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  1. In Sept I bought a used 2005 Mille from Dave Jones with compuquilter. I have had no issues and have completed about 15 quilts of mine. He sells lots of used machines on forum, check to see if he has any used machine with computer.. His number- Call text 24/7 268-767-279
  2. I have compuquilter on my Millie and I used E2E from design I got from Wasatch Quilting. As for the fabric, it is sold out most places now around where I am. I think bought most of what was left ( LOL ).. I am told from one of my quilt stores I go to, an new hockey pattern is arriving in Sept and I will certainly be buying that fabric.. I have 10 grand children and 1 great gand child, so it keeps me busy quilting
  3. This quilt was the one I kept for myself.. I made 2 more that I gave away and I still have enough fabric to make one more.. Thinking of making that one and giving it to minor hockey association to raffle
  4. Ann asked me to post my Hockey Quilt.. Next I think I will have to make a Leaf's quilt as they are my favorite team even if they never win..
  5. I have only been quilting since the end of Oct.. This was my second QOV quilt, and I have enough fabric to make 1 more.. I have pieced and quilted 10 quilts since the end of Oct, and only kept one ( a hockey quilt since love hockey ).. The rest I have given to family members.. I even gave a star wars quilt to one of the quilt shop owners as she was a big star wars fan..
  6. I just finished this quilt. I hope soldier who gets it will like it ( first time posting a picture so I hope it looks ok ) I
  7. I missed a few days also.. So your chances are even better.. Been too busy quilting.. My wife says I have become a quilting addict.. Finished piecing and quilting 10 quilts since I had my first lesson in Oct..
  8. I am still waiting by phone.. I think I will still be waiting for the next Longarm give away
  9. My phone did not ring.. I guess I will have to wait until the next give away contest
  10. I never have much luck at winning anything, that is why I bought my Millie LOL But I will keep entering in the hopes my luck changes
  11. Mary Beth, I finally got my hockey quilt on the Millie yesterday and finished this morning, so I guess I am ok now if you win as I am finally getting my quilts done.. Good Luck P.S. I will still keep entering though just in case
  12. I just bought a used 2005 Millie about 3 months ago with compuquilter Paid $13500 US
  13. I have a machine, but my wife always has a quilt on it and I can never get mine on LOL I need second machine just so I can do my quilts
  14. Just new to CQ.. Have had it for about a month now since Dave Jones brought 2005 millie with CQ.. Still learning but love it so far
  15. Wow and I thought I was the only one who did not read instructions.. Do you know how often I have had to use a seam ripper lately.. I am almost finished piecing my second quilt ever ( decided to do a hockey quilt since it is my favorite sport ). Just need to decide what size border to put around quilt and then I am ready to cut out backing and get it on the Millie..
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