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  1. I just posted how I attached the hook side of velcro to the leaders on my Millenium. Then I attached the loop side of velcro to 3 to 4 inch muslin strips the length of the zippers and sewed them to the zippers which gives plenty of room so I don't hit the zippers when working on the quilts. I use one of my sergers set up with a chain stitch to attach the quilt top to that zipper and the other two zippers for the backing. Just have to be careful to attach them the right way. Top right side up backing wrong side up. logistics!!
  2. I have a Millenium but don't know what "bliss rails" are. I only quilt for myself and family as I don't like to ruin too many quilts. If any turn out nice i give them to a neighbor who hand quilts for me. She charges 5 cents an inch. I should have just let her do all my quilts instead of spending 18,000 on the machine. Now I am trying to sell some of the quilts I have finished but so far no one wants them. They want me to donate them to churches for raffles.
  3. I used velcro strips the hook side on the leaders and the loop side on the zippers after using strips of muslin about three or four inches wide the full length of the zipper. I use a serger with a chain stitch to attach them to the top quilt and to the backing that way if I have to adjust I just pull off the strip from the velcro and move it where it has to go. The chain stitch rips out easily when I have to take the zippers off. I have several sets of zippers so i can remove one quilt and put on another one. I am still not good at using the machine just do pantos most of the time.
  4. still have not completely fixed the thread cutter. I used an allen wrench to adjust from underneath. first it kind of bound up as I had it too far then it took threetimes to cut the thread. Have to keep playing withit till I( get it where it should be. The set screw was a bit loose but I will get it eventually. I do have a friend who hand quilts for me when I don't want to ruin the quilt on the Millenium.
  5. I took off the cover for the thread cutter and found it has a small v shaped chip out of it probably when we broke a needle which hardly ever happens. I need to get a new knife and try to install it myself. Any help would be appreciated. I plan on attending a quilt show put on by Mancuso in Oaks PA on Saturday unless we close the pool that day. Maybe if I call and see if the can get me a new knife
  6. The show is this Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am hoping to go on Saturday and hope I can get them to bring a knife for my Millenium to the show. I think I can replace it myself. Will try to call them if I need help.
  7. Mancuso is having a quilt show in Oaks PA any info would be appreciated. Used to get cards but not anymore. I need a new knife for my Millenium. It got caught by a needle which broke and took a chip off the knife. Now it no longer cuts the bottom threead. Never figured out why it didn't cut both top and bottom threads like the Mega quilter does.
  8. We use the sidewinder with no problem. I do have it taped down so it won't jump around. I also use the thingy on the side of the millenium but the tubing keeps tearing and I don't have anymore. You think they would have taken a tip from Singer and put a spring on it instead of having to use that tubing stuff. we also have several other machines we can wind bobbins on. The best one is a Singer powerhead 241 or 251 that have commercial bobbin winders on them.
  9. We want to go to the Quilt Show in Lancaster PA next week, March 25 or 26. It is supposed to be at the Lancaster Convention Center but we do not know where that is. We are coming from Northeast PA 14 miles north of Scranton. Is APQS going to be there?
  10. We are planning to go to the quilt show in Lancaster PA on March 25 but we do not know exactly where it is being held and how to get there from Northeast PA. We think it is theLancaster Convention Center but not sure. Anyone know if APQS will be there?
  11. I have tried to price my quilts by charging 5 cents an inch. I multiply the length by the width aand then multiply by .05. I haven't sold any. I have given some away and donated some. I guess they are not good enough. I have a Millenium and also a Mega quilter on the inspira frame. I do alterations for people and do make a bit of money that way. I usually charge $5.00 to hem pants and $20.00 to replace a jacket zipper which seems to be the most common items I work on. I do have a woman who does hand quilting for me when I don't want to ruin another quilt. I pay her 4 cents an inch and the one she is working on now is about 100 by 100 so I paid her $400. Of course I will never be able to sell it for what it cost me for her to quilt it. I will probably give it to one of my children or grandchildren or even my great grand children. I wish I could use that Millenium like I see on the site but it goes where it wants to go not where I want it to go. for $18,000.00 it sjould go by itself.
  12. I have several tables, some came with the machines and some were purchased at auctions. DH did make one from a plan from Rocklers. The drawers are a bit hard to open but may have to be planed and waxed a bit more. I have several commercial machines with formica topped tables. Only the one DH made has the lift as the DSE is in that one. I use it mostly for the embroidery but it is good for piecing too. You don't have to remove the embroidery unit to do regular sewing. I only have one portable a 221 Featherweight that I rarely use unless I am doing a demo at sewing guild, although the last demo I did I used my 9900 Singer. They wanted to see how to use attachments, creative feet etc. I never close my machines. They are in use every day. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy Healthy New year too.
  13. I am going to call the factory tomorrow and see if they can tell me what to do.
  14. I did post on another page or whatever it is called. It was suggested I should call and see if someone at the office or factory can help so I will do that tomorrow. Just have to hope they can help.
  15. I do not know how to post pictures and am lucky i can even find this site on the internet. I do not have time to ppp as you call it. I sew all day for others. Have a DH who is not in good health and needs lots of help. I will call tomorrow and see if someone knows how to get the beeper going before I take the machine apart. I am not new to sewing machines. I have over 60. I repair them for people too. I am even sending some of my treadle machines to the Amish in Lancaster PA to make room.
  16. Where is this #8 screw that seems to have something to do with the Stitch Regulator. Is it under the hood and do I have to take the machine apart to get at it and what do I do with it when I find it? Will that make the machine beep again? It stopped beeping but the little light still flashes so i know it is working. We did have some stitch problems but ripped them all out and did them over. Sure made a mess with all the extra holes from the needle. I am really getting disgusted with this machine. I give my neighbor any quilts I don't want to ruin on the machine and she does hand quilting for me. Maybe I should have stuck to that instead of trying to do machine quilting.
  17. I asked the other day why my stitch regulator no longer beeps. Someone was complaining the beep bothered her but mine quit even though it still flashes the light. I only use pantographs so i have to keep looking at the laser light and then the regulator light so I get off track. Is there any way i can fix it myself? i only do quilts for myself and to give away as they don't turn out very well. I tried to sell some but no one is interested. I have donated some too. This machine was $18,000.00 so i feel it should work better.
  18. I have the opposite problem. The SR does not beep anymore so I don't know if it is working unless I can see the light blinking. As I only do pantographs this is causing a problem. I have to watch the laser light and the SR blinker at the same time which gets me off track.
  19. I have also printed your instructions on squaring up the leaders. Thank you. I too have had quilts that the pantos seem to climb uphill on one side. I don't do quilts for others so they are all my own which I give away for the most part. I will try these tips and see if it makes a difference. I use Velcro and zippers to attach quilts to the leaders so I can adjust so all sides are even. Will let you know how it works out. The quilt on the machine now is being done with metallic gold thread and we have been having some thread breakage. Will have to adjust the tension I would think til it is right. Someone had said to skip some of the escapements in the top threading.
  20. I did not know you had to remove the needle plate to use the extended base. Is that true. Maybe that is why when I tried to use the extended base it only went so far. It hit the bar where the top fabric is attached but I thought it was supposed to do that. I never had any instructions after I bought the millenium. I used the book that came with it to figure most things out. I did watch the video but I don't think there was anything on there about using the extended base. Will have to look it up and see if I was doing another thing wrong.
  21. When I bought the Millenium I could have had either the 12 or 14 table for the same price. I took the 12 foot and it works for me. I had room for either one and now as an after thought and reading all the replies, maybe I should have chosen the 14 but too late. We had to put the parts through the window as we could not make the turns into the house but we got it set up in the living room. I only quilt for myself as I am not good enough to quilt for others. I have a neighbor who hand quilts for me on any I don't want to ruin on the machine.
  22. Personally I think it is disgusting. I have three 401A and still use them. I think it is an insult to the best machine Singer made.
  23. I have two sets of the 126 inch zippers to which I attached strips of muslin and also a strip of velcro. On the pickup leader I just stitched the backing zipper directly. I stitched the hook side of the velcro to the top leader and the bottom backing leader. The fuzzy side is attached to a strip of muslin which has the other part of the zippers on it. I use a serger with just the chain stitch to attach my backing to the muslin with the zipper for both top and bottom of the backing. Then I also use the zipper for the top the same way. I just need a few safety pins to hold the top after putting in the fluff or batting in between. I have been doing this ever since I bought the Millenium and got stuck with straight pins. I think the zippers cost $75.00 but were worth it. By using velcro I can adjust the bottom backing and the top fabric so they are even and straight.
  24. Main reason for purchase was Made in the USA. Not too many things are these days. Although I still can't produce a decent looking quilt on it. PPP
  25. I mainly bind my quilts on my power head machine. I apply the folded binding to the front and turn it to the back and pin it all around mostly rounding corners (did not like the way mitered corners stickout) then I can either stitch in the ditch on the right side using a zipper foot or I have done a few that were hand quilted by hand stitching the binding on the back. I have bought two different binding tools at quilt shows, so far I have not been successful getting them to do a good job. They cost about $100.00 each from the Martelli booth at the shows. I will keep trying to use them.