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  1. Hello Everyone, Recently set my Millie/CQ up after 3 years in storage. It is unfortunate to hear about the losing of CQ business entity. So has anyone tried to upgrade to the quilt path, is that even possible with a 2006 Millie/CQ equipment? Thank you in advance. Marlin 714-231-3409
  2. Hi Vic,

    I would love to join your Longarm Group, I live in Centennial Hills, North West Las Vegas.

    Thank you

    Marlin Williams




  3. Hello Everyone, I just moved to Centennial Hills, is this group active, can I join? Just got my Milli/CQ up, will test drive it in a couple of days. Would love to join or get this group going again if possible. Marlinquilts@yahoo.com
  4. HI Everyone, I have a 2006 Milli/CQ with stitch regulator. It seems to be losing power or bursts of power, cannot keep it constant when in motion. Any suggestions? First quilt in over a year, started out fine first few rows, now I think it is possessed. Thanks! Marlin
  5. Hi Zeke, when the movers relocated me from Florida to Southern California they broke both bottom male portions of the Y and X motors. The cables have nothing to connect to, one is completely shattered, the other is cracked. Amy sent me the new motors and cable, and I am hoping that by unscrewing the bottom portion and reconnecting to my already in place motors the Milli will run again. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Marlinquilts@yahoo.com 714-231-3409 I may have to resort to calling JIm for a visit, trying to avoid that if possible.
  6. Does anyone know if there is a person that works on Milli/CQ's to replace the motors on my 12ft table. I live in Fountain Valley, California. Thanks Marlin
  7. Does anyone know why my needle goes down when I am advancing the quilt. This drives me crazy, holes in quilt, breaking needles and who knows what else in the bobbin area...poor thing! I think it is a short or something like that. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Have a good day! this needle thing on advance just started.
  8. OK I reversed the position of the HAM module and LPT1 which started the fix. Machine head only moved one time and now the screen says it is moving but the machine head is stationary. Are we allowed to move physically the head from one side to the other? What a drag:( Thanks anyone.
  9. OOOO I remember now, I need to now which way does the LPT1 and HAM module get positioned. HAM on top or bottom on the back of the computer? Thanks Marlin
  10. Good Morning Brendalee and Nancy. Last I spoke to Jim from APQS and he suggested resetting my pins sets, maybe my abort button was jammed, and rechecking my connections. But I did find somethng interesting. The 2 sets of red bar lights we have on the Millie.. when I toggle the motor switch on and off the 2nd light on 2nd set lights up, but the Run/Stop switch does not light any thing when toggled. That makes me think I still have a loose wire connection. Could be in my head but pretty sure it is in the machine I promise to keep you posted. And I just purchased $200 in CQ patterns to d
  11. CQ dialogue box says my Run/Stop switch needs to be on Run. It is I have rebooted everything from Millie to computer and the same error keeps appearing. Quilts are backing up, can any one help. I am in South FL and no store to run to for holiday pantos if you catch my drift Thanks, Marlin
  12. Linda great job, I am so proud of you. Your customer will love it, tacos and all Quilt hugs from Marlin - Summerville SC
  13. OK finally I am up and running. Butch worked with me for about an hour. That man has the patience of Job. Thank you to everyone, just some basic troubleshooting, resetting pins and of course reversing LPT1 & 2 Milli Girl is up to her old self. Quilt hugs to all!
  14. My first customers were my students from workshops that I taught. First they could get them quilted fast due to I had no back log, and second I too gave price breaks on their first time with me. Build a repor with other quilters and guilds. Remember you can\'t plaease everybody but you can please somebody. Good Luck Marlin
  15. I taught for a local quilt shop in Florida for a while but found it was not very lucrative for me. The shop took 1/3 of the class fees which each workshop was about $35, most I had in a class was 3-6 people. It was a 2 hour commute for me round trip. Although I found that I really loved teaching, I just didn\'t make enough to have fun with. Now I would consider teaching in my home if I had the space, then the possibility of quilting their quilts could earn me more salary. Writing up a class supply list and instructions was enjoyable for me. Just my thoughts, good luck Marlin
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