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  1. I think I have it. It is a magnetic bobbin. They need to be tighter but it was too tight. So when I loosened the bobbin and tightened the tension it worked out
  2. I really need help on my new machine as I stitch the tension changes. I have made sure the timing is correct needle on and on I do not understand why it just changes as I stitch Any ideas appreciated It is now just going from right to left or vise versa even ging up and down. Let alone a curve. Lol
  3. HI everyone, my LENNI has arrived I have a very smaill studio, it took some effort to get it into the room. The room is 10 by 12 and the table 12 feet I have to "crawl" through the closet to get into the room but here it is. It looks like a bowling alley so I named her ALLEY CAT I added my second quilt that is on the frame
  4. Battynurse, I am one too/ I had it shipped from Ca only way up North to here, It was about $660 If you wanted to have it picked up when my new machine comes it would most likely be less. Also the company that freighted it would be familiar with transporting the machine. Lets Talk. I EMAILED YOU
  5. Ill take them, but what are they first my leni is coming soon
  6. I have included a picture of some quilting so you are able to see how well it stitches
  7. I am selling my UltimateII with Edgerider wheels. It has a ten foot table. It is an incredible machine. I am in Florida and it can be freighted to anywhere. I an selling because I am getting a longer table. If you know of anyone please have them contact me. The machine is in perfect shape, I hope someone grabs it.
  8. Hi I have my APQS UltimateII for sale, it has edgerider wheels. They make the machine GLIDE. The machine is in perfect condition. It is a WONDERFUL started machine.
  9. Rita, I have a new machine coming and I am trying to give a new longarmer a good deal. I do not have room for both, my room is 10 by 12. my garage is full. LOL
  10. Chancy, I am selling my APQS UltimateII or $3000 it is fantastic entry level machine
  11. I am selling my UltimateII. This is the most incredible started machine. It is VERY easy to use and progress on. You can do all maintenance on it yourself I have it listed in used machines.
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