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  1. I’ve watched all the videos on how to repack the gearbox with grease, but they involve removing the head and flipping the machine upside down. Unfortunately, I just upgraded to the Intelliquilter and with all the extra add-on electronics, I don’t think it would be possible for me to remove the head from the rails without a big IQ mess. I’ve also read that repacking can be done from below, though this isn’t optimal. My problem is that the machine is over 10 years old and I live in Las Vegas (hot, hot, hot) and it developed an air bubble this week, one the size of a quarter. I opened it up from below and mushed the grease around but I’m sure that the gearbox isn’t as full as it should be. And the grinding noise went away, but I need to insert more grease into the box while it is mounted on the frame. Any ideas? My desperate thought was piping it in via a pastry bag, or tube of some sort, with one screw remaining in the cover plate so that I can just swivel/pivot the plate enough to insert the grease....then somehow mush it around without it all falling out to the!
  2. **I think they are all sold** I think I have a buyer for the remainder of the pantos. I'll let you all know if anything happens as soon as I know...thanks to everyone for purchasing some great pantos!! Vic
  3. **UPDATE** New panto list as of June 13th...$9 each plus shipping I still have over 80 left to sell. I'll be out of town 6/14 to 6/16 so any orders that come in will be processed on 6/17. Thanks!
  4. **UPDATE** New panto list as of June 12th....$9 each plus shipping. Vic
  5. **UPDATE** I'm going to split up the pantos and sell them individually for $9 plus shipping. I can bill through Paypal and ship ASAP. The link below shows the updated list of what I have left...thanks! Pantos for Sale June 9 Vic
  6. I just upgraded to the Intelliquilter and I'd like to sell my stash of pantos (as a group, if possible). I have 152 paper pantos intended for a longarm (not mid-arm or short-arm pantos). Probably 80% have never been used or even unrolled. I'd like to get $1,200 and I'll pay shipping in the USA. I've attached a link to a PDF file showing all the pantos (with thumbnails) as well as a pick showing them all bundled up so you get the idea of how many there are....if you buy them all, I can send you the Word document with all the pantos as well. If you have questions, you can e-mail me at I'd rather not split them up unless it proves impossible to sell as a bunch. This is a great deal as the retail cost of all these would easily be double my price plus shipping. If you are a new longarmer, this is the opportunity to get a great bunch of pantos for half the retail price. I've been longarming for 14 years and I think I picked ones that were attractive and that customers would enjoy.
  7. Hi Vic,

    I would love to join your Longarm Group, I live in Centennial Hills, North West Las Vegas.

    Thank you

    Marlin Williams




  8. I'd like a list of the individual pantos in the groups, please. Thanks... Vic
  9. I bought my 2007 Freedom SR last spring and paid $11,000 I believe. It had the professional lighting with it, the newer table, and no hydraulic lifts. Not sure if this was a good price or not, but I'm happy now that I bought the Bliss rails!! Mine was not really "excellent" condition...I think it had been a training machine for a longarm teacher. The canvas leaders are all holey (large holes) from what appears to be a cat clawing at it for years on end. It took several rolls of lint roller to get the cat hair off....And I don't use the lighting. I should resell that to someone who would use it....
  10. Sammi, is that you?? From Vegas?? Anyhow, we just did a secret quilter swap at our retreat...I made everyone scissor fobs--a little beading and some lobster clasps. Someone else made clear zippered vinyl bags with embroidered another one someone made us all luggage tags embroidered with our names and guild name. For my secret swapper I made a pincushion, mug rug, fabric scrap baskets, triangle thread catcher (that was the hit of the retreat), zippered bag, etc. Check out my I posted up my gifts and the ones I received... At one I was at last fall one of the quilters gave us all a piece of scrappy fabric and we had a challenge to make something with it--using what we brought on the retreat! Ack...funny stuff. Another person brought lavender and a bunch of fabric scraps for us to all make lavender sachels (is that spelled right)?? Someone else brought little kits to teach basic embroidery....someone made kits to teach how to make a folded star ornament. Anything goes!! The triangle thread catcher was the one thing everyone wanted to know how to make, and it was the easiest thing I made. It could be done in different fabrics for variety....and then you will have less trash on the floor when you clean up after the retreat!! Good luck! Vic...
  11. I'm an officer in the LVMQG...we would love to have you come to our meeting. Bring something to show and tell that shows off your quilting as we always have people looking for longarmers... We also have a and we chat about what is coming up (like a sew-in at Thurs meeting)...and challenges! In Sept. we are starting a challenge and Camille Roskelley (Bonnie and Camille) will be the judge!! ;-) Hope to see you there...
  12. UPDATE*** Dawn is sending out a new rear axel on Monday!! ;-) Great customer service!!
  13. I'm interested. I'll send you a U2U...
  14. Dawn, The install went OK, but the rear steel wheel makes a clicking noise upon each rotation. Exactly at the same spot...and it gets louder the more weight of the machine head is placed near the rear axel. What I mean is the sound isn't as bad when the machine is to the front, but it is very noticable when the machine head is around the middle to the rear of the carriage.... What now? I called and left a message...
  15. OK...the assembly directions said in two places to put parts of the carriage axel into a box and return them? I thought that was strange, but I haven't gotten fully into the assembly yet..tomorrow! Thanks..