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  1. This IS a super deal for a wonderful machine. I just bought my gently used Liberty and still can't believe what a smoothe ride it has. I love it. And I love the auto fabric advance. This is a great deal if you live in Canada; no customs fee, brokerage fee and avoid the 12% HST! I'm sure it won't last long at this price
  2. I met Cindy Roth and also visited her studio. She is a great lady and IMHO would be very available if you had any questions or needed any in pick up the phone and SHE will answer. You might just call and talk to her as she would be more than willing to recommend something suited to you. She runs a great business...very friendly! I bought 3 of Sharon's DVD's on her background fillers....her work is so beautiful.
  3. I loved MQX West and loved meeting all of you....SusieQ (my roommate), Linda S, Linda R, Lynda N, Hitomi, Dory, Catherine, Corey.....just to name a few. Count me in for next year, the classes were excellent, the quilts OMG jaw dropping, Paddy's ...too much fun (not a good time to have laryngitis). And, I shopped til I dropped! Can't wait to try out all my rulers, pantos, and watch my new DVD's! I also loved Claudia's Mermaid Quilt!
  4. HItomi, Is that a humahumanukanukapuaa fish? Sure looks like a great catch happening!!! Love your quilting, and loved Kailua Kona when I visited (about 18 months ago)!
  5. A used book is available from It's pricey but maybe you could incorporate that into the custom price.
  6. Barb I love your quilting; just gorgeous:) I second the "Gramma's Spot Remover" suggestion; it works great!
  7. My Liberty came with the auto fabric advance and I love it. After manually manipulating my midarm system this is so much easier. (I don't feel like I have been in a wrestling match any more.) I don't have the hydraulic lift, that's next on my list....but auto fabric advance was a must have for me.
  8. Tracy, I am so sorry to hear about your "Unhappy customer". Here is a link to a recent thread that gave some excellent advice: I hope it may help in dealing with this "bearded lady" or with your business in the future. (How sad that we have to protect ourselves against bullies.) My guess is that the fabric and batting came from one of our cdn fabric chain know the one.....they carry poor quality cotton and batting & members get 50% off! Your quilting made it look like a million dollars but "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!!!" Hold your head high Tracy, now that you have both calmed down a bit, call her and talk to her about her options; 1 - her washing it, 2 - using the markers 3 - ripping it (on your time frame, not hers) and handing it back to her. In sticky situations like this, I don't think well on my feet, so I like to write down the key points I want to discuss and I stick to my agenda. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))))
  9. Handi Quilter has some nice ones....they are like a "Centering" measuring tape that starts at zero in the center and increases in both directions. I don't know if they come in a 14' length.
  10. I'm coming too!!!!!! I'm in Bit of Bella with Linda McCuean, Border Patrol with Deloa Jones, Claudia Pfeil. (I'll have to edit this later because I can't remember them all) Linda S: I decided to give up my hotel room and share with Sue; she would like to come with us to Paddy's and will be sending you a u2u. Blue ribbons tied to the name tag....I can remember that! Getting excited!
  11. That is one beautiful thread cabinet! Lucky you!!
  12. I'ld love to become a Moxie;); When are the meetings?
  13. This is a go to favorite of mine and looks very colorful; never any leftovers Layered Salad 1st shredded lettuce 2nd 1 cup finely chopped celery 3rd 1 cup finely chopped green onions 4th 1 large red or yellow pepper finely chopped 5th 3/4 small bag Green Giant sweetlet peas 6th 1 cup mayonnaise 7th 6 hard boiled eggs, chopped 8th 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 9th 1 cup real bacon bits sprinkled on top Cover and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.
  14. How does one get to be a Moxie? I am about a 5.5hr drive north of Seattle,WA.