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  1. Hi all, more things to offer up for sale as I downsize! Jamie Wallen Thread Fusion DVD: $25 SOLD Jamie Wallen Mystical Cotton Tracks Workshop DVD (includes instructional DVD and digital workbook): $15 SOLD Jamie Wallen Mystical Feathers WorkBook: $10 (SOLD) Jamie Wallen Mystical Grids DVD (includes instructional DVD and DVD for digital workbook): $15 (SOLD) Jamie Wallen Mystical Grids Workbook: $10 (SOLD) Trillium House Pocket Guide AND workbook to Freehanding Heirloom Feathers: $25 Trillium House Designs Pocket Guide set (Texture/Fill, Meandering and Border/sashings): $25 (SOLD) I take paypal and will ship within the US, buyer pays shipping. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Thanks! Christine
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