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  1. Machine & Studio Sale Its always fun to see what direction life will take you in - after having loved being a long arm quilter, life’s interests are bringing me in a new direction and it’s time to sell my beloved Gammill Vision26 and move to the next adventure I’m listing this as an entire studio sale as a great deal and a great way for someone to jump in to long arming, get set up and get quilting! Price is $16,500 for everything. Buyer is responsible for pick up, transport and re-assembly and all related costs with that. I am willing to help disassemble the machine. The machine is in current operation and is located in central New Hampshire. if you are interested, please send me a note. thank you for your consideration! ______ Here is what is included The machine: 2012 Gammill Vision 26. This machine is a love - it does everything and anything I’ve asked it to. I run all types of threads and all types of battings with all types of fabrics have never had an issue. 12 foot pivotal access stand with casters - easily fits a king quilt stitch regulation (regulate, constant, coast regulate and basting capability) adjustable stitching speed and length needle up/needle down front and rear handles micro handles vertical and horizontal channel locks Gammill overhead light bar (8 lights with shades) track mat with drafting chair built in bobbin winder two bobbin cases various programmable alarms including thread break sensors and empty bobbin alarms diagnostic reporting laser light (with ability to have on or off) automatic tie off feature bobbin fill gauge stitch counter run time clock tools and diagnostic capability and an FM tuner!! The notions & supplies: ~20 boxes of groz-bekert needles, size 3.o to 4.5. (Majority are 4.0) stand alone bobbin winder 36 Gammill Branded vented M bobbins Misc hex wrenches and various tools that came with machine (too many little things to list individually) Towa Bobbin tension gauge andsuperior top thread tension guide The thread - oh my the thread!! approx 60 5,000 meter cones of Glide thread approx 40 large cones of Omni thread appro 15 large cones of signature and king tut varigated Bobbin thread- several jars of pre-wound glide thread M bobbins, (most are still full) and three boxes of glide pre-wounds (gray, beige and dark gray) Pantos, Rulers, design templates/boards Over 80 pantos from top designers Deloa boomarang rulers (8,10 and 12 inch);Two gadget girls rulers (janet Lee’s favorite and little girl) QCR side kick long arm ruler LEQ appliqué helper ruler and the big hoorah is the # of loricles large boards and design templates: Giant Boards include: Swirls, Egyptian Eye, Circles, Pebbles, Sakura, Giant Clam Zig Zag, Square Dance, Baptist Fan, Pampas Gras, Water, Ribbles, Meander, Honeycomb, Cross Hatch, Wanders, Zig Zag Diamond and Greek Swqirl Boarder. Boards are king size. Design boards /tools include: circle lord basic plus, circle maker, push button system, stylus, sunburst, sprialz (Circle), Spirals (square), 18” tiles, mini GInko, Large Ginko, Spiro thiny, Feathers Template 12”, Featherz Boarder, aztec, aztec mini, butterfly set, cogs, celtic knot, hearts, ovals, starz, stella, microfil herringbone, microfill greek maze, diamondz, clamshell mini, squarz 18” Finally, there are a few other odds and ends I’ll be sending along with the new buyer, storage system for large design boards, templates, tape measures, marking pens, books, etc.
  2. Hi everyone, Selling my Electric Quilt version 7 for MAC: $125 plus shipping (Retails for $189.95), this is the boxed set with the thumb drive, the application is installed via thumb drive. Also selling EQ two EQ books: EQ peiced Drawing (exercises in peiced block design in EQ7) Quilt Designs (Design tricks from EQ experts) SOLD These are $15 each plus shipping. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Thanks! Christine
  3. Hi all, more things to offer up for sale as I downsize! Jamie Wallen Thread Fusion DVD: $25 SOLD Jamie Wallen Mystical Cotton Tracks Workshop DVD (includes instructional DVD and digital workbook): $15 SOLD Jamie Wallen Mystical Feathers WorkBook: $10 (SOLD) Jamie Wallen Mystical Grids DVD (includes instructional DVD and DVD for digital workbook): $15 (SOLD) Jamie Wallen Mystical Grids Workbook: $10 (SOLD) Trillium House Pocket Guide AND workbook to Freehanding Heirloom Feathers: $25 Trillium House Designs Pocket Guide set (Texture/Fill, Meandering and Border/sashings): $25 (SOLD) I take paypal and will ship within the US, buyer pays shipping. If anyone is interested, please let me know! Thanks! Christine
  4. Hi Everyone, I am reducing the price on these items to clear them out of my studio, I am in the midst of scaling way back on business and while I lveo them all, I'd rather they go to a good home :-). Giant Templates Pampas Grass - $190 Lily - $190 Sold Sakura - $190 Greek Key/Swirl Border - $190 Zig Zag Diamond - $190 Cross Hatch for Long Arm - $190 Push Button for Cross hatch (never took it out of the package) - $125 Water - $190 Smaller Templates Greekmaze Micro Fill $90 Surf/Herringbone Micro Fill $90 Mini Clam Shell $60 The giant templates are king size except as noted on the Cross hatch Board. These were used on a 12 foot Gammill table. The circle lord templates are for templates only. I love circle lord stuff, but with a decision to scale back I've got to let a few things go I take paypal and will ship within the US, buyer pays shipping. If anyone is interested, please send me a PM through the board. Thanks! Christine
  5. morning everyone! I have the following pantos for sale: Pantos, $8 each, not including postage Urban Elemntz, From the Heart, 8 1/4 wide Designs by Deb/Feathers all over (includes 11", 8" and 4" border) Designs by Deb/Pointsettas with holly leaves(includes pinsetter with holly, pontsetta border and holly leaves patterns) Linda Taylor Wandering Leaves (incudes 15" and 6") LInna's Charm/Pattern Man (this one is $5) send me a PM if you are interested! Thanks!
  6. as we say here in new england, that was wicked funny!
  7. what a great quilt and what a kind person you are for making it for them. I am sure both his wife and his mom will be so happy to have such a tribute too his life.
  8. so, sewing machines and motorcycles- two things I love - I have to ask -how much are you asking for the indian chief, i'm really curious, not that I have room in the garage!
  9. i love those quilts, I've found a book on line called monster mash by muddy max, is that the pattern you both used for the quilts?
  10. i'm in NH :-) and would be happy to help - about 40 minutes away from alton bay.
  11. oh, Vicki, I wish I had known you moved to that area, it would have been great to have met you f2f. We left last week :-( I should add that Frisco is also home to the Texas professional soccer team FC DAllas, and they have a huge stadium there - along with many smaller fields for recreational and other kinds of soccer games for kids and adults alike. Although i can't say I was fond of living in texas since I am a cold weather and snow fan, and a New Englander by birth and blood, Frisco was a great place for us the 6 years we lived there. The local city officials know how to build a city right, taxes are relatively low, they leverage big names like the cowboys, FC dallas etc to help keep the residential tax rate reasonable and the city is thiriving. last year it was named one of the best cities to live in and it was also rated as the fastest growing city in the US. Tons to do with kids, a great community college, a great school system, low crime and reasonable places to rent/buy, lots of places to shop/eat/get involved. Frisco's school strategy is much different than plano/allen - those towns have fewer high schools and they are all 5A (very large schools). Frisco's strategy is "community' - pretty much every neighborhood has its own elementary and grade school and there were at last count about 6 high schools - they will all stay 4A, they do this so more kids have a chance to play on various teams and get involved in extra curricular activities. the difference is in Frisco the graduating senior class is about 400 kids - in 5A schools it can exceed 1,000. I'm very glad we picked that city to live in, our kids thrived there. no matter where you live traffic is terrible, I could get from Frisco to Downtown Dallas in 40 minutes in the am if I left before 7 each day. If I left after that, I was looking at 60-90 minutes. you just get used to it since everyone is dealing with the same issues. My two grown sons are still in Frisco and we recently helped them get settled in an apartment there while they attend college. if you want to PM me with any specific questions, please do. I might be delayed a bit in responding since we close on our house in NH tomorrow and will finish our move all of next week. hope your son enjoys his new job at enjoys the texas area.
  12. i just moved out of north texas back to NH, we lived in Texas for 6 years, in Frisco. Frisco a great community and with TOP notch schools. if I had to live there again I'd pick Frisco in a minute, it is very family oriented. My real estate agent had our house sold in 4 hours - yup - 4 hours from the time it listed to the time we had an offer. Kreg Hall from Remax, we bought one house from him and sold two - all transactions were great.
  13. great tip Linda, it also improves accuracy on some of those oh-so-very- intricate pantos that have lines very close together as well. sometimes that big red dot is just too big!
  14. I've taken two Jamie Wallen classes (mystical paisleys and mystical grids, I think they were called). Jamie is an awesome teacher, inspiring and very hands on to help you see where there are opportunities for you to be better. I have also taken an Angela Walters class Angela's class was a lecture and demo, it was good. I've also taken a class with our very own Dawn, if you have the chance to take a class with her, i HIGHLY recommend it, she challenges you in the class in a very good way and gives you so many ideas and things to think about your head is overflowing at the end of the class, she is an amazingly talented teacher! oh, and I should add you WILL meet people from the forum in your classes - that's how I met MelissaNH - we were eye balling the same machine in Jamie's class :-) BTW, hey Melissa, I am definitely moving back to NH in the fall so hopefully we'll have the chance to meet up again! have a blast with your classes!
  15. i'm typically not a big feather fan, but those are really neat!
  16. welcome back and congrats on being just about finished with that degree - what an accomplishment!
  17. that is truly a sad story, Linda, my condolences on the loss of your friend. I can only offer that I think letting some time pass will help the family with the their immediate and intense grief shock of their loss. Presenting them the quilt the way you knew she wanted it to be presented, as a christmas gift to her husband, I think would bring an incredible sense of joy and healing to this family and will come at a time when they will be thinking about her and how she lived, versus the shock of losing her so quickly, perhaps. I know how you feel about quilting something for a loved one. I made a memory quilt for my mom out of all my dad's old big bright Hawaiian shirts. It took me two years after he passed to even think about starting it, but when I did, I still cried my eyes out while doing it, but it was truly a healing process for me and I felt my dad was with me very step of the way. It was the best gift I ever gave my mom. what ever you decide will be right, just follow you heart. thoughts are with you, Christine
  18. after the earlier discussion this week on cutting tables, thought I'd post my storage system under my long arm. everything under my table is from Ikea. The cabinets and drawers are called Ikea Stuva, they are children's furniture, without the legs. They fit perfect and are very versatile - and it was pretty inexpensive. I store my circle lord long boards in a modified stuva wardrobe. It is fully assembled, but without the cabinet face. My husband laid it flat on the back, attached it to a piece of plywood cut to size and screwed it down. He added casters underneath on each corner so I can easily slide it in and out of the table. Finally, he added some trim all around the edges with some handles for both decoration, and to reinforce it. I helped by coming up with the storage idea, and then of course staying out of his way while he put everything together. enjoy!
  19. if Janet and chatty changed their minds - I'm interested :-)
  20. i use a horn cutting table - had I seen these "hacks" made from Ikea furniture I would have been tempted to go that route. I use Ikea furniture under my long arm, though, for storage. I use the Stuva kids furniture without the legs and it fits perfectly. I even took the kids wardrobe, laid it on its back an added wheels and it is the perfect storage for my circle lord long boards (ok, hubby actually did it, but I helped by staying out of his way :-) )