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  1. I've been quilting for a long time and I used to not have problems quilting over fusible applique. Recently, I've seen a lot of animal pictorial quilts like this one below, all fusible, no stitching and more than one layer is common. Stitching looks great until to try to sew from front to back and then none of the stitches catch. I've compensated by starting and stopping and only moving from back to front when necessary but I've got a quilt coming up where the customer wants pebbles in the applique and that technique isn't going to lend itself to starting and stopping. My question, how do I compensate for the fusible so that I don't get skipped stitches from moving from front to back of the machine? Adjustments to needle size, timing, needle angle? Thanks for the help.
  2. Sams Mom

    New Cable

    You guys rock. The cable broke today and we have ordered a new one. We had to re-wind the motor yesterday so I think we can figure it out but I will definitely call you Zeke if I run into trouble. Donna
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    New Cable

    Thanks Zeke for being available to shorten my cable (old style Compuquilter purchased in 2005). She's been rode hard and put up wet and unfortunately, the cable is failing. We've tightened and tightened and it keeps needing more. Anyone know the specs for the cable and possibly where it can be purchased. We're going to have to take care of this soon and I can't afford any downtime. Thanks loads for the help. Donna
  4. Does anyone have instructions for shortening the cables. I've stretched mime as far as the machine will let it and still have problems. Will these cables continue to stretch? If so, directions and cable source would be greatly appreciated. Donna
  5. In my honest opinion, large radius curves are the hardest to do or follow on the pantograph. Easier with Bliss but.....
  6. Hi Suzan, For the last few years, I've quilted for a magazine with quilt designs developed in AutoCad. Although it hasn't always been easy, it has been a great experience for me. It has definitely gotten me out of my comfort zone and has definitely helped me to own up to the 'hand guided' of what I do. Remember that you can substitute patterns that you don't think you can do 'computerized'. The quilter will understant. Donna
  7. Which magazine has the feature about quilting suggestions which Dawn contributes? Thanks!
  8. My first suggestion is a simple kitchen timer. Set it for an hour and don't do anything but quilt for an hour. You can take a break after that but remember to reset it. Second, eliminate the computer from you quilting area. I don't have internet in my studio. That helps ALOT!
  9. I have a customer that wants to see the difference (visually) between pre-shrinking an 80/20 batt (no brand specified) vs. not pre-shrinking. She washes her fabrics and to this point has always used poly batts like Mtn Mist. Anyone around who can help me out? Donna
  10. I did two large denim quilts before Christmas. The only thing I did was raise the hopping foot. No change in needle size needed for mine. There were pockets on it and I couldn't quilt over that bulk but everything else was ok.
  11. I know that you are supposed to check the motor brushes once a year, and that when you call for service they generally ask you if you have checked the brushes. I noticed that my machine (turning 4 this month) was running a little loud in the last couple of weeks. Unrelated, while showing a customer how to check the motor brushes, I determined that mine needed changing. Well, when I replaced my motor brushes, I found that my machine is now runninf much quieter and just like a new machine. Anyway, I don't think I've heard this anywhere, but if your machine is making more noise up top, check your motor brushes....... Donna
  12. I personally would have returned her money and suggested a way for her to find her next quilter. My motto is that it is just time spent and this is one that will never be happy. DON'T accept another quilt from her! Donna
  13. Or a bowl of rice, maybe? Kindof getting a Donna Summers, I WILL SURVIVE.....over-dub, running through my head now.
  14. Why is it that the charity quilts are always the one's that cause the most trouble. I had a great work load today, a QOV (computerized) and a small McKenna Ryan applique/art quilt (freehand). Once loaded, MAYBE 90 minutes worth of work. First the handles on my milli slipped and knocked the pattern off track, resulting in about an hour of un-sewing. Frogged, re-sewed and set up the next row. Bobbin tension messed up so I spent another 30 minutes frogging (luckily the thread broke so I didn't have to frog more). Then the next row, my centering tape got sewn into the pattern. At this point, I understand that this really didn't have anything to do with me. At least I was laughing at the situation at this point. Time to step away from the quilting machine.... It's ALWAYS the charity quilts. Tomorrow, another QOV. Hope I paid my dues today...... Donna
  15. Connie, I pay $200 a year for my Website for Quilters website which includes hosting and continuation of website name. Donna
  16. I'm not at my machine but maybe I can help verbally. The zippers do zip from left to right. The backing bottom left that attaches to the fabric should have the zipper-er connected to it (the part you zip with). The backing top left zipper slides into the zipper-er that is connected to the leader fabric. Then there should be a zipper that connects to the quilt take up leader and should resemble the bottom left backing zipper. It sounds like you have an extra zipper in there unless you bought the set that allows you to turn your quilt over and quilt from the back, if so there are special directions but only for the zippers that attach to the quilt top. Hope this makes sense. Donna
  17. If it has an old style table, try tightening up all the bolts. Worked like a charm for me last week. Donna
  18. I have a friend/customer/business associate that I quilt for. She has an upstart pattern design company and was commissioned to design/produce a baby quilt. The baby's name was embroidered in the center of the quilt. No problem, but then the baby was coming early and grandma was traveling earlier and...I needed to do a one day turnaround on this quilt so she could bind and ship it out. This is the message I got yesterday from my friend.... So you won't believe this! I bind that "Angel Marie" quilt and ship it the next day. Last night I get a text from grandma that after a few days of calling the baby "Angel" they decide it's not a good name and change the baby's name! She was pissed at them and told them what was coming and that they could explain it to her someday. Lol! How funny. I feel grandma's pain. Donna
  19. Check your pigtails and make sure there isn't a groove. if so, turn it upside down or replace. Also check to make sure that the needle plate hole is smooth. Donna
  20. I always recommend wool for bed quilts. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Donna
  21. That is my neck of the woods. This is a great and growing quilt show. It launches the Hoffman Challenge so all of the entries are shown at this show and then split up to travel the US. Laura Farnham and I have a booth so tell her to stop by and say hello. Lots of shops in the area too. You can email me if you have any specific questions. Donna
  22. It looks like we've got similar mindless dreams while we fill backgrounds.
  23. I see so many great machines for sale on the forum. I want to buy them all but alas, I don't have the funds. I would love to have a long arm sanctuary, where all these machines could come and quilt all day long. I'm sure I could find people to run them. So if any of you want to donate you machine so it can live out its life with me, my contact information is readily available. (I think I have space for about five more machines) Donna
  24. To me, QD 70/30 has the same feel as the 100% cotton but it is sturdier. You can tug on it without it loosing its shape.