded to Windows 10, it's just no longer a FREE upgrade, since the window (excuse the unintended pun!) for the free upgrade is well past - blame Microsoft for that one. Further, while the warranty for QP does not transfer to a new owner, the right to FREE software upgrades DOES transfer. I don't know who told Sue that she would have to pay a "hefty fee" for a software upgrade, it's just not true. And ongoing support for QP, no matter whether under warranty, continues the same. Yes, you have to be a QP owner to be a member of our QP Facebook Group, for the very reason that Sue mentioned - all she saw was problems. What she didn't explain (or perhaps didn't understand) is that, while a lot of "issues" pop up on that Facebook group, it's because it is our go-to platform for helping our owners, usually within minutes of them posting a problem. The overwhelming majority of our owners are happily quilting away and NOT posting on the FB group. While the FB QP Group is limited to owners, the APQS QP Forum here is NOT. Please check in there and discuss your concerns with current QP owners and those in "search" mode like you. You might also join the We Love APQS Facebook group - you can ask questions and speak with real owners there, as there is lots of overlap between that group and the QP group. All that being said, I strongly encourage you to try out both QP and IQ, compare costs and features, and make an educated decision. If you have any questions that I can help with, don't hesitate to email me at
  4. Peg, if you're not already a member of the Quilt Path User Group on Facebook, we need to get you added - there are resources in that group that will help you with borders and corners in Quilt Path. Find me on Facebook (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter), send me a Friend Request, I'll accept it and get you added to the group.
  5. Deb, are you on the QP User Group page on Facebook? If not, we need to get you added. And have you called APQS for QP help? They have someone dedicated to helping our QP owners, just call them and they'll get you going!
  6. APQS still has Demo Quilt Paths available for $8900.
  7. Cyndy, we most often see this when either the carriage hasn't been turned on (red switch at the back of the carriage - lights up when on) or the USB cable hasn't been plugged into the hub or tablet. Andif you haven't been added to our Quilt Path User Group on Facebook, send me a Friend Request (Barbara Mayfield/Barbara Jeanne Potter) and I'll get you added. Lots of help and valuable info there!
  8. Paula Ann, find one of the QP Admins on Facebook: Angela Hugli Clark, Dawn Cavanaugh, Heidi Patterson, or myself. Send one of us a Friend Request. Once we accept it, we'll be able to add you to the Group.
  9. D.J., got to Facebook and find the We Love APQS page - post your problem there and you'll get a lot of specific help, from techs AND from users, including some with IQ. It's a much more immediate response than the forums here. Or you can call APQS Service on the toll-free phone line and they can walk you through diagnosing your problem.
  10. Sounds like you need to adjust the height of your hopping foot - instructions on how to do so come with every new foot.
  11. You would be better off going to a Gammill-specific help site, although there are Gammill owners here. You might want to change your topic text to include "Gammill" in it.
  12. barbm

    motor smells

    That is indeed the number! And you may call them at any time, as the owner (no matter how many) of an APQS machine. They will support you indefinitely, you just won't get any free parts. And they have much more expertise on the older models than those of us out in the field who may see them once a year.
  13. barbm

    motor smells

    Call APQS Service on the Toll Free number - they can help you!
  14. Yay!! Glad you figured it out, Deb! And if you do Facebook, you should check out We Love APQS. one of our pages there. It might be faster to get help there.
  15. If your Millie is an older vintage, you likely need to turn your speed/stitches per inch up, in order to get it to stitch. Press and hold the "control button" on the right handle and press the green button - you'll see the indicator on the front of the head move from the far left towards the right. I usually stitch at 9-11 spi.