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  1. I really like that a lot. Very beautiful quilting choices - love it!
  2. I think yours is every bit as good as the one on the pattern ! Beautiful!
  3. I really like that quilt - love the quilting you did - beautiful! I think the rebel in me would make one ring in red!
  4. I have had this quilt half pieced for years. I'm now inspired to finish it! Thanks for the inspiration!
  5. Beautiful. I love JB's sense of colour and your quilting - combined? Outstanding!
  6. Thanks Linda! I will look those images up. I agree with you that this book would be most suitable for "bathroom reading"!!! My first impression of this book was "WOW" - it certainly is wonderful eye candy for quilters! Happy New Year to you and yours!
  7. After reading your post, I purchased the book. Wow - Inspiration!!!! Can I ask what your process is to convert a design from a book like this to something you can quilt? Some of the designs are very intricate and I am sure they would have to be simplified before it can be used on a quilt. Thanks!
  8. Wow - absolutely beautiful! Love everything. If she makes a pattern of this quilt, I would definitely buy it.
  9. I'm sure that the kids are really going to love their quilts. That's a lot of black and yellow fabric!!!!
  10. Outstanding! I think I would not want to give it back either and I would be willing to move continents to keep it!!!!!
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