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  1. If you were to have a Quilt Top ready to take it and have it finished, Would it matter if it was done with a Long Arm or Mid Arm? Prodiving that the quilter was doing it free motion or panto, frame and the knowledge to do it. Please exlain...
  2. Great tip! I've never done that and certainly never thought of it, Thanks!
  3. I know this may be an elementary subject for a lot of you guys but I was wondering ...Has anyone ever done one of those stuffed Turkey panels? I'm having some trouble with the back tail feathers part trying to get them aligned with the dots on the body. It doesn't seem right to me.
  4. He's got some crazy, zanny and whacked out characters in his books that will leaving you laughing out loud! But beware, it has language and scenario's that some of you may not approve of.
  5. I know this is a really, really old post, but I got this book about 5 months ago at a yard sale for $1. I find neat sewing stuff sometimes. So you might try that if you haven't already got the book.
  6. Bonnie & Tamarack, I plan to keep practicing FM everyday and the advice/tips you guys are giving me mean so much!
  7. So what tension setting would you recommend for my MC6300?
  8. Good question!! And Thanks for posting Bottonflower cause I have my rail fence that needs SID finished up. But it makes perfect sense to sid on it to keep square.
  9. I am realizing that buying large spools of cheap thread isn't a great deal as previously thought. I am attempting to learn free motion on my domestic machine and want good quality thread that's going to last. So what's the good stuff cost w/o breaking the bank? Thanks for reading my post!!
  10. I'm confused about the corner blocks. Some are calling them a nine patch and others piano keys, which is it?
  11. Yes, Superior Thread's MonoPoly thread comes in both clear or smoke. My answer to your ditching question is that if the seam is pressed open, yes, you do literally stitch in the seam. But if the seam is pressed to the side, you can't stitch in the seam, so you stitch on the lower side of the seam, as close as you can to the higher side. I have always used the stitch regulator when ditching, usually set about 11 spi. Recently, I've discovered that if the stitch regulator is off, the machine does not bounce as much. So I now ditch with no SR, at as low a speed as my machine will do and still run -- a little over 7. Is it just LA that have stitch regulators?
  12. Just curious....on the backing if it were a tiny rose bud print, How would that look?
  13. Bonnie, is that how you guys come up with neat designs on your quilts? You get some paper, sit down while studying the quilt and start sketching idea's? Looks like the design showing would look great. But I am no expert by any means!
  14. Oma - I have a Janome MC6300 Consistency is a bit of a problem for me as I try to maintain a variable speed. I'll lower the switch tomorrow. The thread I'm not really sure, I got it on ebay trying to get a good deal on a large spool of thread at $3 something for 3000 yd. I know what you are thinking and it maybe it wasn't a deal after all! Tamarack – My machine is new and I haven't broken any needles on it yet, so that wouldn't be the problem. I'm very careful not too. Kathy A – I am learning about cheap threads right now as I am typing this. LOL I thought I was getting a great deal by buying bigger spools of threads. They are ok in my Serger because it seems that it is stronger when combined. Do they make large spools of thread with heavier weight? I sure don't want to repair those quilts two or three years later! Mrs A – I have lots to learn and try to keep a constant speed up to do this. I'll keep all you guys informed. Linda - I often wonder if they intentionally set up electronics to purposely malfunction/breakdown just right before or as soon as the warranty runs out. Maybe not such a coincidence? Gator - I know what you know....but who actually reads the fine print? The next machine I buy will be a LA but that's a ways down the road. Heidi - Don't say things like that, you might jinx yourself, LOL. Especially if you've got a quilt on and a deadline! Hey Thanks for all your responses! It's a delight to learn from you guys that already know the ins/outs of quilting and LA. Some day I'll be where you are and there will be another like me asking the same questions and I can help them!! That's what's most important helping others to learn.
  15. Hmmm, didn't think of that one. I was using a universal needle. I'll have to go out and get it and see if that makes a difference.
  16. I know most of you guys are LA, and I'm a small dog sittin' on the porch here...... I've been kind of fighting with my Janome the last couple days. Seems that the thread keeps breaking when I am trying to learn free motion. I don't know whether I'm not being consistent enough with my motion and stitches or something else. I've tried adjusting tension, pressure foot, different threads and even as far as using a different fabric and still it is breaking. I did view Leah Day's video on youtube, added the rubber band for the darning foot, it still hops but not as bad! I really do not want to bend my the bar at the top as she suggested in the video, unless it is my last resort... It is probably something really simple, don't know yet. But I called the place where I purchased it from and signed up for there free class tutorial that automatically comes with a new machine. Other than that, everything else is running pretty smoothly with my Janome.....Imagine that?!?! Any comments????????????
  17. I think they're out just to get our money! I'm pretty particular about my machines and the care/cleaning etc. is no problem for me as I do it after I'm done for the day or have given it a massive workout. I've had it only about 2 months, so I suppose I don't need to worry. I'd rather spend my $$ buying more fabric anyway.... Thanks Yankie BTW, I've never seen the JMHO but I knew exactly what you said. Just my honest opinion. I'll have to remember that. Have a good day.... Anita
  18. I just recently got a MC 6300 and I love it! Still a little intimidated with it though...... Would like to buy the table soon. Hubby insists he's going to make me one. Arggh!
  19. Hi Shirley! My neighbors, whom just got back right before October are snowbirds. (Are they still being called that?) Half the year they are here from Oct to the end of March and then other half in I think Cheyenne? Wyoming. I know where Mesquite is, we (hubby and myself) travel through there as well as St George and Cedar City heading for Duck Creek Village to the cabin when we can and get of out the hustle and bustle of Vegas! Slow, quiet, peaceful and the smell of the pine trees, Ahhhh I love it!!! What is a "Shop Hop"? Never heard of it but it sounds like it might be fun!!! I am going to give Quiltque another call next week to see if they are going to have any LA classes as I really want to learn this beautiful art! If not then I will let you know because I'd love to get together with a group and all of us go up there. I can probably do this in a couple weeks I am in Boulder City Nevada so I can probably do this maybe once every month or couple months. So I completely understand what you mean. Anyway Have a Marvelous Day!!! Anita
  20. Sue, Thanks for helping! But I just found out how to be alerted. When you make a new post or reply, it's either on the bottom of page and replies are on the right side. Got it now, lol...... Maybe that will help others too!
  21. Collette, I think it's absolutely stunning! That is where I want to be making quilts like that. I have a ways to go though but I'll get there. No expert here but I agree with Oma, I'd leave it as is and be proud! I can see what looks like different textures within the star and surrounding that it blends so well together. How long have you been quilting? Just curious....I know that everyone quilts on there own time frames or what ever you may call it. Me I'm new to it and soaking up all info I can! Best Wishes on your entry and hope you win!! Anita
  22. Hi Sylvia, I'm no expert by a long shot! But one of the things that I first learned in sewing is always use the same thread in your bobbin as your needle. I experienced them pokies first hand when I started sewing in Feb. I also learned to test my stitches on the same material that you are going to use. Otherwise if testing on another material other than what your making then you'll end up messing up your project. Trial and error! So don't feel like the Lone Ranger! And I'm sure it will turn out beautiful!