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  1. Zeke, I did blow between disks with compressor. Is that what you meant or that I should take the unit off and clean?
  2. I could really use some input. I just finished a custom quilt, all was fine. I cleaned machine, changed threads and started sewing on some practice fabric and my tension was all off. I have a millie, 2010. Seams to be flat lining in different directions. I changed thread and bobbins 3 times, changed needle, checked for burrs, checked thread path, checked hopping foot height. Changed tension control unit probably last year or so. Please help. Thank you K
  3. Angela Walters is asking for prayer for her brother Nate who was in a motorcycle accident this week. Wanted to bring it here as I know there are a lot of prayer warriors among you. He is in a drug induced coma and making strides in the right direction. She is raffling off a quilt to help out God bless and Merry Christmas
  4. Thanks ladies, I did call her and she was great about it. She will replace and bring to me. Placemats are a good idea Charlotte, I was also thinking table cloth as it is for a king and gigantic! K
  5. Hi all, has anyone quilted fabric with rubbery embellishments on the back, slippery fabric also. I was concerned about tension but as I am rolling it onto frame some of the gold pieces are falling off. I am now concerned about these pieces getting into my bobbin-hook area and if it will reek havic! Fabric from JoAnns and of course they told her it would be fine to quilt. Appreciate your input. Thanks, K
  6. To answer the question for you, I would say you are a pro. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous. K
  7. Thanks to all who have chimed in. So far I have it loaded per Linda R's instructions. Hopefully I'll get some quilting time soon, tomorrow I hope. I'll post when it's finished and let you all know how I made out. K
  8. Thank you so much for all the great advice everyone......I'm Goin in! K
  9. Hey Ladies and Gents, I have a question for those who have a better grasp of how the quilt sandwich will roll than I have. I have a large quilt back with 12 inch border all around. I explained to my customer that I wouldn't be able to center it and she is OK with that. But I would like to do the best I can. I am wondering where to place top. I know there is a relationship difference in the rolling process. Don't know if I am getting my point across but hopefully someone out there can understand my gibberish. Thanks for your help. K
  10. Great designs Charlotte. Your last quilt caught my eye, very cool modern quilting.
  11. Praying the peace of God will wrap you up like a big hug and Holy Spirit will kill any and every cancer cell in your body should there be any, in Jesus name. Amen and Amen
  12. Wow, that is stunning. You did an awesome job with this one. I love the name Pink Champagne Cake, sounds like your quilt looks.......delicious!
  13. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely gorgeous. I can't imagine changing a thing. K
  14. Thank you everyone for giving me more to think about. You all have made very good points. I am beginning to see a glimmer of some positives!
  15. Thanks everyone, seems like more negative then positive so far.
  16. Thanks Zeke, that's a bit of good, bad and ugly all at the same time. Ugh. I appreciate the input.
  17. It is something till now I wouldn't have thought about, been vehemently against. But things are changing around here and so I thought I would look into it. I would love to hear the good, the bad, the ugly from all who have gone this route. Thanks for your input, K