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  1. Thanks for your help Cagey. I will see what APQS says about using the Loctite. I have not heard from them about this. Still working on getting the password corrected.
  2. Its happened twice now. Both times I have had a quilt on. First time I was able to contact APQS and get a fix. The screw on the upper back bar that is turned by the automatic motor feed comes loose and it almost at the point of falling out. It is awkward to fix. I have to use a tool that will re thread that area to be able to screw the screw back into the bar. I am afraid the next time I won't see it and the bar will fall on my machine. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening in the first place. thanks
  3. I am getting frustrated. I can't seem to get this site to keep my password. Every time I try and log in I have to go through the exercise of setting up a new password. Before I could keep myself logged in or the password was saved and I go could straight to the forum I wanted to check out. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  4. Hi all, The fabric is from the line Marianna by Gray Sky Studio from In the Beginning Fabric. Love this line, used in a quilt as well.
  5. NIce, I want to try the Baptist fan and really like how it works for the quilt. thanks for sharing
  6. When I purchased my used Intelliquilter, I was picking it up but did not want to carry all that money. I got a certified cheque from the bank and had the person names on it. And if things did not go according to plan, I could then take the check back to my bank. Though I was on the end of purchasing, I though it was the best way to safe guard both myself and the seller.
  7. Hi Leigh, I purchased a 2012 IQ last fall(2015) and paid just over 8000 US, which I thought was a fair price. The person I purchased from had not used it enough to justify keeping it. I had wished our Canadian dollar was better, but still felt I saved a lot buying it used. Go for it, you will love it. I know I do. Sent you a message about who to contact for the brackets.
  8. You have done an amazing job. Thanks so much for sharing.
  9. Hi Barb, Don't give up hope. I posted a note on this forum last summer and I am now the proud owner of a used IQ, only 2 1/2 years old. The seller contacted me, through this site. The owner just felt she was not using it enough to justify keeping it. I did have to get different brackets since my Millie is blissed and her machine was not. But it is up and running and I love it. Good Luck! Norah
  10. Love this Video, thanks for sharing. Norah
  11. The quilted feathers make the quilt come alive. You are so very talented. Your customer must be over the moon with how it turned out.
  12. Way too close. Can't imagine the worry this has caused you. Hopefully everything has settled down now. Stay safe.
  13. Hi Deb, No I have not found anything. You can email me at sewlittletime@sentex.ca with the details.
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